Heroes of Greek Myth: Legendary on Dota 2

Heroes of Greek Myth: Legendary on Dota 2

If you like Dota 2, you’ve probably met some pretty amazing Heroes of Greek Myth on it. Did you know, though, that some of these heroes are based on people from Greek mythology? Let’s journey into the world of old stories and see how they’ve affected our favorite Dota 2 heroes!

Heroes of Greek Myth: Zeus was the ruler of the gods.

Zeus, the big guy, is first. To the Greeks, Zeus was the god of thunder and lightning and the master of Mount Olympus. Sense a pattern? Well, Zeus brings the thunder in Dota 2 with his powerful lightning bolts and final ability, Thundergod’s Wrath. Like in the stories, Zeus is not someone you want to mess with!

Heroes of Greek Myth: The mythical bird called the Phoenix

The next hero on our list is Phoenix, whose name comes from a fictional bird with the same name. For Greeks, the Phoenix was a bird that could turn into flames and then rise from the ashes, representing rebirth and new life. Similarly, Phoenix in Dota 2 has skills like Fire Spirits and Supernova that are related to the idea of fire and rebirth.

Heroes of Greek Myth: Naga Siren: The Beautiful Singer

Now, let’s talk about Naga Siren, a hero who is very beautiful, like the sirens in Greek mythology. Stories from the past say that sirens were beautiful beings whose songs led sailors to their deaths. In Dota 2, Naga Siren, like the mythological sirens, uses her beautiful voice to direct her enemies with skills like Song of the Siren.

Medusa: The Snake

Next is Medusa, a goddess whose eyes can turn her enemies into stone. Medusa was one of the Gorgons in Greek legend. The Gorgons were monsters with snakes for hair and deadly looks. Just like the scary power of the mythical Medusa, Medusa’s Stone Gaze ability in Dota 2 freezes her enemies.

Centaur: The Warrior Who Is Half Human and Half Horse

And finally, there is Centaur, a hero who is as strong and dangerous as the mythical centaurs. In Greek mythology, centaurs were creatures that had the upper body of a person and the bottom body of a horse. They were known for being wild and not being tamed. Like real centaurs, Centaur in Dota 2 charges into battle with skills like Hoof Stomp and Double Edge to show off his raw strength.

Finishing Up

There you have it, everyone! There are many heroes in Dota 2 who are based on stories from Greek mythology. From the powerful Zeus to the beautiful Naga Siren, these heroes bring old stories to life in fight. When you choose your favorite VTBET  hero, think about the stories that made them what they are.