Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 Review

Overview of one of the best fitness bands Mi Smart Band 4 from Xiaomi – design, convenience, functionality, autonomy.

Various smartwatches and their simpler counterparts, called smart bands, have long been confidently included in the lives of most ordinary users.

The first devices from Apple and Samsung were costly and could afford them only that secured bike and most mere mortals had little idea why they need it.

Detail Review of Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4

Detail Review Of Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4

What is the secret of popularity?

Over time, low-cost devices from Lenovo and other lesser-known manufacturers such as Fitbithave emerged. First, users began to buy them for the sake of interest as a fashion toy.

But soon, many felt as fascinated by the attention to their health. And for a reason, because most of these gadgets are fitness trackers – help to monitor physical activity, keeping the owner in good shape and not allowing to overload themselves.

As the popularity of this topic has grown, such well-known and respected manufacturers as Xiaomi and today we are presenting the fourth version of the smartwatch from this manufacturer.

Mi Smart Band 4 is not a revolutionary but rather an evolutionary product, which has absorbed all the best from the company’s previous experience and deservedly takes a leading position in its segment.

Set and features

The Mi Smart Band 4 smart bracelet is packed into a small beautiful box in black and white tones using interesting metallic paint with a light holographic effect, which shimmers with different colors.

On the front of the package, attention is focused on the following features:

  • Color touchscreen
  • View messages
  • 20 days of battery life
  • withstand water pressure 5 atmospheres

On the back, the model number (XMSH07HM) is specified, the support for Android 4.4, iOS 9.0, and older operating systems is stated, and the availability of Bluetooth 5.0.

Information about the color display and notifications is duplicated from one side and added that the smart bracelet could automatically monitor sleep and steps.

On the other side, in addition to protection from water, it is said about the presence of different modes of exercise (training) and monitoring of heart rhythm.

The package includes a polyurethane strap, a charger, and a user manual.

The charger is a simple docking station that inserts a clock and requires a connection to any mobile charging or USB port.

Unfortunately, there is no Russian in the instruction; it is very short and does not describe many possibilities. That’s why we offer more complete and detailed instruction in the Russian language, which we recommend downloading right now in the Links section.


Those who are interested can see the specifications of Mi Smart Band 4 in the next table.

Screen type sensory
Screen diagonal 0.95″
permission 120 x240
Matrix type AMOLED
Depth of color24 bits (RGB)
Maximum brightness 400 nits
Protect your screentempered 2.5D glass with oleophobic coating
Ram 512 KB
Built-in memory 16 MB
Number of buttons 1 (sensor)
Bluetooth version 5.0 (up to 30 meters)
Sensors and modules heart rate monitor, gyroscope, accelerometer, approximation sensor, vibrator
Battery capacity 135 mAh
autonomy20 days
Charging time 1.5-2 hours
Body material polycarbonate
The strap material thermoplastic polyurethane
The width of the strap18mm
The length of the strap 155-216 mm
weight 22 grams
Water protection Up to 50m (5 atm)
Supported OS Android 4.4, iOS 9.0, and above
Supported appsMi Fit, Mi Band Master, Health, Health

There is nothing to explain, and everything is clear – in front of us, a device with decent characteristics. It is also worth noting that all the stated indicators correspond to reality so that on most of them, we will not stop.

Design and ergonomics

The design of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 can be said to be simple and stylish. The watch is an oval capsule inserted into any compatible strap for Mi Band 3 and 4.

By the way, the straps of this darkness-darkness, there is not only rubber but very stylish and expensive-looking metal and leather. True original is limited to six colors of soft polyurethane, similar to silicone, but looks beautiful.

  • The strap is well thought out; it is quite soft and comfortable.
  • The clasp is very rugged and has many holes to fix.
  • Thanks to a small step, the watch is comfortably fixed on the hand.
  • They can be worn even on a very thick hand.
  • Or vice versa, on the thin handle of the child.
  • Proper fixation helps to work sensors adjacent to the hand properly.

In general, with ergonomics and design here, everything is in order. Among other things, thanks to the full water protection, in these watches you can swim.

Screen and control

The Mi Smart Band 4 screen is protected by flat tempered glass, which has rounded faces that improve tactile sensations when using the watch.

The display is quite bright and clearly visible in the sun. By default, it shows the time, date, day of the week, battery charge, and the number of steps taken in a day.

To activate the display, turn your hand or touch the touch button under the screen. The controls are then done with swipes up and down and in places left, and right, and the sensor below the screen works like a Back button.

Interface and modes

The interface includes:

  • status (steps, distance, calories)
  • pulse (heart rate)
  • Training (6 modes)
  • weather (current and for several days)
  • notifications (SMS, messengers, social networks)
  • alarm clock (on, off)
  • music (pause, switching tracks, volume)
  • stopwatch and timer
  • settings (watch view, brightness, lock)

In its turn, the training section has modes:

  • Running on the street
  • racecourse
  • on a bike
  • walking
  • exercise (athletics)
  • swimming pool

Depending on the training regimen, the watch will track different parameters – pulse, several steps or rowings, traveled or traveled distance. The bracelet will be warned if exceeding the allowable level of heart rate or vice versa about the need to get up and walk to stretch.

All notifications are transmitted from the smartphone as it is, and all popular apps – including WhatsApp, Instagram, and others – are supported. Alarm clocks are set up on the smartphone from the app; they can only be turned on or off on the watch. Notifications, reminders, and alarm clocks use a rather strong vibration sufficient to wake you up in the morning.

A rather valuable innovation was the ability to control the player; many users expected this. A new color screen made it possible to more interesting customization of the appearance of the watch. By default, only 4 skins are available in the watch itself, but you can choose from 50 options through the app on your smartphone. You can see the photos of all the Mi Smart Band 4 menu items in the gallery below.

In general, the functionality of the watch is much wider than we described in this article. To find out all their possibilities recommend downloading the instructions in the”Links” section.


The main application for Mi Smart Band 4 is the Mi Fit program from Xiaomi, which can be downloaded to a smartphone from the official market. It allows you to adjust your watch finely, create training programs, workload reports, sleep quality, etc.

In addition, the watch can sync with the third-party Mi Band Master app and popular Health (Android) and Health (iOS) apps. Although their support is not officially declared, it works. All of the app’s features are detailed in our detailed instructions.

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