World Water Day has been celebrated on 22 March since 1992. He was appointed to the United Nations (Environment and Development) Conference that year. Through it, we seek to make access to safe water a right of every human being. Both governments and each of us must work together to ensure that no one lacks this.


Water is a global problem.

All living things on planet Earth, whether humans, animals or plants, need water. In fact, in humans, 70% of their body is water. The problem is that 97% of the water out there is salty. On top of that 3% freshwater, only a third can be consumed by people.

It is an essential resource for industry, agriculture and energy production. But even though drinking water is a human right, the indiscriminate use of the resource and the irresponsibility of some that cause its contamination to preventing much of the world’s population from accessing safe drinking water.

It all depends on the water.

The sustainable development of the planet depends in large part on water. It optimizes people’s quality of life and helps shape a favourable environment. Water resources favour the following aspects:

  • Poverty reduction.
  • Economic development.
  • Use of renewable resources.
  • The well-being of the population.
  • Food security.
  • Energy security.

Water is a renewable resource as long as it is well managed. It is estimated that by 2025 two-thirds of the population will live in areas with limited purified water resources. Estimates also report that by 2050 water demand will increase by 50%.


On World Water Day, the UN sets a theme to be addressed each year.

The UN’s aspiration is that by 2030 all the world’s population will have access to water and sanitation. Every year, it is a water-related topic. By 22 March 2022, the agenda item is climate change.

Climate change causes water changes. The organisms and ecosystems that inhabit the world’s oceans are at risk from the absorption of solar rays and carbon dioxide. Likewise, sea-level rise is conquering the coasts, which modifies and undermines buildings and harms the people who live there. Besides, frozen freshwater is being lost in Antarctica, Greenland, the Arctic and mountainous areas. High temperatures cause it to melt and add to the oceans.

Leaving no one behind

In 2010, the UN determined that access to safe drinking water is a right of all human beings. Despite this, there are many reasons for discrimination against people who cannot access water or sanitation. Causes that may cause a person not to enjoy that right vary depending on:

  • Country
  • Sex.
  • Race.
  • Religion.
  • Language.
  • Nationality.
  • Age.
  • Social level.
  • State of health.

The UN’s slogan on World Water Day in 2022 was “Leave No One Behind.” The inclusion must be total, and the coverage of drinking water supply even marginalized groups.

We can all help raise awareness of the importance of water.

The UN has informational material to share on social networks to help raise awareness. There are message designs, banners, photographs and more materials that they share with volunteers who wish to join the cause. This complements government actions to develop a common action. Also, each of us can collaborate with small measures in our daily activities in the responsible use of drinking water:

  • You don’t need to keep the faucet open while you’re brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Shower with the faucet closed while you’re soapy.
  • Repair drippers.
  • When you buy an appliance that uses water, I chose the one that offers high energy efficiency.
  • Make the most of the washing machine’s capacity to reduce the number of washes.
  • If you lay clothes by hand, I keep the canilla closed while you lather it up.
  • Don’t wash the car with a hose; use a bucket.
  • The vegetable wash water then uses it to water the plants.

We must all work together for responsible consumption. In this way, those who have the least access to safe drinking water are favoured. It is everyone’s obligation to take care of the planet’s water

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