5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Juicer Mixer Grinder

Most Indian women would recommend that you buy a juicer mixer grinder. It is one of the essential appliances needed in your kitchen. A juicer mixer grinder not only does the work of a juicer, but it also functions as a mixer grinder.

If one appliance can do the functions of both juicer and a grinder, then why not just buy a juicer mixer grinder?? This article will discuss the top five reasons you should buy a juicer mixer grinder.


Why Should You Buy A Juicer Mixer Grinder?

Juicer mixer grinders are easy to install, use, and manage. It gets our job done quicker with at most efficiency. Listed below are the top five reasons why you should buy a juicer mixer grinder.

1. Versatile Cooking

Versatile Cooking

A juicer mixer grinder makes versatile cooking possible, i.e., it is a multipurpose appliance. Since it is versatile, it can also be used for different food preparation methods. This means that you can juice, mince, grind, knead and chop using a single appliance. You can use a mixer grinder to

  • whisk or whip liquids and cream,
  • chop fruits and vegetables,
  • juice fruits and make smoothies,
  • grind dry or even wet ingredients,
  • make ice cream,
  • mincemeat, grind hard ingredients like nuts,
  • make batter,
  • knead chapatti dough, etc.

A juicer mixer grinder is equipped with special blades and jars to suit your every need and perform different functions (like the ones mentioned above).


2. Uncompromised Food Quality

Uncompromised Food Quality

Do you know about the traditional method used for grinding? Yes, you grind on a grinding stone. Most people prefer these over store-bought items because they don’t want to compromise the quality.

However, grinding on the stone can be tedious and time-consuming. You will have to put in a lot of effort for a one-time meal. A mixer grinder does the same job, and you need not compromise the quality of the food because you can chop or grind according to the consistency you want, and the end product is mixed thoroughly.

Apart from this, you can make fresh juice since it does not consume a lot of time and you need not worry about the added preservatives, which are usually found in the juice packets.


3. Efficient And Time-Saving

Efficient And Time-Saving

As mentioned above, using traditional methods to grind your spices, chop your vegetables, and so on is time-consuming. On the other hand, a mixer grinder can do the same job efficiently while saving our time and effort. It saves about twice the time you spend on the traditional method.

Just make sure you place the grinder somewhere near a plug point. The appliance is not very bulky, so it won’t take up much space either.


4. Easy To Use And Clean

Easy To Clean

A juicer mixer grinder can complete different types of food processors like grinding, mixing, juicing, blending, and so forth in a short period. So one might think that it is difficult to use, but on the contrary, it’s pretty easy. In case you do get confused, you can always refer to the user’s manual.

Apart from being user-friendly, it is also easy to clean and install. You do not need any professional help when it comes to cleaning or installing the appliance. Remember to clean the appliance after each usage else, it will be challenging to clean it since food particles stick onto it.


5. Minimal Wastage

Minimal Wastage

While juicing a fruit or a vegetable, the pulp is completely squeezed so as to not waste the nutrients. The ingredients in the grinder are thoroughly ground and mixed. To ensure zero wastage, I would suggest you buy a 750 watts mixer grinder as it is ideal for an average-sized family.


Things to Consider Before Purchasing Juicer Mixer Grinder

1. Power and Speed

Mixer Grinder Speed Type

Always buy a superior technology mixer grinder even if it is a bit expensive. It will provide excellent performance, last longer, and also save energy. Any mixer from 500 watts to 750 watts with a speed ranging from 18000 to 23000 RPM is suitable for an Indian kitchen.


2. Types

Mixer grinders are of two types – stand mixers and traditional mixers. Stand mixers have a powerful motor to whip and knead, but a traditional mixer is preferred at home.


3. Overload Protection

Overload Protection

A few mixer grinders in the market have an overload protection feature where the circuit automatically cuts off in case of overload. This ensures that the motor is not overheated or damaged in any way.


4. Budget and Warranty


This is one of the most important factors while buying anything. If you have a budget, then stick to it! The price varies with the features provided by the appliance. Another important thing is the warranty. Buy an appliance that has at least a warranty period of one year!


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No one can deny how useful a grinder is in our modern world. If you ask anyone who cooks regularly, they will tell you what a blessing it is to have a mixer grinder. This is because the job is done quickly with minimal effort but at most efficiency. What more can you ask for??

Do you think a juicer mixer grinder is useful? Let us know your thoughts and view in the comment section below.

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