Why Water Is Important to Human Health

Why Water Is Important to Human Health

Water is essential for all living beings who inhabit the Earth. And although it should actually be called “Water Planet”, since only 20% is continental mass, most of it is salt water. In addition, only a very small fraction of the sweet is available for human consumption. To understand why water consumption is important it is interesting to know your long journey within the human body.


How much water is in our body and where is it?

Many people may think they couldn’t survive without food, without air, or without their cell phone. More important than all of the above is water! It is proven that the organism would last only a few days without it. Milder dehydration already causes side effects.

Water is the largest component of the human body. Overall it is 60% water, but this percentage varies by organ and age. Analyze this data:

  • Brain: 85% water.
  • Blood: 83%.
  • Lungs: 79%.
  • Skin: 72%. In addition, of all the water in our body, 40% is on the skin.
  • Heart: 79%.
  • Muscles: 75%.
  • Tissues with the least water component are bones, with 22%, and adipose tissue, with 10%.

Surprising, isn’t it? A person of 70 kg would have in his body about 42 liters of water. You might wonder where he is. It is basically distributed in two types of compartments:

  • Inside cells: 65%.
  • Outside cells, in plasma form or between cells: 35%.

Why is water consumption important?

The water route within our body explains why water consumption is important,but so is using good quality water to hygienize and prepare food. Water-related public bodies such as ESSAP continuously provide information about healthy consumption.

The water we drink is quickly assimilated. Water has been found in the plasma just 5 minutes after ingesting it. On the other hand it stays about 10 days on average within the body and the body removes about 2.5 liters of water daily.

Water should be kept at a constant volume to ensure proper functioning of all organs. Since it cannot accumulate, we have to take every day to replenish the eliminated and maintain the water balance.

The organs responsible for maintaining the water balance are the kidneys,which regulate it by concentrating or diluting urine. While their regulatory capacity is very wide, they cannot function properly with an intake less than half a litre daily. In case of dehydration, they concentrate urine more and more until they stop producing it and the body collapses. Instead, the more water we drink, the faster body water is renewed and the better our kidneys work, maintaining the water balance for longer.


Other benefits of water consumption

To synthesize why water consumption is important for our body, we can say that your intake helps maintain the water balance on which the proper functioning of each of our organs depends. But drinking safe water in the necessary amounts also helps:

  • Prevent chronic kidney disease and decline in kidney function associated with aging.
  • Protect the cardiovascular system and brain.
  • Create the hydrolipid barrier, a thin layer of skin that protects us from environmental aggressions. In the face of dehydration this barrier is altered and no longer fulfills its function. In addition, proper hydration keeps the skin healthy and prevents premature aging.
  • Prevent constipation by improving the functioning of the digestive system.
  • Regulate body temperature, increasing joint energy and flexibility and improving well-being.
  • Improve the immune system and overall health by facilitating the elimination of toxins and metabolic waste products.
  • Decrease the risk of viral or bacterial infectious diseases, as water keeps the mucous membranes lining the respiratory system hydrated, preventing pathogens from entering. This benefit is enhanced by consuming safe water, as filters and purifiers remove existing microorganisms.
  • Reduce your risk of some cancers such as breast cancer.
  • Mitigate or relieve cramps,so it is recommended to drink water before, during and after exercise.

Now that you know why it’s important to drink water for your body, don’t wait any longer. Your glass is waiting for you!

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