Why Is My Hair Falling Out?

Hair thinning can cause a variety of causes. At the same time, the intensity of the fallout may be different.

As a rule, after establishing and eliminating the main cause of the disease, hair growth resumes, but in some cases, the hair can fall out so much that on some parts of the head bald spots are formed.


Causes of splashes

Most often, smooth rounded spots on the scalp are formed due to the appearance of nest baldness, otherwise focal alopecia. This disease is characterized by complete or partial baldness in certain parts of the body. In most cases, the head is in the zone of defeat. At the same time on the skin surface are formed stains, completely devoid of hair. If left untreated, they can expand their range, gradually leading to complete baldness.

The causes of focal baldness have not been thoroughly studied until now. According to doctors, the basis can be:

impaired immune system activity;

  • Poor nutrition
  • Heredity;
  • Allergic reactions;
  • Chemical exposure
  • Drug treatment;
  • Vitamin deficiency;
  • Ageing
  • Diseases of varying nature;
  • Stress;
  • Bad habits;
  • Physical injuries
  • bacterial and viral infections.



To determine the presence of focal alopecia is possible on the following symptoms:

  • bald patches appeared among the hair cover. And you can form a “ply” on any part of the body where there is vegetation;
  • a stain of short, broken hairs was formed on a certain area;
  • hair fell out very quickly, sometimes in a few hours or days;
  • When pulled by the hair on the edge of the spot, it is easily pulled;
  • the skin in the area of the hair follicles is yellowed.


Risk groups

About 2% of people suffer from nest baldness. In this case, it can occur in a person perfectly healthy, any age and regardless of gender.

In men, focal alopecia concerns mainly the frontal and parietal part of the head, less often beard and moustache area. As a rule, the male form of the disease has a hereditary character. More often, the disease affects smokers because nicotine has a detrimental effect on the hair follicles and reduces their blood supply.

Female focal alopecia is associated with autoimmune diseases and stresses. Addiction to various head accessories, as well as frequent exposure to chemical dyes, also plays a significant role. As a rule, when the causes of the hair cover are eliminated, it self-heals.

Often doctors note that bald spots on the head appear in people using cheap models of mobile phones. This suggests that the condition of the hair and scalp is affected by wave radiation.

Children may experience the development of focal alopecia after the age of 3. In sporadic cases, the child may lose hair up to 2 years or be born with a pathology.



In some cases, the problem of hair loss is solved by itself, and the stains overgrow without any outside interference. But if for a long time the hair on the hollowed-out area does not grow or moreover the stain increases in size, then you need to go to the trichologist.

Today, the standard methods of treatment of focal alopecia are:

  • medication treatment, vitamin therapy, use of therapeutic shampoos and masks;
  • Hair transplantation;
  • normalizing the diet and ensuring a balanced diet;
  • a scalp massage using essential oils;
  • The use of folk remedies, which include skin-irritating components;
  • subcutaneous introduction of corticosteroids.

If the hair falls out stained, it does not mean that baldness is inevitable. With the right treatment, it is possible to restore the thickness of the hair. The processes of baldness at an early stage are very rarely irreversible.

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Dr. Med. Raoul Hasert is a specialist in dermatology and venereology. He is a senior physician in Praxisklinik Dr. Hasert.

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