Why is a Chimney Necessary for Your Kitchen?

Any modular kitchen today is almost incomplete without an electric chimney. Property owners decide to install these in their kitchens because of the aesthetic look and the diverse functions. If you are going to a renovation or new construction, you must install a chimney in your kitchen, and here’s why.

Through this article, we shall tell you the reasons why a chimney is a must-have in your kitchen. We’ll go through the functions and advantages of an electric chimney and how it can work wonders for your kitchen.


What is a Chimney?

What is a Chimney

An electric chimney, also known as a kitchen hood, is a kitchen appliance installed to prevent unwanted smoke, fumes, odor, or oily particles that can ruin the kitchen. It is installed around 2 to 2.5 feet above the kitchen stove. They come in a variety of types and sizes according to your needs.

There are two types of chimneys based on manufacturing. They are duct chimneys and ductless chimneys. Duct Chimneys are further classified as filter chimneys and filterless chimneys.

Based on the way they are installed, chimneys can be divided into four. They are wall-mounted, island, built-in, and corner chimneys. You can use them accordingly as per the look of your kitchen.


What are the Functions or Advantages of a Chimney?

Chimneys were a part of every industry but, they weren’t used in kitchens until recently. The modern-day kitchen chimneys have several benefits most of us aren’t aware of. Mentioned below are the functions of a kitchen chimney that will prove their necessity in your house.


Fume-Free Kitchen

Fume-Free Kitchen

The designs of your kitchens might change but, the Indian cooking style will stay constant. Our way of cooking produces a lot of fumes or smoke. Chapattis or gravy, our food is bound to create smoke and odor that can keep you sneezing all day.

The primary function of a chimney is to get rid of these unwanted fumes. They can be harmful to the people living in the house and can cause respiratory problems. Such fumes are removed effectively by kitchen chimneys.


No Stains

No Stains

With time, the things in the kitchen, walls, ceiling, and furniture tend to become sticky. This is because of the oil and grease that accumulate on these surfaces.

If you spend a lot of money on your new kitchen, you do not want this to happen. That is why a chimney is essential so it can prevent the stains from settling on the surfaces.


Odorless cooking

Odorless cooking

We love the fragrance of certain food items. But, the odors from the kitchen can get irritating and smelly. A chimney is very efficient in removing all the foul smells and give you an odorless cooking experience.


Zero health issues

Cooking good food is not something that should cause you problems like coughing or sneezing. Unfortunately, the fumes that come from grilling or frying can be harmful to you.

They can cause uneasiness in breathing or teary eyes.

When you install a chimney in the kitchen, it can help you steer clear of these fumes. Thus, you will have no issues and a hassle-free cooking experience with the help of a chimney.


Better Environment

The smoke from the kitchen affects your kitchen but also your whole house. It can disrupt the air quality of your living space. A chimney can help you create an air pollution-free environment that increases your standard of living.


Great Look

As mentioned earlier, modular kitchens and electric chimneys go hand in hand. The high demand for these kitchen chimneys is because of their multiple uses and their aesthetic looks. Some kitchen chimneys even come with built-in lighting that can help you with cooking.


Replacement for Exhaust Fans

Chimneys are better than exhaust fans because they have more benefits and are easier to clean. People argue that they are more expensive. But, looking at their efficiency, it can be said that they are a one-time investment. However, the maintenance and installation of chimneys are costlier than exhaust fans.


Is a chimney necessary in a kitchen?

The answer to this question is yes, chimneys have become a vital part of any kitchen. Kitchens, specifically modular, have a lot of storage that can make ventilation difficult.

Thus, kitchen chimneys are necessary to make air circulation easier. The benefits mentioned above also make them a vital appliance in any kitchen.



It is good to make an informed decision while buying anything for your kitchen, as you want that appliance to be there with you for a long time. A kitchen chimney is a smart purchase. You must go through the types and sizes as per your requirement before buying one.

We hope that this article helps you make up your mind about kitchen chimneys. We would love to hear your ‘kitchen-chimney’ experience in the comment section.

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