Why Indoor Air Quality Is So Important

Do not worry! This post is not intended to worry you remember the problems of today’s world such as pollution and global warming that can lead us to live our own post-apocalyptic film in real life.

Thanks to our daily concerns, we forget the value of the simplest things. That’s why in this post we’re going to remind you of the benefits of breathing clean air. Enjoying the benefits offered by nature in an act as simple as breathing its purity, gives us the possibility to significantly improve our quality of life, by allowing detoxification and above all, the relaxation of the body.

Let us remember that air is the basic element for life, as we know it. Human beings can overcome the absence of food for several days, but they cannot survive without breathing.

The air that enters our body through breathing through the mouth or nose is also absorbed by our skin. Skin is basically our third lung, so the benefits of breathing fresh air will also manifest in the realm of beauty, improving your self-esteem and therefore, your relationship with others.

In addition, the health of our cells depends on the constant inlet of oxygen; when they do not receive it, they weaken and die. So when we are exposed to contaminated air, supply is not required to maintain the health of our cells.


Why Indoor Air Quality Is So Important And How To Taking Care

Indoor Air Quality

Benefits of Breathing Fresh Air

The benefits of breathing fresh air are multiple and truly wonderful, for example:

  • Pure air manages to stimulate the body’s immune system, alleviating asthma-related conditions and respiratory allergies.
  • It helps improve physical performance; you will feel more energized and active thanks to the reduction of C02 in the atmosphere.
  • Also, it is ideal for removing toxins accumulated in the body; this includes dead cells.
  • If you combine pure air-breathing with physical activity, you’ll see that it promotes the body’s natural antioxidant mechanisms. This means that you will look much more jovial, you will feel much more vigour and strength.
  • Perhaps the most important benefit is that it helps reduce stress, which causes a number of conditions related to cardiovascular disease or blood pressure.


How to take advantage of the benefits of clean air if I work from home?

For those people who work from home and don’t have the opportunity to enjoy pure air, there is a solution available to be able to take advantage of all its benefits, use air purifiers.

Air purifiers, like the ones we can find on this website, are an easy, practical and relatively inexpensive option that will allow you to say goodbye to the impure elements of air that cause allergies and asthma. Collaborates amazingly with the maintenance of household cleaning. It is highly recommended in cases where there are ventilation areas and in case of having pets. In addition, air purifiers prevent mould and odours.

Air purifiers are devices that by means of filters remove from the same contaminants such as dust, smoke, animal hairs, pollen, among others.

An air purifier once placed in a place where your home does not disturb, filters the air in different and successive phases, filtering it and capturing the various air pollutants, depending on their sizes.

After filtering, the air is returned to the environment, already clean. It’s a constant process.

As you can see, the air filters are a great help to our health if you have to spend many hours at home.

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