Ways to Remove Hair from a Clogged Drain

To avoid ceding of the sink and drain pipes of the bathroom and kitchen, it is essential to use special filters to retain even the smallest parts that could end up in the drains causing, over time, and occlusion that could be very annoying to remove. In the worst cases, it may be necessary to intervene with a plumber at the cost of a few hundred euros!

Fortunately, there are simple and economical solutions to prevent the house’s exhaust pipes from being welded.


Why do they clog the exhaust pipes?

Why do they clog the exhaust pipes

The reasons that can lead to problems in unloading sinks are different: for the kitchen, the problem is certainly (which in the pipes turns into an encrustation to be removed manually), food leftovers in the dishes and, for bathroom pipes, hair!

In fact, the hair takes years and years before biodegrading: over time, they can accumulate until you get to cling to the bathroom drainpipe, with problems not only of discomfort but also economical.

If the hair blockage occurs in the “lower” pipes, it will be necessary for a specialist’s intervention and, therefore, a heavy outlay of money. The many natural remedies will be worthless: the hair will necessarily have to be physically removed from the pipes.


How to prevent the hair from ending up in the drain?

Avoiding the problem at its root is possible, very simple and above all, cheap! To prevent the hair from reaching the drain pipes, but very useful and economic protections like this:

You can find them for sale by following this link, and they cost only 5€! There are numerous variants of these filters on the market.

A starfish’s shape has positioned thanks to the suction cups directly above the hole of the sink drain or the bathtub/shower. The holes allow water to drain, but the star will trap all the hair!

The removal and cleaning of this filter are effortless since it attaches/detaches with simple pressure.

If you want to stay on a “more classic” product that better camouflages with your sink or shower, or tub, you can opt for a model like this.

With less than 6€, including shipping, you will have solved the problem without affecting the style of your kitchen or bathroom.


And if the drain is already mandated, how to do it?

If you have already noticed a slowdown in the discharge of water from the pipes, there may already be a lump of hair stuck in the drain.

To remove it, you can try simple and inse economics solutions such as this hair remove flower:

Let the string into the drain and move it a little to trap and remove the lump of hair that clogged the drain. The cost? Less than 11€!

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