Why Do My Clothes Smell After Washing Them

Have you ever done a washing machine and realized that laundry smells bad? I mean, just washed and stinks? Surely you must have had this nasty surprise too, at least once in your life.

This is a pervasive and annoying problem, but you can solve it with a few small precautions. Here’s which ones.


Why does washed laundry stink?

Several causes can cause a bad smell to a freshly washed laundry, even if the washing machine is new or you have put the best softener on the market.

The most common causes of stinking laundry are frequent washing at low temperatures, frequent use of short washes, too many hours spent in the washing machine basket before laundry is laid out, or improper installation of the washing machine itself.


Why Do My Clothes Smell After Washing Them Causes and Remedies

Why Do My Clothes Smell After Washing Them Causes and Remedies

Fortunately, we can remedy all these problems straightforwardly. The first precaution that you should always have is to always spread your laundry immediately after washing in the washing machine.

Leaving laundry for a long time in the basket favours the formation of mould and bad smells, difficult to remove even with a subsequent wash. These are the bacteria that cause bad smells in the washing machine lurk in the basket and its components and the laundry itself.

Try to program the washing machines at a time compatible with drying the clothes: you can let the washing machine go around 4/5 in the morning so that you can lay out the laundry just raised.


Rule number 1: layout immediately after washing

It avoids the use of short washing cycles unless it is strictly necessary: short washes, in fact, do not allow a perfect cleaning of the laundry and favour the formation of bacteria that, remaining in the exhaust pipes, cause bad odours that are immediately “absorbed” by the laundry. Use this type of program as little as possible and only in emergency cases.

Although with a short cycle you save electricity, in reality, the inconveniences that result are greater than the savings obtained (for example, because you will have to wash 2 times the same laundry): limit them to the bare minimum!


Rule Number 2: Avoid too short washes

The laundry must be washed and disinfected and washed at a minimum temperature of at least 40 °. Under these temperatures, bacteria and dirt stagnate in the washing machine tubes (those hidden with the naked eye), causing bad smells and washing after washing.

Except in special cases that require cold washing or at low temperatures, prefer 40/60° washes: in this way, you will have perfect laundry, and the washing machine itself will be automatically cleaned with each wash.


Rule number 3: Avoid washing at low temperatures

If your problem does not fit into any of these cases, verify that the drainpipe is positioned correctly. To discharge at the right time (and in the right way), the washing machine drain pipe (usually thick and grey) must be placed at least 60/70 cm from the floor. This position ensures the perfect operation of your appliance. If the location of the drain in your washing machine is different, this could be precisely the cause of the bad smell of your laundry!


Rule number 4: Have you installed the drainpipe well?

Finally, remember to regularly clean the front gasket of the washing machine door and the filter, which you can generally find at the front of the washing machine, below. These can also cause bad smells. The washing machine drawer must also be washed regularly (at least 1 time per month) to avoid detergent fillings and accumulations.


Rule number 5: regularly clean filter, porthole seal, detergent drawer

If you have the problem of stink in your washing machine and the remedies above have not worked, try to do so: start a 90° vacuum wash (better to do it on weekends or in the evening to reduce electricity consumption) by adding a couple of tablespoons of baking soda in the detergent drawer, or half a glass of white vinegar.

Thanks to the high temperature, the washing machine will clean and disinfect by eliminating dirt residues and bacteria hidden in the pipes: also, bicarbonate and has an anti-limescale function, eliminating any trace of limestone from your washing machine, which will only benefit. On the other hand, Vinegar is known for its ability to remove bad smells and destroy them.


Rule number 6: 1 time a month, start a 90° vacuum wash

Another suggestion I can give you is to use essences to perfume laundry. You can buy them at the supermarket, in specialized stores and also on Amazon.

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