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If you were given a choice, which of all the appliances in your home do you think revolutionized the story the most? There will be opinions for everyone, but for all those people who at some point in their lives had to go to a river or laundry room to clean kilos and kilos of clothes by hand, surely the washing machine changed their lives completely. But until the arrival of the models you know today, the history of the washing machine has written many chapters. Do you know who invented the washing machine? Can you imagine what the first models looked like? Join us in this article because we’re going to look back and tell you!


Who was the inventor of the washing machine?

Who was the inventor of the washing machine

The inventor of such a feat was Alva Fisher, although in some historical notes the name Louis Goldenberg is also linked to the creation of this invention. In any case, what Fisher devised was a device in which an engine rolled a metal drum. Of course, the idea was good but there were still many things to do; it only turned to one side, and also to use it was needed another precious commodity: electricity, which at the time was quite expensive.


What year was the first washing machine invented?

In principle, what can be considered as the first washing machine was invented in 1901.


Where was the washing machine invented?

Always referring to the concept of what we know today as the washing machine, Fisher shaped his invention in Chicago. After its first creation in 1901, it was not until 1910 that it managed to create and patent a model that even had a door! so that the water would not escape easily.


This is the history of the washing machine in India

This is the history of the washing machine in India

Until we have known the most modern models, the history of the washing machine has gone through many phases. In fact, long before Alva Fisher was awarded her invention, in the 19th century there were already people who used the laundry machine: it was hand-operated and the laundry was put into a cylinder through which the water passed.

As early as the twentieth century, while in some corners of Europe ‘appliances’ similar to a washing machine began to be used, in 1950s india laundry was still done in the sink (or in the laundry rooms, in the case of villages).

In 1954, Balay launched a model that allowed 2.5 kilos of clothing to be washed. How did it work? It came equipped with a kind of turbine and an engine that rotated clothes, water and soap in one direction. To lighten the clothes, the dirty water had to be emptied and refilled. This was corrected with a later model that could already empty the water on its own.

And so is the clothes drainer! It was an accessory with two rubber rollers that were placed on top, and whose manufacture practically meant the goodbye of hand washing.


The first super-automatic washing machine

But the real revolution came in September 1966. That year the first automatic washing machines began to be manufactured. Balay’s T-500 model, which was the first of its kind manufactured in India, completely transformed the way laundry was done because it did the whole washing cycle. I mean, you forgot to lighten or drain your clothes yourself. It was such a revolutionary concept that it was even necessary to specifically train members of the Official Technical Service.

The T-500 washer was just the beginning of it all.

In addition, thanks in large part to this model, in Balay we became one of the largest manufacturers of automatic washing machines in Asian and leader in India. Its creation was even a change in the way detergents were made. Manufacturers searched for new products and launched biological detergents that helped to better remove some stains. But to achieve this they needed the clothes to be soaked longer in the pre-wash phase. Faced with this evolution, in Balay we launched the T-510 BIO washing machine, which thanks to its functions allowed these novel detergents to work much better. And since then in Balay, we have not stopped innovating to try to make your life more comfortable every day.

Did you imagine that the history of the washing machine was so great? We love to remember her! If you want to discover many more details about how appliances were conquering our homes, you can review them here and see how they have evolved into what we know today.

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