Which Mattress is Suitable For The Cottage

In the warm season, India tends to go to the country to enjoy nature, eat kebabs and relax culturally. These trips with overnight stays often mean that you will need an orthopedic mattress for a comfortable sleep. Of course, you can choose the usual; it is already everyone who decides for himself. One is enough to sleep on a cot with a thin mattress, and the other and a soft sofa will seem tough.


Mandatory Qualities for a Summer Mattress

Standard or increased comfort.

Here, again, the role is played by the preferences of the summer house. If a citizen is used to maximum comfort, it is better to pay attention to expensive mattresses. Well, for less creative people, you can advise a mattress foam or its analogues. And for those who like to save on good things, you can choose a more expensive option, but with a big discount, we have on the sale of mattresses. This costs moderate money, adds convenience for sleep and easy to care for.


Mobile transportation.

Whatever the budget mattress, it is unlikely that those who want to leave it for the whole winter at the cottage in damp and unattended. That’s why mobility in logistics is essential. Some mattresses can neither be folded nor twisted into a roll. You’ll have to take him on the roof of the car or rent a truck. However, if you think about it in advance, it is better to buy a mattress-topper or orthopedic. After all, they can be twisted, folded and transported on anything, even on a bicycle, at least on a car.


The Usual filler and wear-resistant case.

If you have been looking at expensive ascon uses for a long time, we recommend remembering the previous quality. These products are good; they have a great jacquard case, which is practical and resistant to wear. However, first of all, many mattresses are springy, and they are unlikely to be able to fold or fold normally. Secondly, if the filler will include coconut coir, it is better not to twist it to avoid problems.

Another thing – mattress Dimax Optima software. Same jacquard, but no coconut. Medium stiffness and original packaging in the form of a roll. To fold such a mattress can be without fear of damage to it, which means convenience in transportation.


What to choose: spring-loaded or spring-free mattresses for cottages

spring-loaded or spring-free mattresses for cottages

Both are good in their own way. The springless are softer and easier to fold. Spring harder and more interesting in price. And, given that you choose a mattress for the cottage, it should not be as expensive as for a bedroom in a city dwelling. Therefore, we offer to stop at spring products and learn their features.

Why the cottage should choose a spring mattress:

Additional bed height (13 to 18 cm).

Let’s say you have a good bed with high sides in your country. Maturity with a spring block is much higher than the spring-free counterparts. Therefore, for such cases, it is better to choose spring products. The same category includes the mattress orthopedic double, which will look gorgeous on a large bed.


More affordable cost.

Unsorthused mattresses are more expensive, as they require more expensive materials because of the lack of a spring frame. And in spring mattresses, the body is adjusted by the block itself, so the tissue is consumed less. Accordingly, the price of such a product will be much less.


Good adaptability and variety.

Regardless of weight and figure, indications and prescriptions, a person will always be able to pick up a spring orthopedic mattress. This is made possible by the wide variety and demand for such products.

The spring-free can also be used in the country. But they are more expensive, so there is a question of the expediency of such spending for a few nights during the holiday. We, as mattress experts, recommend choosing from spring mattresses at a discount.


What else to consider when choosing a summer mattress

The mattress must be immune to moisture. Often in country houses, the humidity is much higher. This may be due to heating, the proximity of a river or lake and other factors. To avoid rusting springs and the fabric is not mouldy, we advise you to pay attention to the mattresses of Ascone, many of which are sold at a discount of up to 67%. They are resistant to moisture and many other negative factors. And orthopedic foam, which is part of the mattress, does not cause allergies and does not allow fruit mites and other microorganisms.

The ventilation of the mattress is also important. The air should pass freely through the fabric and spring base of the product. Otherwise, you can not avoid the lack of dullness and unpleasant smell.

And the mattress should be light in weight. Then it can be carried on hands without making much effort. This feature is endowed with a foam mattress. Weight is small, and the composition allows you to roll the product into a roll for transportation or storage.

Does the mattress need resistance to temperature changes? If we are talking about a cottage, then yes. Because in country houses, as a rule, there is not always heating. This means that in summer, the mattress will be affected by heat, and in winter – cold unless the owner takes the product with him, which is not always possible due to lack of mobility.

If you have an orthopedic double mattress in your cottage, it should be done to ensure the spine is in the correct sleep mode.

From the point of view of eco-friendliness, the mattress cannot harm the environment and its inhabitants. Therefore, fillers and fabrics should be neutral.


So what is better to buy a mattress: summing up

Unstable mattresses immediately tick off if your finances sing romances. And so, the mattress for the summer cottage is better to take spring, preferably with medium rigidity. It must certainly fold or roll for transportation. By weight light, to care unassuming, with good ventilation and waterproofness.

Be sure to be comfortable and comfortable for the back, especially if your case is not as smooth as we would like with the latter. In this case, we recommend thinking about buying an orthopedic product.

We hope that at least a little easier your torments of choosing a mattress and brought a little clarity to the issue of its acquisition.

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