Which Blender To Buy?

You want to buy a blender and don’t know where to start? Don’t know which blender is right for you? Don’t worry; in this post, we will explain all the blender types you can choose their functions and features. Choose the best blender based on the recipes you like to make. Are you more sweet or salty?


Glass blender

Glass blender

Blenders have become an important piece in our kitchens, are practical, functional, and can become your ally in your kitchen decoration. Thanks to them, we save time and effort when preparing our recipes. If you don’t know what the best glass blender is, we invite you to keep reading.

The best glass blender is one capable of crushing, beating and mixing ingredients.


Characteristics of glass blenders

Glass capacity

Choose the capacity of the jug or glass according to the needs of your home. You won’t need the same storage capacity won’t be the same for your blender if you’re two people or four.

The capacity of the blender glass ranges from half a litre, 600 millilitres to 2 litres. The capacity of 2 litres is the best for cooking large quantities of product.



How much power does my glass blender have to have? What is the ideal power for my needs? It is a good question; there is no ideal potency. Currently, the cup blenders’ variety of powers are all effective and suitable for almost any recipe.

This blender model’s power ranges from 800w to 1600w, allowing you to cook different foods and achieve varied textures without a problem.


What recipes can I make?

With a glass blender with very versatile, you can make multiple recipes; if you are a sweet lover, this is your blender!

This type of blender is easy to use; you can get carried away and be imaginative with the recipes to be made, preparing smoothies, smoothies, juices, cocktails, sauces, soups, and creams.


Our recommendation

In the online store of Hermanos Pérez, we have a wide variety of models of blenders that will make your life in the kitchen easier. Our recommended glass blender is the Jata BT1032 model.

The Jata BT1032 is a cheap, high-powered glass blender; it has 1000W. It is composed of a stainless steel cup, which allows it to be versatile when making different recipes and crushing food in a most resistant container. Its capacity is 1.5L allows storing a large amount of product.

Among its functions, we highlight its comprehensive electronic management and electronic speed regulator. Not to mention it has 6 extra long stainless steel blades for greater accuracy in crushing.

Hand or standing blender

Hand or standing blender

Hand or standing blenders are a very comfortable appliance adaptable to almost all kinds of culinary elaborations. They can mix all kinds of ingredients, even ice! Thanks to their blade system. Having control of the blender with your own hand. Being an easy-to-use and much more functional blenders.


Features of hand or foot blenders

Blades and dome of the blender

What is the blender dome? The dome will define how food is processed; it is the movement that food generates when passing through the blade, making it easier for there to be no splashes.

Also, the foot of the blender allows for greater stability.


Power and speeds

Power becomes the protagonist in hand mixers; its engine plays an important role in cooking. The power of these blenders ranges from 600w to 1000w. Thanks to a powerful engine, you can beat, crush or grate any food.

The most current hand mixers can be up to 12 speeds, adjusting to the food type to be prepared.


What can I cook with my hand mixer?

As with the glass blender, we can prepare delicious recipes with the hand mixer or standing, letting ourselves be carried away by our inspiration. This blender will allow us to prepare purees, sauces, creams and crush food to perfection. All this with spectacular textures.


Recommended hand shaker

Thinking about buying you a hand or foot mixer? In Hermanos Pérez we have cheap blenders online. We have a team of experts who will advise you with your purchase; we recommend the Bosch MSM66150 foot mixer from the online store team.

This Bosch brand stand mixer has an ergonomic design, has a power of 600w and 12 speeds, all with the best price in online blenders. Thanks to these features, it has excellent handling.

We can highlight an innovative dome with 4 sharp blades and a low vibration motor for greater silence among its functions.


Kneading blender

Kneading blender

The perfect blender for lovers of desserts and jams. The kneading blender is par excellence, the ideal appliance for pastry.

Features kneading blender

Power and ergonomics

The engine of this type of blenders is less powerful compared to the other types of blender. This is because it needs to be lighter for its functionality, reaching 500w with 5-speed levels. However, the power may vary depending on the model.

The kneading mixer’s kneading rods or hooks are very easy to assemble, providing comfort and efficiency in the process.



Depending on the dessert or preparation we will make, we must insert the corresponding accessories into the kneading mixer. This blender modality includes different types of rods, for example, the finest ones for mounting egg whites and other types of hooks to make heavier doughs, such as pizza.


Recipes I can make with a kneading blender.

Throughout the past, we have emphasized that a kneading blender is a perfect appliance for pastry; thanks to it, we can make all kinds of desserts, get the best textures in creams and make exquisite homemade bread. Please don’t wait any longer to see our entire selection of blenders in our online store.


blender recommendation

Our team of experts from Hermanos Pérez is at your disposal to solve any questions about which blender to buy. In this section, we recommend a spectacular kneading blender: Braun MQ5060WHBL kneader.

This Braun kneader model has a power of 750w and 21 speeds. It is a cheap blender with a long list of features and functions, such as removable blades, removable bowl and waterproof plate parts. Your glass is made of stainless steel.

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