Where Can I Install the Air Purifier?

You know better than anyone which room in your house is most polluted.

If you are allergic or have asthma or breathing difficulties, the ideal solution would be to install the air purifier in the room where you spend most of your time, for example in your bedroom or office.

This does not prevent you from installing an air purifier in your bedroom when you are in good health. Clean, healthy air in your sleep will only do you good.

If you have a laundry room or garage that is not well ventilated, you can also install an air purifier.

In fact, molds and bacteria grow easily in a poorly ventilated and sunny place. Although these areas are generally not very frequented compared to other rooms, bacteria can easily reach you.

For smokers, the air purifier must be installed where you normally smoke. You will see that your house no longer smells of cigarettes at any time of the day. Best for smokers: you will no longer be asked to smoke outside!

The same goes for those who like to cook. Despite the fact that cooking odours smell wonderfully in the nostrils and stimulate appetite, it should be noted that these odours often lead to breathing difficulties.

Some spices are also allergens, such as peppers, seafood odors, etc. For all these reasons, an air purifier in the kitchen will not be a luxury for Cordons Bleus.

When welcoming guests, we recommend that you install an air purifier in your living room. Remember that everyone generates heat and carries bacteria with them. This will brighten the air you breathe.

Some people have their air purifiers in the air ducts. This works properly, but the level of pollution is only slightly reduced.


How to install an air purifier?

In most cases, you will receive a pre-assembled cleaner. You don’t have to worry about an installation method.

All you need to do is turn on your device. This depends on how your air purifier is powered, simply connect it to a power source or usb cable.

In most cases, air purifiers should be installed on the floor, on a shelf or on another piece of furniture at altitude.

However, there are models that require an elevation position. Simply refer to the user manual that comes with the device.

The only time you need to handle your air purifier is during maintenance.

In this case, simply remove the filter if your air purifier has one and clean it. There will also be occasions when you need to change the filter.

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