When You Drink Protein Shakes

It makes sense to enjoy one or more protein shakes if you exercise regularly and are in the process of building muscle mass. In general, intensive exercise is always a strain on the body, which we can support with the gift of a balanced amount of protein shakes to form or maintain the desired figure. Unfortunately, the process of building muscle is not as fast as many would like. A months-long training, which costs a lot of sweat, nerves and energy, is preceded by success. Vital protein in small protein shakes can perfectly support you and your body in weight loss and targeted building muscle mass. As with many other issues, the right measure is the crucial point. How many or how few protein shakes should and maybe drunk during the day? It is not a good idea to completely change the diet now and eat protein shakes exclusively.


What is Protein?

Protein Shakes

Trainers in gyms can sing a song about it: Time and again they are asked by interested athletes about the right amount of protein shakes. Before it comes to how many small doses of protein shakes are tolerated and, above all, useful, it is necessary to clarify what protein is actually. Protein is an active ingredient consisting of amino acids. Lacking the vital amino acids, the body is practically unable to build muscle. It would also not be possible to grow the muscle fibres or regenerate in the event of damage. This certainly shows how important the proteins are for the body.

Proteins consist of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen, which is nitrogen, which is the most important role in the repair and growth of muscle fibres. If the body produces enough protein of its own, the organism achieves a balanced nitrogen balance. This balanced state is also referred to as an anabolic state. In this situation, the body can form new muscle fibres and thus, muscles. The additional absorption of protein leads to the release of oxygen, amino acids and other muscle-building agents into the skeletal muscle fibres. This ensures that they start growing and repairing the muscles after a demanding day of training.


For whom the protein shakes are useful and important

In general, it is said that all those who aspire to build up or maintain muscle mass should eat about 1.2 – 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of weight. A calculation example illustrates this: In a person weighing 100 kilograms, this means that an intake of 120 – 170 grams of protein per day makes sense. This amount should be divided into small portions (approx. 20 g) (every 3-5 hours).


Protein shakes are thus only used as a dietary supplement.

With this simple example, it quickly becomes clear that only a dietary supplement should be taken when taking protein shakes. The basic diet should consist of healthy fruits and vegetables, whole grains, light meat and lots of tea and water. Protein shakes are only eaten with meals and are not a separate meal.


Everybody has a slightly different need.

The example of the person weighing 100 kilograms also shows that each body has a slightly different need for protein shakes. That’s why you need to find out your own needs and then meet it. If in doubt, you can still ask your coach for advice.


When should protein shakes be taken?

As I said, it’s best to take the protein shakes with your normal meals. You can start early in the morning by taking a meal right after getting up. This has the advantage that the healthy ingredients and the protein get into the blood faster and you can start the day with it. Another way to drink one of the proteins shakes is right before lunch. This way, you can easily divide your own ration of protein shakes throughout the day. It is also important to store a portion for the time after the workout so that the muscles can continue to build up immediately after the workout.


Pure enjoyment: enjoy delicious protein shakes

delicious protein shakes

As you can see, when enjoying a protein drink, there are a few things to keep in mind. However, if you follow the advice and behave accordingly, you will achieve perfect training success with a protein shake in the given dose. The joy of snacking and enjoying is not neglected; the products are available in various delicious variants. How about banana, strawberry, chocolate or vegan? It is a good place to have several different varieties in the household ready so that you can change again and again in terms of taste.


Prefer to fall back on Swiss brands

To obtain a high-quality protein powder with certainty, we advise you to use Swiss brands. If necessary, you can still ask your trainer for advice.


Protein drinks as a gift idea

Do you get the money to buy the protein drinks over time? Rely on low-cost protein powders like update Nutrition or let your friends or siblings give you the most delicious varieties. Surely they are also pleased about an idea that is also well received by you. Just say the varieties of protein shakes that you taste best and let yourself be gifted for your birthday or Christmas. Surely your friends will also go to the gym if you want these protein shakes.

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