When to Clean the Air Conditioning Ducts

The ducts present in some air conditioning models when not cleaned regularly can become an ideal environment for fungi and bacteria.

Places with a large influx of audiences such as theatres, shopping malls and main hospitals, need to maintain the cleanliness of their air conditioning systems, so as not to pollute these high circulation environments. As the procedure can be costly, many are not, as sometimes during cleaning, it is necessary to change the filters and coolant load.

To find out if the ducts need to be cleaned, we list some signs that indicate this need:


When to Clean the Air Conditioning Ducts

Air Conditioning Ducts

Strong smell

The odours from the outlets of the appliance may be a sign of mould and fungi. Its growth in the ducts can become a serious problem, especially for health. Depending on the case, complete cleaning of the duct or replacement will be required.


Increased energy bill

Dirty ducts can prevent air from passing through, forcing the equipment to work harder. An unexpected increase in the electricity bill may indicate that they are clogged and need cleaning.


Dust released from vents

Dust or dust thrown at the outlets of the air conditioner increases the chances that the ducts are dirty. Dust buildup around air outlets or directional fins is a sign of contamination in the duct. Then remove part of the duct and use a flashlight to see if there are visible remains or fungi.


Humidity at the air outlets

Dust and mould trap moisture from the air in the ducts and cause more mould to grow, leaving air out moist or dripping while the air conditioner is on. The cause may be a clogged air filter, replace it, and see if the problem ends. Otherwise, the problem is in the ducts and needs to be cleaned.


Risk of contamination

The rate of pollution and airborne diseases is high, so it is very important to keep the environment clean. Public agencies did not control how often cleaning was carried out, so there was no one to charge them.

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