What You Need to Know Before Buying a Humidifier

If you have decided to purchase a humidifier for daily use, you must know all the performance you will achieve. Next, we look into the wonderful world of humidifiers, informing you of their most relevant elements. And in this way, it helps you choose the best.

We also detail the most frequently asked questions among users. The best way to start with the decision between one or the other is to know the use we will give you. It is not the same as a humidifier for daily use in a baby’s room as another of the essential oils. Of course, they have different characteristics. The cold steam humidifier moistens the home environment.


What is a humidifier, and what advantages does it have?


A humidifier is responsible for increasing the relative humidity of the room where it is located. It works by generating steam by boiling water or by breaking down molecules. The advantages of using a humidifier are clearly health-related. It is vitally important that our home enjoys the perfect relative humidity; its ideals are between 40% and 70%. To calculate the humidity of our room, we use an instrument called a hygrometer.


  • Promotes air from entering the lungs.
  • Prevents air from dry.
  • Reduces the risk of infectious diseases.
  • It offers purer air.


  • It can release bacteria and minerals.
  • Hot steam can burn.
  • Some can be difficult to clean.
  • Excess moisture.


What types of humidifiers are there?

  • There are three main types of humidifiers: Ultrasonic humidifiers (cold steam): These have a metal platform that traps dust and keeps it inside. They turn electricity into mechanical motion. These appliances do not generate noise and are economical since they are energy efficient. Cleaning is more complicated due to the design.
  • Electrode humidifiers (hot steam): These models work by generating steam by boiling heated water through the current. Among its most important features is that they use hot steam, making them a little more dangerous. Besides, balsamic oils can be added and help with breathing difficulties.
  • Evaporation humidifiers (hot steam): They work only with distilled water. They can be used with balsamic oils at the steam outlet, but their efficiency is much lower than that of electrodes. These models are the least used.


Can a humidifier be used as an air freshener?

This is one of the big questions we ask ourselves when we think about buying a humidifier. As mentioned above, the electrode humidifier and the evaporative humidifier are the two that meet the requirements. A few drops of aroma will be applied to the device’s base; these will be mixed with the water previously poured into the tank and voila. Our room will be imbued with that fragrance, providing the aromatic and therapeutic benefits that essential oils possess. Remember that aromatherapy humidifiers have numerous advantages for your health. 


When is it convenient to use a humidifier?

Inside the house, it is recommended that the humidity level is between 40% and 70%. Therefore, if you think that the humidity is lower in your home or a specific room, it is recommended to use the humidifier. These will help prevent respiratory infections. As explained in the previous point, it is important to know what percentage of humidity we have in our room. This way, we’ll know how long we can have the device turned on. It is important to know that it is just as harmful to health to lack moisture to overcome it.


What is the most effective way to clean the humidifier?

Having the humidifier clean is a fundamental thing. Moisture can cause various problems, and the environment can become a field of fungi and bacteria. If this occurs inside the appliance, they can be easily detached into the air, and these can be inhaled by people causing them serious breathing problems. Cleaning the appliance is very simple. A natural disinfectant, such as white vinegar, can be used. With the parts disassembled, it is soaked for 30 minutes, rinsed, air-dry and ready.


Where to place a humidifier?

  • We should never place it on the ground, as this or the doors can be damaged. It is always advised to place it at a reasonable distance from where people will be supported somewhere a few centimetres from the ground. Recommended at 40 or 50 centimetres. Room with few furniture: here you can place it in the centre of the room about 50 centimetres from the floor. To do this, we can help each other from a chair or a table.
  • Baby room: in this case, we should make sure that it is not very close to the crib to avoid unnecessary risks.
  • Adult room: we recommend keeping it at a reasonable distance from the beds and equally separate from the floor. In this way, the steam will rise from a more appropriate height.


Buying Guide For Humidifier

Buying Guide For Humidifier

The moment you decide you need a humidifier, you should consider some important factors. These have very similar characteristics between them, but one may be better than the other depending on your demand. We have made a selection of variables to take into account to choose the best one that suits your needs.


This is a significant point to look at depending on where you are going to place it and the function you are going to give it. Having a large capacity water tank helps facilitate more hours of continuous work without constantly refilling it.

For example, it is not the same to use a humidifier for several hours in a large room as in a baby’s room. The first thing is that the larger the room, the more capacity and power will be needed. If you also want the air freshener function, it will work for more hours.

However, in the second option, the right thing to do would be until the appropriate values are achieved.


Air freshening function

Using air fresheners in the home makes it more comfortable and enjoyable. They usually work through ultrasound at the bottom of the device, where a few drops of the selected aroma will be put. These will come out through the vibration of membranes that will blur your perfume.

Aromatherapy has several benefits. One of the most important is that they eliminate saturated environments. Getting a pleasant smell makes us have a positive feeling about the environment where we are. It also helps reduce stress, alleviate depression and anxiety.

Humidifiers often have elegant and modern designs. 



One more benefit of some humidifiers is this. They have a special programme which will allow you to program the on and off easily. They contain a tiny device that opens and closes a circuit automatically and for a defined time.

The chosen device must contain an automatic timer. This way, if used for sleep, you can rest easy and rest. It has several automatic ways to turn off, including the scheduled time or when the water tank is empty.


Noise level

More and more individuals are looking to make their home devices quieter. There are ultrasonic humidifiers that work through very high-frequency vibrations. As a result, they generate a fog that provides the desired conditions of moisture. This makes them quieter.

Silence is fundamental in people’s lives. In a 2013 study, it was known that two minutes of silence was enough to lower blood pressure and heart rate.


Humidifier design

Another feature to note is that of a decorative element. Currently, there are devices of all sizes, shapes and colours on the market. They are easy to find with a multitude of functions.

Humidifiers also have original and elegant designs that perfect condition space. Equally important is the functionality of the device as its aesthetics.

Several analyses show that having a well-decorated and beautiful house gives a sense of well-being.


Humidifier power

Electrical power indicates the amount of energy transferred from one place to another over a period of time. The higher the device’s power, the more steam it will come out, and before the humidifier will perform its function.

Another point to consider is where the device will be positioned and how large the room is.

To create moisture in a large room, the humidifier must have high power in addition to a large tank capacity. The higher this, the more steam will come out and the purer the air.



As we have seen throughout the guide, having a humidifier at home offers numerous advantages, especially if you live in a dry place and accompany it with children.

We know that one of the main ones is to prevent certain respiratory diseases, always helping to inhale better and relieve the throat’s itching that produces the dry air.

It is important to consider that this device can be used in both winter and summer. The air conditioning is dry, just like the heating. So, what are you waiting for to get one?

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