What should I do if I smell gas?

What to do if it smells of gas in the apartment

Good or bad, what do people feel gas smells like? It’s very cool! And our first gratitude is to the employees of gas processing enterprises. After all, natural gas has no smells. Its gas is acquired during preparation by adding special odorous liquids – ethantiol and ethyl mercaptan. But what if it smells like gas?


Signs of gas leakage

In order for gas pipelines to be safe, it is necessary to identify and eliminate the leakage of blue fuel in a timely manner. This is especially true of intra-house wiring, although communications laid underground and close to the production or residential area pose a considerable danger when depressurized.

Gas leaks are facilitated by corrosion of gas pipes, ruptures of welding seams when there are not enough capabilities of temperature compensators, poor-quality welding, insufficient reliability of threads, flanges and gas equipment itself.

Regardless of whether it is in-house pipes or laid underground, leaking gas fuel is initially manifested by a specific “aroma”.

If it smells strongly of gas in the rooms of the house or apartment, you should act according to the rules for gas equipment operation. It is necessary to urgently call the emergency gas service, notify the incident, and then protect people. Otherwise, they may have symptoms similar to those inherent in poisoning – dizziness, nausea, tearing, tinnitus, etc.


What to do if it smells like gas

If you act correctly and quickly in extreme situations, you can avoid many troubles. You should start with the study of the rules of operation of gas appliances.

Suppose it smells strongly of gas in the kitchen or some other room. In that case, it is strictly forbidden to turn on or off the light, as this can provoke a spark that will cause explosive combustion of the gas-air mixture at a concentration of the gas component in the air equal to 15% or more.

To act in such cases should be quickly and decisively:

  • Do not use open fire and electrical appliances, including doorbell, intercom.
  • Turn off the gas supply valve.
  • Start ventilating the room by opening window and door openings.
  • Leave the gassed room and call the emergency gas service.


What to do if it smells of gas in the entrance

When it smells of methane from the entrance or basement of a dwelling, the procedure should be as follows:

  • By calling 104, call the emergency gas service.
  • Proceed to ventilation, opening and fixing the window and door openings.
  • To help people leave the apartments of the gassed entrance and go outside.
  • Try to establish the boundary of the gas zone until the emergency crew arrives.


What to do if it smells of gas from the boiler

If the gas boiler smells of gas, then an explosion is possible. To exclude this, it is necessary:

  • Close the shut-off valve.
  • Open windows and doors.
  • Call the emergency gas service.
  • Help family members get out of the apartment and report the incident to neighbors;

What to do if the stove smells of gas

If the smell of gas comes from a working stove, this is a cause for alarm since the inhaled gas is harmful to health and can threaten people’s lives. Gas, which for a long time fills the enclosed room, can explode. This can provoke the slightest spark. What to do when the house smells of gas?

When the source of the smell of gas is the gas stove’s elements, you can not try to repair it with your own hands. This is an occasion for calling a gas specialist who has access to this kind of activity.

As soon as the smell of methane, propane or butane appears, it is necessary to immediately turn off the fuel by shutting down the valve, ventilate the room. At this time, smoking, the use of matches, electrical appliances are excluded.


What to do if it smells like gas on the street

If it is felt in the area where the gas well, gas cylinder complex, distribution point is located, you can not delay. First you need to call “1906” in the emergency gas service.

Then you need to start organizing the protection of the gassed area until the called team of gas workers arrives to prevent people from entering the danger zone.


How to prevent gas leakage

This should begin to be thought out at the stage of design and alteration of the living space. The planning of the future gas pipe system and the placement of gas equipment should be entrusted to the people who have such a right.

When installing gas equipment should be guided by the relevant rules. For example, a gas stove is installed no further than 400 cm from a metal pipe. Between the gas valve and the hose should be a dielectric insert. And this case must be handled by masters with the necessary tolerances.

To connect gas equipment, you should install near the euro socket with a grounding residential. When installing a combined gas stove with an electric oven, you need a separate three-core cable with a cross section of 4.5 mm2 laid openly. In the entrance shield, it must move away from a separate 16 amp protection machine.

The gas stove is connected to the pipe using a special gas hose, certified properly. And it should be purchased in branded specialized stores.

Today, often complete with gas stoves is protection that prevents the leakage of gas fuel, the mechanism of automatic cut-off (gas control). In such cases, the protective device blocks the gas. It reacts to the disappearance of the flame, let’s say, from a sharp gust of wind (draft). Its principle of operation is simple: when the love is broken, the temperature sensor, cooling, gives an impulse to the crane that blocks the supply of blue fuel.

Also, to prevent leakage, you can install a sensor (alarm) that responds to gas contamination. They are installed in the kitchen and the gas boiler room. Some models can automatically turn off the fuel supply if there is an explosive gas-air atmosphere in a closed volume.

In the kitchens usually put alarms gas contamination household duplicate (SZBD). There are other types of these devices: SIKZ, SAOG, NWPC, etc.

The gas analyzer is connected to a separate 220 Volt outlet. The location of the sensor is the wall on which it is mounted vertically at a distance of more than 100 cm from the edge of the gas-thermal unit and 15±5 cm, departing from the ceiling, when controlling methane or at the same elevation from the floor, if liquefied gas is subject to control.

There are also professional gas analyzers, with the help of which it is possible not only to establish where the gas leaks but also to determine the composition of the gas-air mixture. Such a device costs 30,000 rubles.


Important security measures

  • It is necessary to strictly adhere to the relevant instructions and at the same time use gas fuel sparingly.
  • Remind the head of the housing office about the need to check the ventilation and chimneys every three months.
  • Cleanliness and serviceability of gas equipment must always be maintained. If a large capacity is placed on the burner, then the ribs of the stand should be high.
  • The ventilation system must be inspected regularly.
  • Prohibit children and persons not familiar with the rules of working with gas equipment to treat them.
  • Do not use garages, storage rooms and balconies to store gas cylinders.
  • Refueling of gas cylinders should be carried out only at the points intended for this.
  • Do not engage in self-connection and disconnection of home gas stoves.
  • In no case can not heat living quarters with gas stoves.
  • Do not violate the order of ignition of gas equipment: first a match is lit and only then the gas supply opens.
  • Before leaving the house, turn off the gas appliances and block the supply of gas fuel stored in the cylinder with the help of a valve.
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