What Pressure is Needed For a Washing Machine?

When you live somewhere in a big city in an apartment building, you somehow don’t think about what kind of water pressure you have in the water supply; as a rule, it is enough that the automatic washing machine works. The inhabitants of rural areas and small towns, where the state of the water supply system is in distress, there is almost no pressure in the pipes, making it impossible to connect the washing machine – it just does not work and gives a system error.

In such a situation, there are two ways: install pressure pump equipment or buy a washing machine that works independently of the water supply. All other artisanal solutions are usually ineffective and do not solve the problem.


Water requirements

Different manufacturers of automatic washing machines have different requirements for the water supply that will feed their brainchild. This is often not dependent on their whims but the program’s functions embedded in the machine control module. The fact is that software developers for modern washing machines strive to make washing modes as short as possible and as efficient as possible. And what’s easier to save time? Of course, on the set, water in the tank washer.

The faster the water is collected for washing and then rinsing, the less time it takes to implement the entire washing program as a whole. Everything would be fine, but German, Chinese and Korean scientists, forget, used to living and working “in the inhabited world”, where there are no problems with the water supply that their equipment can not only work in St. Petersburg or Moscow. Their washing machines are also needed in some Siberian villages where the water supply system is “100 years old for lunch”, and it cannot provide the minimum pressure set by the program.

Insufficient water pressure in the water supply should not lead to a stop of the washing machine. But this will lead to other problems: a slow intake of water in the tank and poor washing-up of detergents from the cuvette, which will affect the quality of the laundry.

So it turns out that some villagers buy a washing machine, LG says, hoping to simplify his difficult village life, and eventually, he will drive it back to the store because there is no way he can connect it. In our opinion, it is time to correct this injustice. First of all, we will determine what minimum pressure values in the water supply automatic washing machines of different brands will work.

  • The minimum water pressure for washing machines LG, Samsung, Zanussi, Electrolux, Daewoo is 0.3 bar. In some cases, these brands’ individual valves are equipped with inlet valves that accept the pressure of 0.4 bar, but eventually, everything will depend on the software.
  • The minimum water pressure for washing machines Beko, AEG, Ariston, Candy, Indesit, Whirlpool is, in most cases, 0.4 bar. However, many models of Indesit washing machines work with lower water pressure.
  • The minimum water pressure for an automatic Bosch washing machine is already about 0.5 bar. Around the same range, the minimum water pressure is observed by a Miele-branded washing machine, although much will also depend on the model of such a technique.
  • The minimum water pressure for the Atlant automatic washing machine is 0.6 bar. In this case, the Kuppersbusch washing machine is a kind of record holder, as it needs a water pressure of at least 0.8-0.9 bar. However, some models work well at 0.5 bar.

And what is the pressure on the water supply of the village? Well, there is absolutely no way to answer this question. It all depends on the place, but it is certainly known that in some cases, the pressure in the national water supply does not even reach 0.1 bar, where the automatic washing machine will work here.


How to increase the pressure?

Low pressure in the water supply is of no use. You can connect a special booster pump to increase the water pressure to the desired value.

Another thing is that this is an extra cost. To get a clearer picture of booster pumps and their costs, let’s give a brief overview of such units.

  1. Pressure increase pump WILO PB-088 EA. It is a relatively cheap pump with good properties, which is suitable not only for a washing machine but also for a shower, jacuzzi, and other things. Head – 9.5 m, temperature – from 0 to +60, power – 0.09 kW. The price is about 60 dollars.
  2. Pressure increase pump GRUNDFOS UPA 15-90. It is a slightly less powerful unit, but it is still more than enough to ensure the normal operation of the automatic washing machine. Head – 8 m, power – 118 W, works absolutely silent. The price is about 90 dollars.
  3. Jiles Jumbo 60/35 P-24. This model of a boost pump is for those who need a unit to serve multiple consumers simultaneously—for example, shower, dishwasher and washing machine. The pump gives a maximum head of 35 m, with a power consumption of 600 watts. The price is about $107.
  4. Marina Cam 80/22. This is a full-fledged pumping station with the right dimensions: Head 32 m, water intake depth up to 8 m, power 800 W. The average cost is 170 dollars.

The choice of pumps to increase the water supply pressure is quite large, and their quality is at a level. Take the model that is optimal in terms of performance and price.


Washing without water supply

In the CIS countries’ vastness, there is a nominal water supply, but that there is no water in it. Under such conditions, no pumping station will help. If the main water source for your rural home is a column or a well in the garden, there is a reason to buy an automatic washing machine that does not need to be connected to the water supply. There are few such machines, to be precise, only three models of the same brand – Gorenje.

Autonomous washing machines Gorenie does not need to be connected to the water supply because on the side is attached a rather large tank in which water is poured. To start washing, you only need to connect the washing machine to the mains, draw the water into the tank and everything – you can wash it safely. Moreover, the Gorenie’s laundry tank is so spacious that the volume can be sufficient for 2-3 washes.

Besides, you can order a tank with a larger volume, which will contain enough water for 6 washes.

In autonomous washing machines of the brand Gorenie, there is a pressure pump next to the inlet valve. The water flows through the inlet valve of such a machine at fairly high pressure, washing the powder in the tank without any problems. The washing quality is very high. You can learn more about this technique by reading the article—washing machines with water tank.

In summary, we note that the automatic washing machine works well; the water pressure in the water supply system must reach a minimum that is programmed in the control unit and is observed by the inlet valve. If the pressure in the water supply is below the minimum, the machine will not work. There is a way out of the situation – to install a step-up pump, and if it is possible to choose a washing machine, you can take a model that can work autonomously. God bless you

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