What materials can be used in the microwave oven

Microwave has long become a familiar household appliance, and today it is in almost every home. With its help, you can warm up food, defrost products and even prepare a full-fledged dish. But before using microwave, you need to know what kind of dishes are needed for the microwave. You can buy a special set of dishes for the microwave, but this is unnecessary because containers are suitable for use in each house.


What Material dishes can not be used in the microwave oven

The use of inappropriate containers can lead to damage and the breakdown of the device. You can not use the following containers:

  • Metallic. The use of metal utensils can provoke an electrical discharge. Because of this, there will be a large load on the circuits of the wiring circuit, which will lead to microwave failure. Dishes with a metal edge are also not suitable. If there is an appropriate marking, you can use only vessels made of thin aluminum with semi-finished products.
  • With rim or pattern. Almost every housewife has plates with a silver or gold rim or designs. If you cook or heat food in a microwave in such a plate, you can notice sparks. They occur as a result of an electrical discharge and can also lead to a breakdown of the microwave oven. Despite the fact that it is all just a drawing, the paint it is applied contains metal.
  • Crystal. Crystal dishes should not be used, because it contains lead or silver. In addition, the walls of such a container have different thicknesses, which leads to uneven heating. The container itself will heat up quickly, but the food in it will remain cold. Rapid heating of the walls of the crystal will lead to the fact that it will simply split into small fragments.


Utensils that are suitable for microwave

For microwave, several types of containers are suitable, so there will be no problems with the purchase of suitable containers. In order to check whether the dishes for the microwave oven are suitable, it is necessary to place a glass of water in it and put it in the microwave. It is necessary to set the maximum heating, the time is 1 minute. If the water has warmed up after the expiration of time, but the container is not, the container is suitable. If the container is also heated, then it is better not to use it for this purpose.

Many people are interested in whether pottery can be used in the microwave, and you can answer without a doubt – yes. The main thing is that it should be ordinary clay utensils without lacquer coating and drawings.



For use in the microwave oven, heat-resistant glass utensils are excellent. Microwaves pass through the glass perfectly, and the food heats up quickly. In addition, such a container has an attractive appearance and allows you to control cooking. Heat-resistant glass will withstand any temperature in the microwave, but it will not heat up.

You can not use containers of thin glass, it can crack. It is also unacceptable to use dishes with cracks, even small ones.

Silicone containers

Recently, silicone cookware has been especially popular. Such containers are characterized by elasticity, which is an undoubted advantage. Nothing burns to the smooth surface of the silicone, and its elasticity allows you to effortlessly get the dish out of the container. At the same time, they are quite strong and withstand temperatures up to 280 degrees.

Porcelain, ceramic, and earthenware

Convenient and safe to use are also containers made of porcelain, ceramics and earthience. They do not heat up while heating food but are heated during cooking, so a grip will be required. A microwave pan made of porcelain or earthen- should be open and not have patterns and edging. Otherwise, when heated, it will crack. The same result is possible if you use ceramic dishes with cracks.

Plastic tableware

Plastic utensils for the microwave can also be used, but only with the appropriate marking. Plastic containers are suitable for heating dishes, but plastic can deform with prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Also, plastic containers are undesirable for cooking because toxic substances are released from it at high temperatures. Food, respectively, absorbs them, and use, such food can no longer be called. Plastic utensils can be bought in Moscow at different prices, but do not save and choose the cheapest containers. Cheap plastic may not meet the requirements and be dangerous to health.

Paper, polyethylene, food film

Many products are sold in paper packages, and microwave allows you to heat them right in the package. But for cooking, you can use only cardboard boats with markings. Plastic bags can not be placed in microwaves, they emit harmful substances when heated. The same can be said about the food film, although some use lids together, not knowing its harm.


Secrets of marking

Before you go to the store, you need to learn how to choose dishes for the microwave. In the photo you can see by what marking you can understand that the container is suitable for use in microwave. It is indicated by the image of a microwave oven and the inscription “Microwave safe”. Such a sign means that the container is suitable for heating and cooking in microwave. If the sign is shown crossed out, then it is not suitable for this purpose. On plastic containers you can see the inscription PP or PS. Container with the inscription PP can be used for microwave, and PS is not suitable for hot food and drinks.

With the right choice of dishes for the microwave oven, it can last for many years. At the same time, suitable containers guarantee high-quality and long-lasting operation of the device and fast and safe heating of food. Therefore, before you put any container in the furnace, it is worth checking the markings on it and making sure that it is suitable for such use.

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