What Makes a Mattress Comfortable?

That’s a bit of a question for 1 million euros when you’re looking to change your bedding. What makes a mattress comfortable and particularly good for us? What aspects should be studied closely so as not to be mistaken? What are the best mattresses on the market? Should springs or foam be preferred? We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping. Suffice to say that a mattress’s choice is important in more ways than one: to wake up well in the morning, fresh and available, without pain, to limit micro-wakes and to rest properly, night after night. Investing in good bedding, with a mattress at the height, box spring, and a pillow is essential. To stay in shape and live better. But the notion of a comfortable mattress is subjective…


Things That Makes Mattress Comfortable

Things That Makes Mattress Comfortable

The mattress springs

Foam mattresses or mattress springs? The debate is open! Let’s start with the mattress springs. Spring-soul mattresses generally provide firmness and support. A good spring mattress will therefore offer what could be called a firm-trend comfort. A mattress is also fascinating in terms of sleeping independence—particularly suitable for couples. Here, there is no risk of waking up your partner when you get up or go to bed. Each sleeper has its own comfort zone, the mattress absorbing movements so that everyone sleeps as serenely as possible. Perfect when you don’t necessarily have the same schedules or habits as your spouse. This is especially true for memory-shaped spring mattresses, a mattress made up of a viscoelastic memory foam layer arranged on bagged springs. In this case, the memory foam of form increases the mattress’s benefits on the good content of the back, neck and optimal relaxation of the muscles.


The foam mattress

Often praised for its ability to provide true comfort, the foam mattress also provides quality support, perhaps a little more flexible than the mattress springs. The memory foam relieves pressure points, promotes better alignment of the spine, and removes pain risk when waking up. This same foam will adapt to each sleeper’s morphology to really offer unfailing support all night long. Note that the memory foam also allows better circulation of blood. That’s all the benefits! As a bonus, this necessarily relaxing and de-stretching impression of resting on a cloud of softness!


How to choose the best comfort mattress?

So how do you make the right choice? Be aware above all that the choice is necessarily easier today, with spring mattresses equipped with memory foam and foam mattresses much more reliable than the old ones, which tended to sag over time. In other words, it’s hard to make a bad choice when you focus on the quality of the mattress that will bring us the chosen comfort, like the mattresses in the Hypnia range. However, it is necessary to opt for a mattress that is truly adapted to your needs, desires and morphology. Choosing the best comfortable mattress means choosing the best mattress for yourself.

  • What are the best mattresses?
  • The best mattresses are those that can fit your morphology, such as memory-shaped mattresses, and that meet your diverse needs. Sleeping independence, temperature regulation, support and comfort…

Do you sleep as a couple and want to have excellent independence of sleeping? Maybe choose the bagy spring mattress! For your comfort, you are looking for a softer mattress but able to offer you unfailing support? Turn to the foam mattress. Every person has their own mattress! And it doesn’t matter if you prefer a very thick or thinner mattress. The thick mattress is greatly appreciated for its ability to give the impression of optimal support. The main thing is not only to feel good but also to fall asleep properly, stay asleep, and wake up in the best arrangements. A good comfortable mattress must fulfil this role without fail!


Focus on your comfort with your mattress

So the important thing is to stay tuned to your body. On Hypnia, answer the 6 questions in our questionnaire to find your ideal mattress. This is an interactive test based on your sleeping habits, which considers your desire to prevent back pain, remove possible sleep disturbances, and the reasons you want to change mattresses. This is how you will be able to find the best mattress by selecting your tastes in terms of firmness, your morphology and your pace of life. Because we are all different, but sleep must be taken seriously to maintain an excellent lifestyle, your mattress must respond to several factors to offer you the best comfort to sleep well. All of the course taking into account your budget. Because finding a cheap mattress today is no longer impossible, all while enjoying the undeniable benefits of memory foam form.

You can even opt for a Matelas Hybrid. This is the perfect mattress if you can’t choose between the spring mattress and the 100% foam mattress. The hybrid mattress is thus made up of a foam face and a face with mini-springs bagy. At a thickness of 26 cm, it offers the best of two technologies and is competent in all circumstances. All while retaining the necessary warmth in the heart of winter and a saving coolness in summer.


Comfort and well-being in one mattress

Selecting the best mattress also depends on its ability to ward off allergies’ risk—no need to be afraid of small animals with a memory foam mattress in a hypoallergenic shape. The mattresses are also equipped with a bamboo stick, with naturally absorbent properties, allow air to pass through and protect against excessive heat and humidity. Allergies and sleep don’t mix. So it’s time to get a mattress that thinks of everything to give you optimal rest and comfort all year round. And this, no matter your morphology, your needs and your desires, without starting your budget! Don’t stay with your worn and tired mattress, and treat yourself to the most comfortable mattress for better nights!

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