What is the Chimney?

Heat brings comfort, a sense of security and security. Since ancient times, fire has become a symbol of comfort and safety. But fire can be dangerous, and the danger can come from the combustion products that it secretes. That is why an important part of any equipment or structure-function, which is to curb the fire, is the chimney. There are different classifications, but mostly there is a division into three types of chimneys: brick, steel and ceramic. And for any species, it is important that the chimney was properly assembled and installed, and most importantly, suited to the equipment with which we control the fire.

So, what is a chimney? In fact, it is articulated pipes, which serve to divert gaseous products of burning from the furnace. Also, it should provide good traction, as it supports the combustion process. Thus, the chimney has two main tasks – to maintain traction and drain gaseous combustion products.


Requirements for chimneys

Requirements for chimneys

Based on the above-mentioned tasks to the chimney are required by several requirements:

  • good aerodynamics of chimney design. It will allow the air to circulate necessary, to maintain the burning, the way, and will contribute to the removal of gaseous combustion products;
  • the inner surfaces of the chimney should be smooth, as the roughness of the soot quickly settles. This leads to a reduction in the section of the pipe, which worsens the diversion of gaseous combustion products;
  • the chimney should be resistant to the aggressive environments that form inside its pipes, as condensation appears there. If the chimney is properly designed, assembled and installed, the traction will be better, and the better the traction, the less condensation is formed in the chimney;
  • good chimney thermal insulation. It helps protect the premises from fire and ensures that the chimney’s interior is created with an optimal environment for its efficient functioning.

An important point in the design of the chimney is the choice of its material. Here it all depends on what equipment is designed for the chimney and on what raw materials will work this equipment. Read about the basic function of the chimney in the article: Chimney should.

Suppose you have gone through the stages of designing, selecting material, buying the necessary parts of the chimney, or purchasing the finished kit. The last stage is the correct installation of the chimney. And here, it is better to turn to professionals.

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