Let’s Know What is a Sound Bar?

 If you Television Sound quality sucks the entertainment then we might think to purchase the best SoundBar or Home Theater System to resolve it. But most of the people prefer Soundbar because of its advanced technology and occupy only tiny bit space as compared to Home Theater System.

In this article, we will be discussing various details and information about a Soundbar. We will tell you what a Sound bar actually is, the history behind its invention and how you can connect this excellent gadget with your television at home. So stay tuned!


What is a Sound bar?

JBL Sound Bar with Subwoofer

We know how important the impact of sound on your daily lifestyle is. From listening to music to enjoy your favorite movies, everything will be so bleak if they you cannot hear them properly, right? Therefore, to make sure that we get an immersive audio experience we use different audio equipment. In recent years, there is one gadget that has impressed the people significantly and that is a Soundbar.

Soundbar or also known as a media bar is a kind of loudspeaker which projects sound with the help of a wide enclosure. These gadgets are really tall and that is due to reasons of acoustics. The tall and slim design of Sound bars enable the users to place them wherever they want to. These can be easily mounted above or even place below your TV or computer screen as well.

A Sound bar can be easily connected with your TV or computer with the help of a single wire. Therefore, giving your setup a clean and tidy look. When you use a Sound bar, you will always get a much better virtual audio surround quality. They also look good and stunning especially if you have a flat LED or LCD TV.

A Soundbar usually comes with subwoofers which help to distribute the sound and helps to create an immersive experience all around the room. These subwoofers generate an amazing bass and treble that keeps the audience engaged with the content they are listening to.

So as you can see that a Sound bar is a gadget that really helps when you in search for a good and excellent sound system in your room. Now we will dig into the history of these brilliant gadgets that have become so popular.


Different Channel Soundbars:

There are different types of sound bars which work on different type of Channels and most popular channel configuration are followings:

  • 2.1 Channel SoundBar – This set up consists of 2 speakers in the left and right including one subwoofer.
  • 5.1 Channel SoundBar – This is an interesting setup which has been prevalent for more than 20 years. It includes – center, right, left and two different rear speakers. A subwoofer is also present to revamp the sound.
  • 7.1 Channel SoundBar – It is almost the same as 5.1 channel sound bar where you get 5 channels and two more speakers in the setup along with the subwoofer.


Advanced Soundbars:

Now you might be thinking what is advance soundbar, Let me elaborate.

These soundbars have a special type of decoders which are optimized according to there channel configuration to give realistic, 3D Surround sound effects like theatre. The most advanced and popular decoders are Dolby and DTS:X

These soundbars deliver the best audio experience that you can ever get. So if you have a room that can resonate the sound in a brilliant manner (rooms that are made of hard and reflective materials) then you will be mesmerized by hearing the audio!.

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Who Invented the Sound bar?

A few decades ago, the classic and favorite home theatre setup consisted of – left, right, center and the front speakers along with surround speakers and a subwoofer. This was the audio setup that everyone wanted to bring into their household. Keep in mind we are talking about the 1990s and early 2000s.

As times have changed and technology has progressed, multichannel speaker systems have diminished and are very rare now. So which gadget has taken it’s placed? Yes, you guessed it right. Soundbars are the more popular solution to your audio needs in any space in current time. But this was not the scene back then.


Altec Lansing (Inventor Of Soundbar)

Altec-Lansing was the first company to develop a Soundbar integrated with a subwoofer system in 1998. It had a contemporary and ecstatic design that looked well ahead of its time. However, sales of this Sound bar did not hit high, as people were still reluctant about this new technology. Therefore Altec-Lansing stopped producing it.

People were still in favor of using their classic multichannel audio setup which was powerful and came at a cheaper price than a Sound bar. Moreover, they were very much hesitant to use a single channel device over a 5.1 multichannel system. This new concept did not appeal to them in a significant manner.


Zvox (Perfected Soundbar Technology)

Another company which introduced it in the late 90s was Zvox. The Cambridge SoundWorks TVWorks 250 looked promising but it flopped as well. However, in 2003, the Zvox 315 was the first Sound bar that stood out in the then market and people showed genuine interest to buy this product. Zvox 315 was priced at $199 and it sounded phenomenal with rich bass that impressed the people.

So you should remember that it was Altec-Lansing who invented the first Sound bar but Zvox perfected the technology and made it so popular. Nowadays Soundbars are common in several households and people like this aesthetic and simple solution more than the classic audio setup which used to take up a lot of space.


How to Connect Sound bar to TV?

A Sound bar can be connected in a variety of different ways. Companies manufacture their products in such a way that people have ease in connecting their Sound bar to their TVs and get some amazing audio experience. So we are going to discuss different ways in which you can connect your Sound bar with your Television.


Optical Audio Cable

The most simple way by which you can connect a Sound bar to your TV is an optical audio cable. This is capable of sending signals over light via the fiber optical cable. When you plug in the optical audio cable, it connects your TV with an optical input area of the Sound bar.

Once you have connected this cable and selected the right input method, you will be able to get a premium sound quality with no audio syncing issues. With help of the optical audio cable, you can get brilliant 5.1 surround sound experience as well.



Bluetooth Connectivity option in Soundbar

Nowadays Sound bars come with Bluetooth connectivity as well. When you use a Bluetooth connection to connect a Sound bar to your TV the whole setup becomes wireless. To do this, you will need to turn the Bluetooth option in your Sound bar and pair it with that of your television.

Once the Bluetooth has been paired, both the devices will sync with each other and you will start getting amazing audio quality. Using Bluetooth connectivity is more preferable when you have your TV mounted on the room’s wall. Audio sync issues are rare when you use Bluetooth connectivity.


HDMI Cable

HDMI Cable

Connection via an HDMI cable is common in most Sound bars. It is one of the best and simple ways in which you can connect your Sound bar to your TV. An HDMI cable is capable of supporting 7.1 surround sound and it also supports digital audio. First, you will need to connect your set-top box with your Sound bar.

Just plug in the HDMI cable from your set top box and connect it to your Sound bar. After you have done this, take another HDMI cable, only to connect it with your TV from the Sound bar. So there will be two cables that are required to setup via an HDMI cable. Many manufacturers provide more than one HDMI port which allows the users to connect more than one device to your Sound bar.


Headphone Jack


Using a 3.5mm headphone jack to connect your Sound bar with a TV is followed by many people because it’s simple. Most of the TVs found in the current market comes with a headphone jack and therefore, using this technique will not be a problem for you. Make sure your Sound bar supports an auxiliary cable.

But one problem that you can face is that you will need to replug this 3.5mm headphone jack whenever you turn on your television. Hence, it is not a one-time method that you’ll have to follow. Search and choose the right audio connection method on your TV or else you will find audio syncing issues when connected to a 3.5mm jack.



HDMI ARC is completely different from the standard HDMI cable. This is considered as a better option over HDMI cable because this whole process can be done with the use of only one cable, unlike HDMI cable which involves several cables. Another reason to consider an HDMI ARC connection is that it supports much better audio output quality than a simple HDMI connection.

To connect your devices (TV and Sound bar) with HDMI ARC, you will need to plug it in your TV and turn on the HDMI ARC mode. Majority of the television set comes with ARC mode nowadays, but if your TV does not support this then you will need to check another alternative way.


Red and White Phono Cables

Last but not least, you can connect your Sound bar with your TV using these twin phonos. Both the cables are capable of transferring only analog audio and not digital audio. Hence these are not capable of producing immersive and powerful audio experience when compared to other input methods.

It is easy to identify the – red and white circular connectors. You will need to simply plug the red cable into the red socket and the white cable into the white socket. Plug the other end to a port labeled as ‘line out’ present in your Sound bar and you’re done.

So here are the important ways by which you can connect your Sound bar to your TV. We have mentioned all the common and most effective methods that will surely help you to connect your devices to each other without any hassles. Consequently, you will receive an audio experience like never before if you can connect them the right way as we have mentioned.

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