What is Metal Cooling in Refrigerator?

In the summer, it becomes more critical for families to keep food in good condition. Although it is a perpetual interest throughout the summer months, it becomes a preferred mission due to the heat and high temperatures.

The design and technology of refrigerators have constantly evolved over the decades to adapt to the interests of society. This has been the main challenge for manufacturers: offering consumer appliances that continuously meet their vital needs.


What are the decisive keys when buying a refrigerator?

What are the decisive keys when buying a refrigerator

  • Durability: that the appliance lasts as many years as possible is one of the keys in the purchase decision. This is the most advantageous factor since it is difficult to predict if the refrigerator will have any problem or technical failure.
  • Energy efficiency: the refrigerator is the appliance that is on the longest since it works continuously. Therefore, one of the main objectives is that consumption is as low as possible, reaching this type of appliance for a long time at A + + +, the most efficient energy label. However, it is indeed more complicated to find American refrigerators A + + + than in combis.
  • Noise level: Everyone highly valued that the appliance is silent and does not make a constant and annoying noise if it is always on. The noise of the refrigerator engine can be annoying and is something to value, although most are already very quiet.
  • Storage capacity: it is always better when we talk about net storage capacity. A refrigerator that contains modular trays and shelves for different foods, drawers for fruits and vegetables, and a bottle rack is ideal for any family that does not want to have space problems.
  • Better food preservation: achieving the freshness of food is another of the fundamental points that drive the purchase decision. The solution to this problem is achieved with innovative Metal Cooling technology.


What is Metal Cooling technology?

Metal Cooling technology keeps the refrigerator at an optimal temperature level by coating the fridge’s inside with a metal sheet through which the cold is preserved for longer.

We are talking about a metal plate that covers the bottom of the refrigerator. Usually, the interior of refrigerators is made of plastic or other similar materials, while with metal, a faster and more durable cooling is achieved.


How does Metal Cooling technology work?

Due to the material with which it is made and the technology used, the metal sheet keeps the cold, although the refrigerator door is constantly opened and closed.

This is due to the metal’s good thermal conductivity that helps restore the loss of degrees. In this sense, the refrigerator engine also works less to return to the ideal temperature, which translates into energy savings.


What advantages do Metal Cooling refrigerators offer?

  • Energy-saving: refrigerators with Metal Cooling technology, having the walls covered with this metal sheet, maintain an optimal temperature inside the appliance. This makes it easier for the fridge engine to expend less energy.
  • Economic savings: thanks to the implementation of Metal Cooling technology in the back wall, the front door, and the middle drawer of the refrigerator, the products maintain the cold chain being properly preserved until the door is closed. In this way, the food is kept in perfect condition for longer avoiding, thus throwing it away after a few days.


Metal Cooling Refrigerators

The refrigerator is one of the essential appliances in the family home. Thanks to it, food is kept in perfect condition for longer, although fruits and vegetables usually perish more quickly in summer.

For this reason, we recommend these refrigerators with Metal Cooling technology that you can buy in our online store. It is a selection of refrigerators that offer ideal functionalities for food preservation and energy saving.

American Refrigerator Samsung RS68N8331S9

This American refrigerator from Samsung has a net refrigerator capacity of 407 L and 210 liters for the freezer.

Class A ++ has a water, ice, and crushed ice dispenser with energy efficiency without installing a water intake.

In addition, it has a double conservation system that maintains the ideal humidity and temperature independently for both the refrigerator and the freezer.


American Refrigerator Samsung RS68N8671SL

The Side by Side Samsung RS68N8671SL refrigerator offers excellent versatility and ample interior space thanks to the flex doors that allow a better distribution of food in the 604 liters of storage capacity it has.

Like the previous model, it also offers the Twin Cooling Plus technology and the non-Frost system, preventing ice and frost formation.

With energy efficiency, class A++ has an annual energy consumption of 385kan Wh, open door alarm, and many other advantages.

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