What Is Hard Water? Does It Do Any Harm?

The water we use today for everyday use is often harsh. And even in private homes, where it comes from a well or a well. It would seem: from the depths of the earth should come cleaner and more delicious water than in apartments, but not here was. And residents of all regions of Ukraine face this.

Does hard water affect our health? How do they soften it? All of these and other issues are discussed in detail below.


What is Hard Water?

Types Of Hard Water

Hard is the water, which contains excess calcium and magnesium. And in some cases – iron salts.

Hard water is temporary and permanent (static). What’s the difference? Temporary stiffness is provoked by calcium and magnesium. And it is easily eliminated by boiling. It is enough to heat the water – calcium with magnesium will disintegrate and settle in the form of scum. And constant stiffness is associated with chlorides, sulfates, calcium nitrates, and magnesium in the water. Boiling, in this case, will not help; it already requires water conditioning. In 95% of cases, when they talk about “hard water,” the temporary rigidity is implied. That’s because constant is extremely rare.


Signs of Hard Water

Every one must have noticed signs of hard water. Thus, the increased amount of magnesium and calcium in its composition clearly says:

  • Cover the mixers with plaque;
  • The appearance of white divorces;
  • the formation of scum on the walls of the kettle;
  • poor foam formation when washing dishes and washing.

Also, hard water damages the heating system. It reduces the efficiency of heating and increases the minimum water consumption, which often leads to cracking pipes.

Ugly plaque appears not only on faucets but also on batteries, toilets, showers. Because of this, the plumbing quickly fails, and it will have to change much earlier than the due date.

From hard water dishes are very poorly washed, it remains divorces and stains. And no matter how many times it was washed.

Washing in hard water is also ineffective. First, detergent has to spend more than usual. Secondly, the clothes are poorly washed, quickly spoiled, sit down, become unpleasant to the touch.


Is hard water dangerous for health?

Is hard water dangerous for health

Calcium and magnesium themselves are beneficial for the body’s micronutrients. But only in the optimal amount. And in hard water, there is clearly an overabundance of them. However, despite this, no particular harm is done to the body. However, there are several nuances.

First, calcium with magnesium settles on the walls of the intestine. As a result, the motor skills of the stomach deteriorate, salts accumulate.

Second, hard water has a bad effect on the skin. And, perhaps, this is its only serious drawback. After washing or bathing, the skin becomes dry, irritated; there is a feeling of tightness.

That’s because hard water clogs pores and washes away natural fat protection. As a result, the skin is more difficult to breathe; there are pimples, different rashes. Thus, the whole beautiful half of humanity has to use special creams that help to minimize the negative impact of hard water.

The hard water on the skin of newborns is particularly negatively affected. For this reason, they are bathed in boiled water to prevent any health risks.

Hair suffers from it. Salt compounds complicate breathing; there is brittleness, dander. In some cases, the hair begins to fall out.

This is where the negative effects of hard water end. Except for a couple of unpleasant moments on the body, it almost does not affect. Besides, today, there is an opportunity to buy filters to purify drinking water, with which this problem will become irrelevant.


Effective water softening solutions

The process of removing stiff salts is called softening. Accordingly, if you want to clean hard water – you need to buy solutions that support this option. The choice of models is huge, but if you need the best price and quality option, it is best to look at the products of the Ukrainian company Ecosoft, which is a leader in both the domestic and global market.

Models of ion-exchange

Ecosoft ion exchange filters are a popular solution for water softening today. It comes in the form of a rectangular tank. Installed in the kitchen or bathroom and without damage to the interior.

The ion exchange resin is used as a filter material. It replaces calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions, which is why the water is softened.

Such filters are budgetary, so cleaning other particles (chlorine, bacteria, viruses) does not carry out. To do this, you need to buy other solutions.


Reverse-osmotic installations

The best option for most consumers will be reverse osmosis Ecosoft. This is a universal solution that is suitable for both apartments and private homes. As a filter element, a membrane is used here, which has such small pores that it delays mechanical contamination and even viruses and bacteria.

Of course, the function of softening water here is also provided. Thanks to this system of reverse osmosis and have received such spread among Ukrainians.


Three-speed models

The three-stage water purification filters are unique in their comprehensive approach to business. Filtering, in this case, takes place in several stages:

  1. Mechanical cleaning (from large particles, rust, etc.).
  2. Water mitigation (through ion exchange).
  3. Adsorption (removal of chlorine, elimination of unpleasant odors).

With such high efficiency, they have quite an affordable cost. Therefore, they are trendy among consumers. Ecosoft cartridges to such filters are also inexpensive, and you need to change them only a couple of times a year.


Trunk models

Trunk filters for household water perform two tasks at once. The first is water purification; the second is protecting pipes and plumbing equipment from premature wear.

These filters are perfect for those who care about kitchen appliances and plumbing, trying to extend their lifespan. It is clear that these models are more expensive, but in the long run, they are extremely profitable because they pay off very quickly. Also, the number of breakdowns of household appliances will be reduced, which will save your budget and save you from unnecessary headaches.


Getting rid of hard water is easy!

So, hard water does not cause much harm to health. Although she still has her own unpleasant moments. You can minimize all these negative effects by installing a special water purification filter that supports the softening function. Solutions in today’s market are more than enough, so study the available options and choose what suits you best in terms of both characteristics and price.

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