What is a Smart Refrigerator?

Refrigerators have gone from being a cold box where you store your food to indicate when you have to make the purchase, cook, or listen to music.

And actually, that’s good news. Now, he’s become our assistant or, who knows, your best friend.

And it is because it’s one of the appliances you use the most.

However, they also include advanced features to preserve your food more optimally. Therefore, they do not lose their actual goal.

Spoiler: Still don’t know what metal cooling technology is in refrigerators? Well, go to our post dedicated to it and find out.

The time has come for you to know what an intelligent fridge is and understand why you need one.

Let’s go there!


How does a smart fridge work?

How does a smart fridge work

A good question to start with. A smart refrigerator is an evolution of the traditional refrigerator. It has opted to improve materials, finishes in the interior of stainless steel, and even in the differentiation of areas to place certain foods.

However, this evolution has also been reflected in automation and internet connection.

Operation of a refrigerator of the present

We could say that it is a fridge of the future. It would be good to continue to relate technological development to the end. But we’re not going to do it because this is already here.

It’s more common than you think.

Nowadays, an intelligent refrigerator cancan measures the temperature and humidity at which the interior is located and adjust it.

What else can an intelligent refrigerator do?

  • Acoustic alarm: sounds when you do not close the freezer or refrigerator door. It sounds like your alarm clock. Don’t panic! The goal is that no ice appears.
  • Holiday mode: essential when you go a few days away and leave little food, thus reducing consumption. The planet and your electricity bill will appreciate it.
  • Connection with your smartphone and smart speaker: it connects with your smartphone so you can remotely control your refrigerator through an app and know what products you have available, etc.


What to look for in a smart fridge?

We cannot forget that the primary function of a refrigerator is to store food. Therefore, we must be clear about what use you will give it or if you are a large family or live alone.

You must select a combi fridge, a 2-door refrigerator with little consumption, nor an America based on these criteria.

Connected to smartphone or internet

You know the ability, OK.

You know which fridge to buy, fine.

But do you know if you have an internet connection?

In this sense, we must check that it has a good connection if we are looking for an intelligent fridge.

A good internet connection will help us access applications, perform different procedures such as making the purchase, inform us of the weather, and much more.

A secret: There is also the possibility of them connecting with smart speakers.


Supreme quality and good finishes: a perfect design

It is essential that before buying your Refrigerator, you check how interior distribution of it is. As well as what is the arrangement of the freezer drawers if you opt for a combi or if it has unique drawers such as the 0º drawer.


Advanced features that usually include the top refrigerators

Advanced features that usually include the top refrigerators

We will point you to some of the most critical technologies that make your fridge smarter. These technologies are usually included in refrigerators of different brands such as Beko, LG, Samsung, Hisense, or Siemens.

Digital Inverter Compressor

The technology manages to automatically adjust the speed between 7 levels according to the environment’s temperature. Therefore, less energy is used, noise is reduced, and the durability of the refrigerator is increased.


Dual tech Cooling

A function shared by the refrigerator and freezer to maintain optimal humidity conditions for each space without a mixture of odors and thus prevent food from spoiling.


airFresh antibacterial filter

It is one of the most exciting functions, as it keeps the air inside the refrigerator free of bacteria. Therefore, it is essential to eliminate any germ that may accumulate inside our fridge.


Holiday mode

We all need a break! And your fridge too.

This mode is indicated when you do not have many foods introduced in your refrigerator and thus reduce unnecessary energy.


No Frost

You won’t need to thaw your fridge anymore!

With the No Frost, the cold is generated uniformly, avoiding conservation problems. In addition, the products are kept in better condition than previously with cyclic refrigerators.


Cool Select Zone 0ºC

The compartment allows you to adjust the temperature according to your needs and the type of food it contains.

It is one of the greatest innovations that have been made to make the refrigerator smart.



What is the kitchen of the future?

The future is the automation of refrigerators because brands continue to bet and improve their products.

The best refrigerators such as LG or Samsung are committed to integrating voice communication with these devices into their system to have accurate information on the available food.

The remarkable evolution of the kitchen is demonstrated.

The kitchen goes from being a battlespace to design space with innovative products and smart refrigerators.

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