What Is A Convertible Refrigerator? How Does It Work?

Are you in search of a new refrigerator or stand-alone freezer? Have you ever thought you could use one unit as both a fridge and a freezer? Or did you think that such an option was not available? Due to technological development, we can now interchangeably use one refrigerator as either a freezer compartment or a regular fridge compartment based on our requirements.

So, if you are looking for a best flexible refrigerator that can function as a regular refrigerator as well as a freezer, then you should know about convertible refrigerators. In this article, we will discuss convertible technology, how it functions, and the benefits it offers you.


What Is A Convertible Refrigerator?

Convertible Refrigerator

A regular refrigerator has two compartments – the central part, i.e., the fridge, and the smaller compartment, the freezer compartments.

However, in a convertible refrigerator, we can switch the two compartments and use them separately. When put on the regular refrigerator mode, the temperature stays between 2 degree C and 5 degree C. While the temperature drops down to a temperature between -15 degree C and -23 degree C in the freezer mode.

So, if you want the appliance to store your drinks or fruits, it will work in the normal mode. But if you’re going to freeze meat or other products, simply switch it to the freezer mode. The best part is – all this happens with just one click of a button.

The features and the working efficiency vary from one refrigerator to another and one brand to the next. In some refrigerators, the whole unit can switch modes, whereas, in others, only specific compartments and drawers function on both modes.


How Does Convertible Refrigerator Function?

So, we know that a convertible refrigerator can function either as a fridge or a freezer but do you know how this is possible? Well, it is pretty simple! The idea behind convertible technology is a separate fan and evaporator for the fridge and the freezer.

When there is two separate hardware, we can easily convert it from one mode to the next. Also, we can regulate the temperature separately and can function independently. We do not need to manually change the temperature since everything is automatic, but we need to switch the mode.

The conversion process, i.e., switching the mode, is relatively easy – all it takes is a single click. However, the conversion does not happen instantly. Some refrigerators take about 24 hours to adjust to the new mode, while others only take a couple of hours.


What Is The Difference Between A Convertible And A Non-Convertible Refrigerator?

After reading so much, you must have understood that a convertible refrigerator does have a few benefits over a non-convertible refrigerator. Let us take a look at them.

1. Regular Fridge To Freezer Conversion


This is the most notable difference between a convertible and a non-convertible refrigerator. In a non-convertible refrigerator, the freezer sections are designed to function only as a freezer, the same case with the fridge compartment. The unit can be interchangeably used either as a fridge or as a freezer in a convertible fridge.


2. More Storage Space

Refrigerator Storage Space

Many families do not have much use with the freezer compartment. This is because most of the food they consume is the things that can be kept in the regular fridge compartment. For them, a convertible refrigerator would be more valuable since they get more space to keep their food.

We saw how a convertible refrigerator is helpful for people who do not frequently use the freezer compartment. Now let us imagine how it would be beneficial for those who need the freezer compartment more than the regular compartment.

Suppose you go for an extended vacation and make sure the food does not get spoiled. Even here, a convertible refrigerator is more practical because you have more space to freeze your food to last longer.


3. More Flexibility

Convertible Refrigerator Flexibility

This is almost similar to the above point. When it comes to a convertible refrigerator, we have the option to convert it according to our requirements. Some refrigerator brands offer the option where only a few compartments can work on this principle. But even then, it benefits us because we can use the facilities of both the compartments while increasing the area for one compartment.


4. Multiple Modes

Different brands offer different features and pre-set modes for their refrigerator. For example-


LG offers dual fridge technology. This is the primary mode found in almost all convertible refrigerators. It can function as a regular fridge also as a convertible refrigerator. Even though it only provides the basic features, the conversion process takes only about an hour.


II) Samsung

Samsung offers options like 3 in 1 convertible mode and 5 in 1 convertible way. Even though it is called 3 in 1 mode, it is like the LG refrigerator mentioned above. However, the 5 in 1 mode refrigerator has five different modes. It has the normal mode, seasonal mode, vacation mode, home alone mode, and extra fridge mode.

The seasonal mode lets you turn off the freezer alone, while the vacation mode lets you turn the bottom part alone. The former can be used in winter when we don’t use the freezer a lot while the latter when we go on vacations. Home alone mode is apt for bachelors and the extra fridge mode for a large family.


III) Whirlpool

Whirlpool offers a 5 in 1 convertible refrigerator with deep freeze mode, party mode, dessert mode, chef mode, and all-season mode. Deep freeze mode lets you turn on the freezer and turn off the fridge. Party mode makes both the compartments function at their maximum level, while the dessert mode increases the cooling capacity only of the freezer.

What’s unique about the chef mode is that you can customize the temperature according to your needs. Also, in this mode, we save a lot of energy which indirectly reduces our electricity bill. All season mode is like the primary convertible mode.


IV) Haier

Haier’s convertible mode includes the normal mode, veg mode, home alone mode, vacation mode, freezer mode, summer mode, surprise party mode, and swift chill mode.

Some of the modes are similar to those mentioned above, so now we will talk about the different ones like veg mode, summer mode, and swift chill mode. Veg mode converts the freezer section into the regular mode while the summer mode increases the cooling capacity of the fridge compartment, especially during summer.

Swift chill mode is a combination of summer mode and surprise mode. It is similar to the party mode offered by Whirlpool. The only downside to this mode is that it consumes a lot of energy. Hence, our electricity bill shoots up.


Pros and Cons Of A Convertible Refrigerator

Before we conclude the article, we shall look at some pros and cons of a convertible refrigerator.


  1. It is easy to operate. We can switch the mode with a single click.
  2. It is more convenient since we can easily make more room for the extra food.
  3. Convertible refrigerators are more versatile, thanks to pre-set modes.
  4. Most brands offer unique modes for different seasons.
  5. More efficient and reduces electricity usage.



  1. Even though we can change modes with a single click, it takes a few hours to a day to fully complete the conversion process.
  2. In case you do not have pre-set modes, then you will have to plan beforehand if you want to switch the modes. This means you won’t get an instant conversion.
  3. Avoid converting modes frequently. This will result in higher use of electricity.
  4. A convertible fridge is supposed to be energy efficient, but it does not serve this purpose when it uses more electricity to function.


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Unlike the regular refrigerator, which uses two compartments simulations, a convertible refrigerator can switch the modes and uses these to compartments separately. The technology lets you customize the work according to your requirements; thus, making it more efficient. We have greater flexibility when it comes to a convertible refrigerator since we get more storage space. However, a convertible refrigerator is more expensive than the regular kind.

Do you have a convertible fridge at home? Do you find it helpful? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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