What Do The Symbols On My Oven Mean?

The symbols of the oven are a mystery. We already know that you know how to turn on the oven and choose the temperature. But do you want to cook well and be a real chef?

It is the moment you pay attention to us and thus know the most critical oven symbols that will help you the most.

And believe us that it is not easy to know what each one is used for and that your recipes are as good as possible.

Let’s read! Why? Because you need it.

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The truth is that there are many symbols, and it is difficult to prioritize which are the ones that will serve you the most. However, we have selected those that we think you will be able to use the most.

Expert’s word.

For example, surely you would like to know the icon that identifies the grill symbol, pyrolytic self-cleaning symbol, pizza oven symbol, or preheated symbol.


Oven symbols by brand

It should be added that the marks, in this case, have been agreed upon, and the symbols are similar in all of them. Therefore, we will not find a difference between the symbols of a Balay oven or a Bosch oven, or a Teka oven.

It is a very positive fact because if you change the brand of the oven, you will not have to study the symbols of the stove again.

Well… You will always have the manual. Even so, we recommend that you continue reading this post.


The essential oven symbols that you need to know now

The essential oven symbols that you need to know now

Let’s quickly explain the oven icons you need to know and which function each one activates.

Grill symbol in oven

It is the symbol best known and used by everyone to leave dishes such as pasta ready and even heat dishes already cooked previously.

It is represented by an undulating line that mentions the Grill.

Before we forget, sometimes this icon also has a drawn fan and serves to distribute the gratin homogeneously.


Light symbol

It is the simplest to recognize of all.

, A bulb represents it whose function is to turn on the inner bulb once the cooking has finished.



In the oven, as in the microwave, food can be thawed. The system is simple, the air is activated, and the thawing is accelerated.

That is, no heat source is applied.


Conventional cooking and fan cooking

The first icon represented by a horizontal upline and a horizontal bottom line refers to the light-up resistors. They are known as “heat up and down.”

This icon has variables; there are times that only one line will be represented, which means that only one of the two resistors is turned on.

On the other hand, as you can see, it is represented with a fan. The difference between heat up and down is that the heat is distributed throughout the oven homogeneously with the fan.

This function is highly recommended to make biscuits and other desserts.


Pyrolytic self-cleaning

By now, you have indeed bought a pyrolytic oven, and you know that its most significant advantage is self-cleaning. Well, the class of this type of oven includes this icon.

And in case you do not remember, we remind you that what pyrolysis does is heat the oven so that the remains of food or fat that may have been deposited on the walls disintegrate.


Special symbols that may include some ovens

There are high-end ovens that may include icons that other ranges do not have. Here are a few.

Preheat dishes and keep warm

These two functions go hand in hand.

Preheating dishes is indicated once you have finished the word, and just before serving it, you pass it through the oven so that your guests can enjoy it as if it were freshly made.

On the other hand, keeping it warm allows your dishes not to cool. As we say, they are very similar functions. In the end, you will have to select the one that includes your oven.


Other interesting symbols

Would you directly like not to think about what grades you must put in the oven to cook optimally?

There is the pizza function that automatically selects the grades and cooks that come combined with the fan.

You will see how delicious your pizzas are!


To finish:

You know all the oven symbols, but we would like to see more and include them in this article.

If you have any questions, ask us. At Mi Electro, we are at your disposal to help you.

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