5 Ways to Purify River Water for Drinking

River water is considered as one of the main sources for drinking water, especially in the outdoor regions. But, do you know that river water is not safe for use?

No matter how pure and fresh the river water looks, it is not safe for drinking purpose. It contains many contaminations and impurities like bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. that it can have an adverse effect on the human body. It is, therefore, suggested to first purify or filter the river water before drinking for making it safe.

So, this brings us to the main concerning question – how to purify the river water? Purifying the river water holds much relevance for human health and thus there are several methods available for the same. You can choose any of the methods which find to be the most effective amongst the available options.


Ways to purify the river water for drinking:

Without wasting any more time, let us quickly have a look at some of the most brilliant ways of purifying the river water and making it safe for drinking needs. Let us begin:

1. Water purifier:

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There can be no better alternative than using effective and suitable water purifier for cleaning and filtering the river water. Using high-quality water purifier beats all the other options in terms of removing the impurities from the water and making it suitable for drinking needs.

A water purifier is specially designed for removing all the impurities from the river water and making it safe for drinking. There are many types of water purifiers available in the market which uses different purification methods such as reverse osmosis, oxidation, ion exchange, etc. You can choose any of the water purifier types depending upon your area and the level of contaminations available in the water. Though, the results may vary because of the filtration process used but ultimately the final result would be safe and secure drinking water.


  • Removes maximum contamination and impurities
  • Can be used as and when needed
  • Lightweight
  • Improves the quality and taste of drinking water


  • They can be expensive
  • Need to pick the most accurate water purifier for best results


2. Water sterilization:

Other than using water purifiers, you can also opt for the method of using water sterilization for removing harmful contaminations from the river water. This is also one of the popular methods for making river water safe for secured from different bacteria, impurities, etc.

One of the biggest benefits of using water sterilization is that it doesn’t remove the impurities or contaminations but it destroys them completely. Overall, it makes the water safe for use. It uses a UV light which when inserted in the contaminated water destroys the DNA of the bacteria and thus prevents them from further multiplying.

This means that using this method not only makes the water safe for the present needs but it also improves the quality for future use.


  • Effective with all types of water
  • Removes the maximum amount of contaminations
  • Small in size


  • Expensive


3. Disinfecting Tablets:

This is one of the simplest ways of making river water safe and secure for drinking purpose. You just need some effective and strong disinfecting tablets for this method. Moreover, it can be done by anyone even if the person doesn’t have much knowledge.

You just have to mix some of these tablets in the river water and let them get dissolved completely by continuous stirring and mixing. Once these tablets are dissolved, let the water stay for at least 30-minutes before using it. This helps in settling the viruses, bacteria, impurities, etc. in the water.


  • One tablet can be used for 5 gallons of water
  • A simple and effective way
  • No weight and thus can be carried anywhere needed


  • It may add some chemicals to the water


4. Boil the water:

If you want to keep it simple for removing impurities from the river water, then you can try this method. This is one of the most commonly used methods by many people who either don’t want to or can’t afford any other method.

As most of you must have guessed till now, this method is all about boiling the river water to high temperature for removing the available bacteria from it. The water is boiled for a good amount of time and then cooled down for being sure to remove the maximum amount of bacteria and contamination.


  • Simplest method
  • Doesn’t need anything special
  • Can be done anywhere and at any time


  • May not be suitable for all types of impurities but can make the water suitable for drinking


5. Using chlorine drops:

Chlorine drops are capable of removing the available bacteria from river water. You just have to add a few drops of chlorine in the water and wait for some time after thoroughly mixing them in the water. Once the drops are mixed, you should wait at least for 30-minutes before drinking the water.

These drops can be easily used as they are lightweight and accessible in many places. However, you should watch the number of drops that you are adding in the water as adding many chlorine drops to the water may prove to be poisonous.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Easily accessible


  • Amount of drops should be watched carefully
  • Have to wait for 30-minutes before using the treated water


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It is important to be safe and sound with the quality of water that you drink. It is better to take precautions rather than later regrets. You can rely on any of these above-mentioned ways of purifying the river water for your use.

If you need any other information or help related to purifying the river water for the use, then please write to us. We will try to be the best possible help for your concerns so that you can make the most suitable decision for improving the quality of your drinking water and making it safe for use.

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