Ways to Clean Your House With Little Effort

Are there any tricks to clean your home without effort and faster? Like every woman, when we are dedicated to cleaning the house, we put some tricks that help us better reconcile the thousand daily commitments, saving us time and effort. We want to share some simple tricks that will help you in the arduous cleaning of the house, with the advantage of making less effort and spending much less time cleaning. Discover them with us!


Home cleaning tricks

Home cleaning tricks

The microfiber cloths are a real ally for cleaning steel: they are perfect for cleaning the sink and hob without any effort! No microfiber cloths (e.g. from the Vileda brand) allow you to clean these surfaces even without the help of detergents! You can buy them in any supermarket for a couple of euros at most. And you won’t do without it anymore!

As for the steel surfaces, we have already shared a small (but fantastic makeup!) along with other useful tips: to eliminate the grease and dust that stick to the hood and kitchen cabinets, take a napkin and pour a couple of drops of oil on top. Rub the oil-die-die napkin onto the surfaces to be cleaned, and you’ll see all the encrusted painted disappear with a single pass. Finally, use the microfiber cloth with a degreasing detergent, and the hood and the cabinets will shine again like never before!


The cleaning of the oven? It’s a no-brainer!

Let’s face it: cleaning the oven is one of the most hateful jobs in the house. It is so odious that sometimes we deist from using it to avoid having to clean it… With a simple trick, you can clean the oven with “zero-effort”: minimum expense and maximum yield! What? As we wrote in this short guide, using simply lemons and water: How to clean the oven without detergents.

Not only won’t you have to use those spray foams that cost a lot and leave a bad smell the first time you turn on the oven, but you won’t even have to run like crazy to clean! With this trick, a simple sponge pass (even better if in microfiber) will be enough to remove any dirt and grime traces effortlessly. All thanks to the degreasing strength of lemon, which will do the hardest work for you.


Ironing facilities? No more with these tricks!

Among the tricks to clean the house, we can not mention ironing dry clothes’ odious task. Yet it takes very little to say goodbye to the dear old iron: if not completely, at least for 90% of your laundry! Read this article and find out how to do it: nothing challenging, just layout in the right way!


Farewell encrustations with citric acid

Here comes a remedy from grandma among the tricks to clean the house with less effort and time. Thanks to citric acid, you can remove the most difficult fouling in a short time and without any effort. Some examples? The citric acid (which is a natural product to use diluted with water) can easily remove fouling that settles at the bottom of the toilet and remedy the “traffic jams” that can cling to sinks over time. Again, little expense and maximum yield!


Is keeping the pantry tidy? Read here!

If the contents of your pantry scream “pity”, here are some straightforward tricks and within everyone’s reach to keep pots and lids in order. Small tricks (even DIY) are enough always to have pots and lids in order: on the market, there are specially created solutions that, in addition to being very useful, are also cheap. Alternatively, you can use DIY systems such as using basins or hooks to hang. If you are curious to know more, read this article: Keep the pots in order: 13 simple solutions that you will love!


Encrusted limestone? Just a little vinegar!

Other tricks to clean the house with little effort give you white vinegar, an ally that you will no longer be able to do without. Try it diluted with a little water on the limestone fouling (even the most resistant ones), and you will never repurchase an anti-limestone product!

Vinegar is a natural, non-polluting product, perfect not only for seasoning salads. In fact, Vinegar, thanks to its acidity, can remove any trace of limestone: from the sink to the encrusted iron. Use vinegar, and you will solve every fouling problem without effort. Find out here What to clean with vinegar? 15 uses you don’t expect.


Clean the house in less time: operation possible!

Does the time you spend cleaning your house always seem too much for you? Try to put in place some time-saving strategies that will help you clean your home faster and, at the same time, have more time to devote to other things (for example, your passions!).

Make it a habit to take off your shoes as soon as you cross the doorstep: you will bring less dirt with you! While you wait for a detergent to act, please take advantage of it to put on your clothes. The washing machine? Please take advantage of the timers and make it go at night: in the morning, when you wake up, the washing machine will be ready to be laid out! You can find many other similar tips to optimize your time by reading this. 

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