Washing Machine Energy Saving Tips

Did you know that the washing machine is one of the most consuming appliances? Also, the expense is usually closely related to the appliance’s activity, temperature, power, washing time.

The price of light is very high and even more so in recent months. It has soared, reaching historical highs, which is why choosing and using a washing machine efficiently is essential to achieve energy savings, which translates into money.


Energy efficiency

First of all, it is essential to assess what energy efficiency it has; the A+++ are the most efficient currently on the market, followed by the A++, A+ and A, and they emit much less CO2. Having a cheap energy-optimized washing machine is possible, in our appliance store in Madrid we have a wide range of cheap washing machines designed to save energy.

Energy-saving practices

There are several things you can do to reduce the energy expenditure of your washing machine, and since we have a technical team specialized in the field we want to help you achieve this; here are some recommendations:


The washing machine to maximum capacity, without excess

The washing machine to maximum capacity, without excess

Ideal for a washing machine to perform at its best but not filled to the limit; the load capacity will depend on your model’s drum size.

High temperatures do not help:

It would help if you did not use high-temperature washes as much of the washing machine’s energy is produced to heat water, as long as it can be washed at low temperatures. In the case of filthy garments, it is advisable to use warm water.


Use liquid soap:

Liquid soaps make washing machines work less; if you prefer solids, ideally dilute them in water before inserting them to make the appliance work less and consequently save energy.


Clean the filter:

Rinsing the filter periodically helps optimize washing machine performance and even extends your lifespan. It is also convenient to check the ventilation hole to make sure it is not clogged.


Consider the time:

There are periods when the cost of light is higher than the rest of the day, so using the washing machine during “cheaper” hours will save you energy. You could also take advantage of the agreed electrical power; you could put the washing machine simultaneously as another appliance, as may be the case with the dishwasher.


Quick Programs: Only when needed.

Most people think that using a quick wash program will help you save on water, time and energy, and this is pitifully not true.

We accelerate washing processes with fast washing programs and unknowingly trigger energy consumption to speed up washing time. Normal washing programs are designed to save energy and take care of your clothes.

So we advise you to book quick programs for when you really need them.

Now you have some clearer ideas about how you can save on the expense and consumption of your washing machine to optimize its performance, and if you have an old model don’t think about it, you can renew your washing machine with a model with energy efficiency A or higher, managing to save more than you imagine in energy expenditure of your home.

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