VyprVPN Review | Full Test On This VPN Provider

The Virtual Private Network market is complex: many players, various features, very different performance depending on the competitors… It’s hard to make a choice. In this review of VyprVPN 2022, we’ll look at the solution in detail to help you find out if this is the software you need!


What is VyprVPN? How do I install it?

If we have chosen to review VyprVPN, it is because the software has more and more users. But before you get to the heart of the matter, what do you need to know about the company?

VyprVPN is the Virtual Private Network of Golden Frog, a well-known company based in Switzerland. This is already a guarantee of quality since you probably know that Switzerland is not kidding with data protection.

For a quick overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the solution, here is a summary:

Its strengths:

  • The simplicity of installation and use
  • Works great for Netflix
  • Customer support
  • Works in China
  • Really No Log


  • speed
  • Number of servers
  • Connection time to high VPN


How do I install the app?

We opted for mac installation to test the solution, but in reality, the installation process is very similar depending on the device.

The slight difference for phones and tablets: instead of going to the website, you can go directly to AppStore or GooglePlay, to download the app in question.

Otherwise, there is no difficulty since the installation is quite fast and especially very clear. The different steps are very well marked; you have to let yourself be guided!


How do I use VPN?

The use of a VPN is also quite simple. Indeed, we very mutated the work that wathe interface to make it very clear and understandable.

When you first connect to VyprVPN, you arrive on this homepage. You will then need to enter your account information to arrive at the login interface as such.

Here is the interface in question. As you can see, the essential information has been kept to simplify the handling. But you can set up the different features in the “Personalize” tab and access the list of servers in the corresponding tab.

Note all the same in terms of use: the connection to the different servers is rather long. Indeed, it often takes more than 30 seconds before the connection is effective. In itself, nothing severe; we only have to wait for a little before going on the internet. But if you want to make it as simple as possible: turn on the automatic connection as soon as you turn on your computer/phone.


Speed test

Speed is a very differentiating element, which makes it possible to choose your supplier well. Indeed, even if some companies offer the same performance in terms of safety, the performance at the speed level is rarely equivalent. This allows for quick sorting.

You can make your own opinion on VyprVPN; we have done speed tests with different servers. You will compare the results obtained with those of the other tests we have carried out.

Speed without VPN

First, as always, and to serve as a reference, we did a speed test without connecting to GoldenFrog’s VPN.

Warning: Remember that it is completely normal for a drop in speeds to occur by adding a VPN connect a more distant server that is more distant than your “normal” server; you increase download and load times. But what we’re looking at is how much speeds are impacted.


The speed with a server in France

For the 2nd test, we chose a server in France to compare with the other competitors. Plus, it’s a server that normally provides you with the best speeds because it’s probably the closest to your actual location.

We are somewhat disappointed by the speeds offered for this server. Indeed, we notice that they have been divided by more than 2, even though it is a server close to our location.

That said, don’t panic: this big drop doesn’t mean you couldn’t watch HD content or download! Your downloads will be slightly slowed down.


The speed with a server in the United States

For the 3rd and final speed test, we chose a server in the United States. What for? Simply because these servers are often very popular since they allow access to exclusive content on streaming platforms (we’ll come back to this in the rest of this review on VyprVPN).

Once again, the speeds have gone down. But what surprised us is that we remain relatively close to the speeds tested with the French server. This is rather good news because you will be able to stream and download, certainly with slowdowns compared to your “normal” connection, but with the protection besides!

In general, speeds are far from catastrophic. But our opinion on VyprVPN at this level is still quite mixed: it’s average, but by no means does it allow us to compete with the best performing suppliers, such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN. If you hesitate between these two, we invite you to read our duel NordVPN vs ExpressVPN.


VyprVPN streaming test

If in 2022 we have an entire section of our reviews on streaming, it’s not for nothing. This is a widespread activity, and for which the use of a VPN is a real added value.

You may not know it, but the Virtual Private Network allows you to bypass the geo-blocking of streaming platform TV channels and multiply the number of content you will be able to access via the internet.

But for this to happen, the provider must perform well and actually unlock the content. We tested VyprVPN for streaming: does it allow access to Netflix US content? The answer is yes!

When we logged into a server in the U.S., we were able to access all U.S. content and stream what we wanted without encountering “proxy streaming error.” This means that VyprVPN can bypass the geo-blocking set up by the platform. This is an excellent VPN for Netflix in 2022 that will allow you to access catalogues not available in your country.

Netflix is often thought of, but many other platforms and TV channels are accessible via the internet. This image illustrates some of the biggest international channels, but in reality, it’s all the channels in the world that are available to you. All you have to do is choose a server in the country you want, connect to it, and you’ll be able to access all the content.


Security and privacy policy

If there is one point to look at when choosing your supplier, it is security. The Virtual Private Network must allow you to protect your data and personal information without any security breaches.


To find out what level of security a supplier offers, we usually do several tests. This allows us to have an overview of reliability.


IP test

To begin with, we did an IP address test.

This image shows our actual IP address because we have not activated the VPN and chosen a server. As you can see, all the information about us is visible: IP address, location, etc.

This second image shows what you see once you have made the connection to the VPN. By connecting to a server located in the United States, France’s actual locational location is France.

This means that the provider can actually hide your IP address and thus protect your location information. So that’s another good point from this review on VyprVPN.


Privacy policy

VyprVPN attaches great importance to transparency. You will find many mentions of this corporate value; this shows that this is a fairly important topic for the brand.

In terms of the privacy policy, we have identified several pieces of information that may be useful to you.

First, the supplier is regularly audited by independent external bodies to ensure and justify its safety. The last one was in 2022. This is a good approach, which should be welcomed because it is still too rare among suppliers.

Also, the privacy policy lists the information about you that the company keeps.

In addition to your email address, which is kept when you sign up to manage your account, no login information (whether it is time stamping, activities performed, servers used, etc.) is recorded by the company. It can therefore be said that VyprVPN is a “no log” provider.

This is excellent news because it is an element that guarantees stability in protection: as your information is not stored, it cannot be recovered or hacked. Whether by an ill-intentioned person or by the legal authorities of a state.


Does circumventing censorship work?

Many Internet users discover the existence of VPNs when they seek to circumvent a country’s censorship. Suppliers have therefore adapted to offer features that meet these needs.

The supplier we are talking about today has its own protocol, called Chameleon, which hides that you are using a VPN and therefore does not get caught by censoring governments. It’s a much-appreciated feature, but it sometimes shows some flaws.

Indeed, we have quite mixed feedback on the supplier’sChina’s censorship or ship present in China. Indeed, it seems that the VPN allows access to blocked content, such as Facebook or Instagram, but that low speeds make browsing the internet quite complicated. The main thing is still that it works! This activated protocol will greatly impact your speed.

However, other competitors in the market have much more interesting performance at this level and bypass the Great Firewall without killing all your speed. We think, for example, express VPN or Surfshark, to name but two.

A word of advice: if you plan to go abroad to a censored country, buy your VPN BEFORE you leave. You may not know it, but the supplier sites are all blocked in those countries, making it very difficult. Being foresighted and anticipating will allow you to unlock anything you want as soon as you arrive on site.

VyprVPN and ExpressVPN are perhaps the only two to have mirror sites that can work, even in China. We still advise you to equip yourself before you leave so you don’t get stuck.


The network of countries and servers

A provider’s network of cories an important consideration when looking for the best VPN provider. This will determine the number of countries you can access and the number of different IP addresses you will be able to use, and the saturation of the servers you will face. So something not to be taken lightly.

Our opinion on VyprVPN on this subject is not particularly positive. Even though the number of countries is rather average with 61 countries concerned, the number of servers is quite small (700 distributed worldwide).

It is far from the more than 3000 and 6000 servers, respectively expresses VPN or CyberGhost. And this is all the more problematic for the most sought-after countries, such as France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, etc., because you will probably know latency due to server saturation.

VyprVPN customer support test

Our opinion on VyprVPN’s customer support is positive, as you will have access to many opportunities to respond to the difficulties you face:

  • a user guide, installation and FAQ space to find all the most frequently asked questions.
  • A chatbot to quickly access the information you want
  • an e-mail ticket service, for theMosttailed answers
  • and most impo, an online chat will allow you to exchange directly with an expert in the field to help you.

To access this online chat, go through the support and then tap Get in Touch!


Offers and pricing

We get to the point of this review on VyprVPN on offers and pricing.

Regarding the offers, no surprise: you will find, as with the vast majority of competitors, a global offer offered in 3 tariffs, depending on your duration of commitment.

You’ll have a choice between:

    • 1 month at 12.95
    • 1 year at 3.75 euros per month
    • 2 years at 2.50 euros /month

The rate for 1 month is particularly high, but the price for 2 years is exciting because of the market’s best prices. If you opt for VyprVPN, we advise you to opt for this 2-year commitment to take advantage of the best rates.

However, similar prices will have more interesting performance and features for similar processes in other competitors. We are thinking of ExpressVPN, CyberGhost and Surfshark. VyprVPN is, therefore, a lower value for money … After that, it’s up to you to make the final choice.

And if you want to test the solution to make your own opinion on VyprVPN, know that it is possible to enjoy a satisfactory period or refund of 30 days.


More information

Before concluding this opinion on VyprVPN, we find all the additional information that we have not yet discussed in this article.

The number of simultaneous connections

If you want to find a comprehensive solution to protect all your devices, it is possible with VyprVPN to install the solution on all the devices you want (as with all competitors), but especially to use the Virtual Private Network simultaneously on 5 different devices.

For example, you can use it on your phone, computer, tablet, etc.



Our opinion on VyprVPN could not be positive if the supplier did not adapt its VPN to all operating systems! No worries to worry about at this level, since you will be able to install it on all your devices: macOS, Windows, Android, IOS …



Therefore, our opinion on VyprVPN is rather mixed: if the pricing is rather attractive and the VPN presents certain qualities, some elements weigh in the balance and doubt the value for the supplier’s money.

For example, speeds, which are well below what can make us advise you to look elsewhere. But this is also the case of the server network, too limited, for example. You will understand: it is possible to find better, at an equivalent price or even slightly lower. It’s up to you to decide what you want now; you have all the cards in hand.

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