Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide And Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Each of you knows the problem of animal hair, crumbs, or just lint on the beautiful carpet or carpet. You can bend over and pick it up individually, but that is neither efficient nor has to do so today. There is the vacuum cleaner, which is certainly not missing in any household. The modern household appliances, including the vacuum cleaner, facilitate housework and work more thoroughly. Here in the Household Appliances Blog, the different types, efficiency classes and more are presented.


What is a Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuum Cleaner

When the name already says, is the Vacuum cleaner a technical device that absorbs the dust and other solid substances, from the floor. But he can do more. Thanks to decades of development, the vacuum cleaner has been turned from a simple household appliance into a multi-talented household.

In the meantime, it can be used to clean upholstery, mattresses, the entire interior of your car, even wall joints and other corners that are difficult to reach. Due to the different types, it is possible that even wetness can be sucked away or with the corresponding attachment also the sensitive keyboard can be freed from crumbs and dust.

The dust is already a sneaky comrade. You can still be so careful, he comes, stays and even gathers to the ugly “wool mice” if he is not put out early. Find out what kind of vacuum cleaner would be suitable for you or the work you want to do with it in the forum.


What Types of  Vacuum Cleaners?

Types of  Vacuum Cleaners

SI have you all a Vacuum cleaner in your apartment. Maybe it’s an older device, but it’s still working properly. So why buy a new one? At the latest, if you have only worked with a new vacuum cleaner once, you know why. It is also advisable to buy one of these household appliances immediately at the front door because the retail trade range is so varied that it is better if you first inform yourself about it and try out some models if necessary. It is important that handiness, suction power, power efficiency and versatile usability are available and all at an affordable price for you.


The different types:

  • Hand vacuum cleaner (without bag)
  • Floor vacuum cleaner (with and without bag)
  • Stand vacuum cleaner (with and without bag)
  • Table vacuum cleaner
  • Wet vacuum cleaner (also combined with a dry vacuum cleaner)
  • Ash vacuum cleaner
  • All-purpose vacuum cleaner
  • Car vacuum cleaner
  • Steam vacuum cleaner (allergy-friendly)
  • Knock-sucker
  • Battery vacuum cleaner
  • Industrial and workshop vacuum cleaners
  • Vacuum cleaner robots
  • Central vacuum cleaner
  • Extra vacuum cleaners for allergy sufferers, for animal hair, for tiles, for laminate and parquet floors.

To name but a few.

As you can see, there are quite a few of these “helpers” that can no longer be dispensed with.

Hand, floor, stand and table vacuum cleaners all work according to the same principle, are partly also equipped with brushes, so you can also clean smooth floors with them. Unlike the battery vacuum cleaners, these types need a power source, i.e. a power outlet. The table vacuum cleaner is a small handheld device that can be used with battery operation. They are all available with dust bags and also without.

  • The wet vacuum cleaner can absorb large amounts of liquid (possibly up to 50 litres), which would cause the normal type of vacuum cleaner to have its problems. He would break away with the slightest amount. If this is also equipped with a dry suction function, you have an all-rounder in the house. Admittedly, it is not easy to stow away because it has a slightly larger collection part, but it sucks away everything you hold in front of him in front of the “rüssel”.
  • The ash vacuum cleaner is very advantageous if you are still heating in your home with coal or wood stoves or lighting a romantic, open fireplace on cool summer evenings. You can’t just pack the oven or the fireplace and pour it out in the garbage can. The ash vacuum cleaner is used and does a perfect job, after which you will find a lightning-clear and clean fire pit.
  • Unsightly dirt also accumulates in the car. If you don’t want to drive to the gas station every time you have a crumb to clean it; the car vacuum cleaner will do an excellent job. It is handy, with and without battery and with the various additional nozzles you will come into any groove.
  • The steam and knock-on vacuum cleaners are the helpers for stubborn dirt, with the steam vacuum cleaner emits only hot steam and then absorbs even mites and the smallest dust particles. Therefore, it is very suitable for allergy sufferers of all kinds.
  • On the other hand, the knock-on vacuum cleaner takes over the work of conventional carpet knocking. The fabric sig bets can’t even be taken out and placed over the carpet bar, only to knock you out with all your strength. This is done very reliably by the knock-in-air vacuum cleaner.
  • Almost anything is possible with an industrial vacuum cleaner. You are currently remodelling, and the dirt makes you mad? No problem for this power giant. He even “sniffs” away debris effortlessly.
  • Cleanliness should also prevail in a workshop (whether industrial or hobby). For example, if you work with wood, the particulate matter can become a huge health problem in your airways. The workshop professional ensures that this does not happen.
  • You can experience a fairly new way of vacuuming with a central vacuum cleaner. Some housebuilders have discovered the advantages and laid the necessary connections during construction. Since the main vacuum cleaner is installed in the basement or garage, fine dust can no longer enter the living rooms. Only a hose, which is connected to the respective cans, does the vacuuming.
  • Animals, however dear they may be, leave their hair everywhere. On the other hand, the animal hair vacuum cleaner or a suitable nozzle for your existing vacuum cleaner helps remove even the smallest hairs with sufficient force of the rotating brush.
  • Of course, you can also use a robotic vacuum cleaner to do the work on your own while you’re away.

All vacuum cleaners are available with various accessories and with different energy efficiency classes. That’s what you should pay attention to.


Benefits and function

Ⅰm upper part of the Blogs is already explained the main features and benefits. Perhaps it is still important for allergy sufferers to learn that only some of the vacuum cleaner types described above are really optimal for you. For you, there are also extra allergy vacuum cleaners that perfectly filter the tiny allergens and prevent them from being ejected again with the exhaust air.

A small disadvantage of these household appliances is the disposal if it breaks once it breaks. Household and bulky waste are taboo, so where do you go? There are three types of disposal for vacuum cleaners:

collection points for electrical scrap, back to the dealer or private pick-up services.

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