Upright Freezer or Chest Freezer | Which Should You Buy?

Need to buy a freezer, but don’t know where to start? That you have to look at when buying a freezer. We believe that there are more important purchases than others when it comes to home and one of those crucial purchases is that of the freezer since with this appliance you will be able to better organize the storage of food and have a more efficient way of all the groceries you buy for your home.

Buying a freezer arch or vertical freezer should be aligned with your household needs, the number of family members, the type of food you want to store, and of course the amount of money you can invest in this regard.


How to Choose Between Horizontal and Vertical Freezers?

There are some differences to consider when choosing between horizontal freezers and vertical freezers. Here are some of them:

Horizontal Freezers

Horizontal Freezers

Horizontal freezers, also called arches, open above as if it were a trunk. These are high storage appliances, in fact, superior to those of vertical opening. That’s why they’re ideal for large families who have plenty of food to store.

This kind of chest does not have compartments or drawers, so you can manage the space according to your convenience.

In terms of performance, it is a much more efficient alternative, since it preserves the temperature better and therefore its energy consumption is lower than that of the vertical freezer. If we think about it in terms of capacity and price, horizontal freezers are much more convenient.

They are advised to keep food for long periods of time.


Vertical Freezers

Vertical Freezers

A vertical freezer is a great ally if you are looking to store your food in an organized way. It is a much more comfortable resource compared to the arches, not only for its compartments and drawers but also because on an aesthetic level and in size, it adapts better to the rest of the home appliances. Verticals are easy to use by this same internal system we talked about before.

This kind of appliances is a good alternative for smaller families.


What Should a Freezer Have?

Now, you know the difference between a chest and a vertical freezer, but what features can’t be missing from these appliances, regardless of the type of freezer you choose?

You should look at buying a freezer at:

  • Its refrigeration capacity: this implies that you will know the amount of food that you can freeze inside this appliance. As we said before, the capacity of a freezer chest is higher than that of verticals, the first being between 152 and 762 cubic centimetres.
  • Its energy classification: another relevant point, is to know its energy classification. The most efficient are those with A, A+ and A++ ratings because they consume less energy, which contributes to significant cost savings.
  • Its adjustable temperature: the adjustable temperature system will allow you to have greater temperature control so that it adapts to the needs of your family. Both to automatically regulate the internal temperature of the freezer or for quick freezing.
  • Its material: ideally, the freezer is made of stainless steel, as it will be easier to clean.
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