Different types of Spring Mattress

You’re probably thinking about buying a mattress and that’s why you’re wondering what differences there are between the types of mattress springs since they all look the same.

We have written this article to clarify in a simple language just enough and necessary for you to decide which spring mattress to choose. And we ask you something: forget everything you know about spring mattresses. Nowadays in 2022 they have changed a lot and they will surprise you.


Differences between the different types of mattress springs

In this comparative table of the types of mattress springs, we show you each spring’s main characteristic and the strong point of each one.

Bagged springs Bagged springs Independence of beds and adaptation to the body
Continuous thread springs A single Z-shaped spring Durability, stability and firmness
Biconical springs Hourglass-shaped springs Very economical price


Bagged springs

Bagged spring mattresses are characterized by having each spring inside a cloth sack individually. This ensures that the springs do not rub against each other and that each one takes weight without interfering with the others.

Also called bagged springs, their main advantage is that the springs do not affect each other, achieving the best independence of beds and being very quiet.

Bagged springs make mattresses of this type taciturn and can even have areas of differentiated firmness. This feature is essential to avoid pressure points on the body (hip, shoulders …) and great adaptability.

They are usually mattresses that last for many years, unlike other types of mattresses. The best thing is that you turn it over every three months.


When to choose a bagged spring mattress?

These docks are highly recommended if we buy a double bed for two people and we want to sleep comfortably without disturbing the other person.


Continuous springs or continuous wire springs

This type of mattress are formed by a single spring, hence its name continuous thread. If you could see this mattress inside, you would see that its spring is Z-shaped.

This shape makes it a resistant, firm and stable mattress since it avoids any empty hole inside it, which makes it hold the body very well.

It gets good independence of beds, better than biconical springs and worse than bagged springs.

Its most significant advantage is its excellent ventilation, which improves its freshness and hygiene. In addition, they are mattresses that last for many years.


When to choose a continuous thread spring mattress?

You should choose this type of mattress if you are looking for a reasonably firm, fresh and hygienic one. We recommend it, especially if you are a hot person or quite heavy. They are usually mattresses of excellent quality.


Biconical springs or Bonnell

This model of springs is the most traditional of the three. They have existed since the nineteenth century and have changed a lot. Today they have a much higher quality than then.

Biconical mattresses, also called Bonnell, are formed from different springs, as are bagged springs.

They are vertical springs that are tight or compressed in the centre, achieving an hourglass shape.

If these springs have tempered wire (more expensive mattresses) they are usually high firm and flexible, although their adaptability to the body is low. Otherwise, in the cheapest mattresses, their firmness is low.

Its biggest advantage is that the price is cheaper than in the other types of springs. Their main disadvantage is that they tend to sink more than the other types.


When to choose a mattress with biconical springs or Bonnell?

They are the springs that we recommend the least since they are of lower quality, but you can opt for this type of mattress if your budget is small


What type of spring mattress to choose?

In short, choose the bagged spring mattresses for a double bed, the continuous thread if you are hot or a person of enough weight and the biconical if your budget is small.


FAQs about Spring Types

What are spring mattresses?

Traditional spring mattresses are made with what we know today as biconical spring or Bonnell. “A bagged spring mattress is one that at its core features a shell of individual springs wrapped in cloth bags.”


Which is better a spring or foam mattress?

You tend to sleep cooler on a spring mattress, as foam mattresses retain heat more easily. There are some foams that absorb and store more body heat. Conversely, bagged spring mattresses release moisture more easily.


What is a bagged spring mattress?

Bagged springs are springs arranged in “bags” or “individual bags” that favor a greater adaptation of the body and total independence of beds.


What are the different types of mattresses?

Types Of Mattresses Mattresses Bagged Springs It Is A Spring Structure In Which Each Spring Is Independently Encapsulated In A Layer Of Fabric.

  • Foam Mattress Hr (high Resilience)
  • Latex Mattress
  • Viscoelastic Mattress
  • Bonnell Spring Mattress
  • Breathability
  • Temperature
  • Adaptability
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