Types of Spring Blocks For Mattress

Our best developers, together with orthopedic doctors, have developed a unique functionality for calculating the necessary parameters of the mattress individually for you. In the calculation results, you will see recommendations for choosing the stiffness, materials and height of the mattress, as well as suitable models, taking into account the combination of price/quality and popular rating.
The spring is the main element of the spring mattress. For the first time, such models appeared more than 200 years ago, but since then engineers are constantly working on improving the design of mattresses. Today, the stores offer a choice of two different designs of spring mattresses: with a dependent and independent block of springs. How are they different, and what are the advantages of each variety? Let’s take a closer look at these issues.


Bonnel Spring Block

Bonnel Spring Block

The first spring block was the type of Bonnel made in 1883, and it was made using the technology of the so-called “continuous weaving”. The springs were in the shape of a double cone and consisted of 4 or 5 turns. They were far from each other and almost did not come into contact during the mattress’s operation.

A modern dependent unit can provide a certain orthopedic effect, but only for people with small body weight. Simultaneously, the thickness of the decking on the springs should be at least 10 cm, and it is better to use only natural materials. Then the finished product is affordable and small in weight.

The main characteristics of the Bonnel blocks are as follows:

  • The thickness of the wire used varies from 1 to 2.2 mm; it is made of high-carbon steel;
  • The springs are shaped like two cones connected in the middle;
  • The diameter of the spring can range from 6 to 10 cm;
  • The spring itself has 5 turns and is rigidly attached to the frame and each other.


Independent spring unit and its modifications

The design of this product is described in the name itself. The mattress consists of many springs, each placed in a separate cocoon of dense but vapour-permeable fabric. Depending on the load, the springs are compressed and squeezed separately from each other.

Such a block of springs provides comfortable rest for the person regardless of his body’s weight and contours and effectively supports the spine in the right position.

Varieties of independent spring blocks

Independent spring blocks have many modifications with appropriate patented names. You can not even try to study each of them, but it is worth remembering the essence Рthe more springs, the better and more expensive. The most local types of mattresses with independent springs from each other:

  1. Pocket Spring. One of the simplest and most inexpensive types of independent block. Each spring has a diameter of 6 cm and is placed in its own case. Up to 300 springs are used per square meter of mattress. The maximum load that such a mattress can withstand is 120 kg. Multi-pocket. A more modern look of an independent block of springs can completely repeat the contours of the human body. The density of springs in this product is higher, and the diameter does not exceed 4 cm. On one square meter of the mattress is placed up to 500 pieces. The surface can withstand a load of up to 130 kg.
  2. Micro pocket. Block with the smallest springs. Their diameter is about 2 cm. Accordingly, and the density is very high – more than a thousand pieces per square meter. A mattress of this design can withstand a weight of up to one and a half centners. At the same time, the surface of the Micropocket mattress is very elastic.
  3. Hour Glass. One of the latest developments in mattress production. Each spring is shaped like an hourglass with a thinning in the middle. The springs have three levels of elasticity, which are used depending on the load. Hour Glass is suitable for sleeping quarters for partners with different body weight.
  4. Dual Spring. Another way to make a comfortable night holiday for two people with different body weight. In one block of such a mattress, there are two springs (one in another). The smaller one has more stiffness and vice versa.
  5. Amplified blocks. Springs made of thick wire. They can withstand a load of more than 150 kg.
  6. With different tightness zones. These are mattresses that are made of springs of different elasticity. They are located along the entire length of the mattress, depending on where the part of the human body will be located.

Now you know exactly what springs are used in mattresses and without problems make the right choice when buying!

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