Types of Refrigerators Which Refrigerator Suits Your House Perfectly

One of the most important moments when decorating our new home is the selection of appliances for the kitchen, as that will be where we will spend the most time.

Selecting the perfect devices will ensure that we don’t have to worry about it in a long time, thanks to the correct combination of functionality and utility. In addition to being able to show off a magazine catalogue kitchen.

As it is not always easy to choose appliances, today we will focus on the importance of choosing a good refrigerator, since among so many models it is easy to get lost and end up buying a device that does not meet the expected functions or that exceeds them, being able to involve an excessive investment.

Next, we tell you what types of refrigerators exist, their characteristics and expected uses, so that, based on that information, you will be able to discover which appliance best suits you.


Different Types of Refrigerators

Different Types of Refrigerators

Refrigerators depending on size

Refrigerators size

First of all, keep in mind that the space you have in the kitchen will determine the type of refrigerator selected. Depending on the size, there are the following types:

  • Minibar and refrigerators under countertop: Round 150 cm and although they are not very common because they do not include freezer, they spend little energy, being ideal for studios or for single-person households that have a freezer separately.
  • Small refrigerators: They are located between 150 and 170 cm. They are perfect for those who live alone and therefore do not need to keep a large number of foods.
  • Medium refrigerators: They range from 170-185 cm and are usually the most common in Spanish households of 4-5 people, since, without being excessively large, they have plenty of room to store food.
  • Large refrigerators: Ranging between 185 and 195 cm. Perfect for large families or for cases where many toppers need to be stored.
  • Huge refrigerators: They exceed 195 cm and are the perfect choice for large families where many diners are available.


Refrigerators Depending on Their Capacity

While height is important for the appliance to adapt correctly to the gap where it is to be installed, for practical purposes the really important thing in the purchase of refrigerators is the capacity that this offer. Depending on this, there are the following modalities:

  • One-door refrigerators: They include minibars, under traditional countertops and refrigerators, i.e. they do not have a freezer.
  • Two-door refrigerators: They are very economical, but have little ergonomics, having frozen ones upstairs and fruits and vegetables at the bottom.
  • Refrigerators combi: They have two doors as well, but their arrangement is the other way around the previous modality so that the frozen ones are left at the bottom and fruits and vegetables at the top.
  • Side by side refrigerators: These are so-called American refrigerators. They are recognized for having two vertical doors, having the freezer on the left and the refrigerator on the right. In addition, due to their large capacity, they are usually the preferred choice for large families.
  • French door refrigerators: Like the previous ones have two vertical doors, but in this case, they function as a refrigerator, leaving the freezer at the bottom.
  • Four-door refrigerators: They are the high-end of refrigerators. They continue the aesthetics of French doors but adding a separate intermediate section for rapid freezing.


Other features to keep in mind

In addition to the above, it is advisable to guarantee some functionalities, such as that the refrigerator emits little noise, has the option not frost so that you do not have to be removing ice sheets, or that your internal light is LED to spend less.

Based on energy efficiency, it is important to check that the appliance is labelled A for energy consumption. Based on the “+” it contains it will expend less energy.

All these details can be found in the refrigerator data sheet, which will also include the ambient temperature at which the appliance works well, which will depend in part on the region in which it is life, and the stars of the freezer, for which it is important to check that they are four stars to ensure that the frozen food is optimal.

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