Tricks to Release Tension & Soften Lines from Face

You know, smiling is the best makeup there is. It illuminates the face as soon as the teeth are revealed a little. Despite our best smile, the tense muscles of the face, often linked to our lifestyle, our facial expressions and the stress of everyday life, are more difficult to camouflage.

Here are 3 exercises to do to look more relaxed and avoid a loss of elasticity in the facial muscles.


1. Reduce/deride crow’s feet

The wrinkles of the crow’s feet form generally on the outside of the eye.

  1. Open your eyes wide (as if someone took you by surprise) and then close them very tightly (like a child who is afraid).

For this and subsequent exercises, hold for a few seconds, then repeat the sequence six to ten times.


2. Fight horizontal wrinkles of the forehead

These wrinkles, also known as the lion’s wrinkle, are found at the forehead.

  1. Put your fingers on your forehead (fingers spread, fingers perpendicular to the eyebrows.
  2. By pressing lightly on the temple, or even pressing on your forehead, raise your eyebrows, then release (like the movement you would make to pull the glasses up on your nose).


3. Mitigate the double chin

The double chin is often caused by excess fat under the skin (or water retention).

  1. Smile slightly, then raise your head.
  2. With your hand (palm down), apply a small pressure to the skin at the base of the neck.
  3. Take out the tongue so that the jaw is closer to your neck, then release.

Repeat between six and ten times.

Note that to lose weight in the face, the best remedy is regular physical activity. This will increase your chances of slimming the body and therefore the face.

Make the above exercises even more effective by focusing on healthy lifestyle habits


Make healthy food choices

Limit your sugar intake. Keep in mind that sugary foods can cause a swollen face. Also choose foods that are high in fibre and water.


Reduce your salt intake

Be careful how much salt you ingest, as salt causes bloating and water retention.


Eat calcium-rich foods

A higher intake of calcium will help reduce the fat stored in the body.


Hydrate yourself!

Drinking enough water helps with physical and mental fitness, allows the elimination of waste from the body, in addition to moisturizing the body and skin. On the other hand, lack of water can cause bloating of the stomach and face, sometimes playing a role in the appearance of the double chin and swollen cheeks.



Sleep needs vary from person to person. Listen to your body and rest more when you feel the need. Also try to manage stress well to reduce the negative impact of stress on your body.

By doing the exercises above five to ten minutes a few times a week and adopting a good lifestyle, you will have a firmer and more relaxed-looking skin.

Smile, eat well and most importantly, insert as much physical activity into your daily life as possible.

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