Tips To Remove Unwanted Pet Hair from Laundry

No matter how much we love our fluffy, no one likes to find wool all over the house, especially on clothes. The mood really spoils when you find that you have not managed to eliminate all this wool having opened the drying or washing machine. The good news is that there is a way to solve the problem. The main thing is to know the right tricks. Read our tips.


Dry your clothes before washing

Dry your clothes before washing

Throw wool-covered clothing into the drying machine to perform a cycle of drying without heating. Set the time for 10 minutes and then check the clothes. If there is a lot of wool left on the things, scroll them in the dryer for another 5 minutes. Then clean the dryer filter and put the clothes in the washing machine as usual.


Use a sticky roller for lint.

Sticky water for lint is a mandatory tool for any pet owner. Use it before putting clothes in the washing machine, or swipe the roller on dry clothes as a final gesture.


Use a little white vinegar.

You can’t do without white vinegar. It saves us in many everyday situations and can be extremely useful even in fighting against these intrusive opponents. Before turning on the washing machine, add approximately 120 ml of table vinegar (no more than 9%) to the conditioner dispenser: the acetic acid contained in it will separate the hair of pets stuck to the fabric.


Clean your appliance more often

Regular service is essential, especially if you deal with layers of pets’ wool on clothes. To introduce a regular wash of the washing machine drum or drying washing machine. Don’t forget to clean or change the filter periodically. Do you often forget about such procedures? No problem: The Candy simply-Fi or hOnapp, for example, recommends the right time to clean the filter with push notifications. In addition, you can just set up a regular washing cycle and run the washing machine without things inside.


Use the balls for the drying machine.

We’ve already talked about dryer balls that will help you save time and get better drying results. But that’s not all! They are also useful for picking up large amounts of hair and wool. Please put them in the dryer drum and set it up.


Choose the right program

Choose the right program

Let’s not forget that pet hair, in addition to irritation, can also cause allergic reactions. How to prevent them?

The Drum Dryers and Candy Rapid washing machines are equipped with the Antiallergy program, specially designed to protect the whole family from allergens such as pets’ fur, dust mites, pollen, laundry powder residues, and many others.

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