Tips to Reduce the Pile of Laundry

When it comes to laundry, do you feel bad just at the idea? If you’re dealing with mountains of clothes and fabrics to wash, here are some tips to help you reduce the number of clothes to wash. It works and is tested by me, firsthand!


Less clothes to wash: what are the actual benefits?

Less clothes to wash

Being able to reduce the number of products that you need to wash in the washing machine is very important for several reasons:

  • You’ll have fewer garments to iron.
  • You can reduce the number of washing machines and thus also achieve energy savings.
  • You will have more time for yourself and your passions
  • You will have less space in the house
  • Consumers will be fewer detergents
  • And away scrolling…

As you can see, the benefits you can get are really many: know a few simple tricks and put them into practice in everyday life to see the number of washing machines to be done every week greatly.


How to reduce the number of washing machines per week: real tips

And now let’s see together some ideas and tips to help you in this venture: you will soon realize that it is not so difficult to manage to reduce the number of washing machines per week, thus obtaining considerable savings and more time for yourself.

The first idea I want to advise you is to replace the tablecloths at home with plasticized tablecloths. Unlike those made of fabric, these can be cleaned and disinfected in a few seconds simply with a microfiber cloth and a good degreaser. If you like the idea of varying often, you can get two or three with a different fantasy and alternate them periodically.

Remember that in this particular period, where hygiene must always be in the first place, these are more hygienic as they are not reused but are disinfected after each use.

Another way to greatly reduce the number of washing machines to do and to replace shower towels with bathrobes: towels in fact wash more frequently while, thanks to the bathrobe, everyone will use theirs ensuring maximum hygiene and more use before a washing machine is necessary. Remember, let’s get out of the shower very clean! No need to wash it all the time!

If you have dogs or cats in the house, you will probably find yourself with the problem of soft bunks that need to be continuously washed and disinfected. This is normal because our animal friends often dirty them by eating inside or by dirtying them with paws or filling them with hair.

To overcome this problem, you can use rigid bunks such as these that can be cleaned and disinfected with a damp cloth, reducing washing in the washing machine to the pillow only.

The same thing you can apply on games for dogs or cats: to plush toys (which can also break by accidentally eating the contents of the padding), you prefer rigid and washable games in a few seconds directly in the sink.

If you have a small child in the weaning age, you will probably be struggling with mountains of bib to wash, stain and disinfect every day: solve the problem by buying silicone bib like these, which can be washed in a few seconds after each use.

To prevent clothes from being cloaked (eating, playing or drawing, for example), you can get help from clothes-saving bigging like this- being waterproof, it can be washed easily and will protect your baby’s clothes.

Finally, I want to remind you never to leave the clothes washed in the washing machine: they could take bad smells forcing you to wash all your laundry again!

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