Tips to Maintain Your RO Water Purifier At Home

In today’s day-to-day busy world, there is just a handful number of houses that do not have a RO Water Purifier. Nearly 95% of people have a RO water purifier in their homes. But from this ninety five  percent people, only eighty percent people don’t know the way of maintaining their water purifier at home. It is very commonly heard that small negligence or problem has created a large issue in their water purifiers and lastly this led to huge expenditure. To avoid the wastage of time, money, and energy, this article will surely help you to maintain your RO Water Purifier at home without any extra expenditure. But before going into the maintenance steps, let us just know a few detailed information about RO Water Purifiers.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a modernized system where impure water is continuously purified. In this purification process, the impure water molecules pass through a semi-permeable membrane at first. Then the water is passed through another membrane. This membrane is normally known as POLYMER FILM. The process of reverse osmosis generally removes dirt, salt, chemicals, and other impurities from the water, and hence purifying the water completely and making it safe and edible for human beings. The RO water purifiers normally have an outlet pipe that eliminates all the dirty impurities, and as a result, giving us safe drinking water.

But without proper care and handling, the process will not take place which may result in low quality, impure dirty water. To avoid drinking impure water, read the following tips to maintain the RO water purifier at home.


Reading The Rules And Regulations Of Ro Water Purifier

Rules And Regulations Of Ro Water Purifier

An individual needs to read the rules and regulations thoroughly before using the product. This step will help in avoiding unnecessary mistakes, negligence, and wastage of time, energy, and money. Reading the rules and regulations beforehand will definitely help one to take precautions from the beginning resulting in the avoidance of huge risks.

Maintaining The RO Membrane Of The RO Water Purifier

The RO membrane or the polymer film is the most important part of the RO water Purifier as the main processes of purifying water takes place here. The thin membrane actually separates the impurities, dirt, bacteria, micro-organisms, etc from the water, allowing only clean, safe pure water to pass through it. Just because of this process, the membrane, polymer film needs regular cleaning. The polymer film should be changed after every three months to avoid drinking any dirty water or to avoid any major damage.


RO Semi-permeable Membrane Replacement

The RO water purifiers have two membranes. This membrane is just a semi-permeable that separates supplemental contaminants from the water. This semi-permeable membrane should be replaced after every four to five months since it may contain huge dirt because of its purification function. But the interval of changing this semi-permeable may vary depending on the total duration the RO water purifier is been used. But it is mandatory to change the semi-permeable membrane after every six months.


Annual Maintenance

Since the RO water purifier is an essential product in our day-to-day busy life, it is important to conduct annual maintenance sessions after every six months. It is advisable to summon a professional after every six months for annual maintenance and check-up of the whole product to avoid unnecessary problems, headaches, or investments regarding the RO water purifier.


Regular Changing Of Filters

Regular Changing Of Filters

The filter of the RO water purifier should be replaced with a new one after every three months. The dirty contaminants from water stick to the filters after a very short period. Not cleaning the filters regularly or skipping the step of replacing the filters after three months may degrade the quality of water and keeping the water impure. Since RO water purifier filters have at least thirteen steps of purification, it is very much necessary to replace the filters after every three months.

The RO water purifier contains two types of filters. These two types of filters should be replaced separately since both have different functions. The two types of filters are:

  1. Sediment Filter
  2. Carbon Filter

Sediment Filter

This filter protects the clean, purified water from getting mixed with dirt, impurities, micro-organisms, etc by staining out the contaminants from the water. It holds the dirt, impurities, micro-organisms, and external contaminants firmly avoiding the combination of dirt and clean water after purification. This filter should be replaced once a year so that the amount of dirt can be controlled in the filter. Too much dirt and avoidance of replacement of filters may cause the combination process of dirt and clean water after purification.


Carbon Filter

The carbon filter of the RO water purifier is a very important part. The Carbon filter should be replaced after every six months as its function is to remove chlorine and other dangerous particles from water. Avoiding the step of changing the carbon filter may cause a decrease in removing chlorine and other particles from water. Changing the carbon filter on a regular basis may give a good taste and odor to your pure drinking water. Avoiding the step of changing the carbon filter may also cause low performance and degrading quality of the RO membrane or the Polymer Film.


Drips And Leakages

Sometimes, you might find water dripping or leaking from the product. It is strictly preferable to call a professional or an expert on RO water purifiers to take immediate action. Not taking immediate action or showing negligence can cause a huge problem in your RO water purifier which may result in creating chaos. Calling an expert or professional and knowing the reason for leakage can save your machine from high chances of permanent damage.

Sanitize Your Ro Water Purifier Pipes

It is mandatory to clean the pipes of the RO water purifier on a regular basis to avoid the clean water getting dirty. The RO water purifier pipes can be washed at home itself without the help of an expert or professional. This step is advised to practice regularly or on alternative days to maintain the quality of the water.


Sanitize Your Ro Water Purifier Tank

This step is a ‘must do’ step. Sanitizing the water tanks during the change or replacement of the filters increases the water quality and increases the longevity of your RO water purifier. This step should always be kept in mind.


Replace And Buy New Parts When Needed

Skipping the steps of buying new parts right at that moment can cause huge problems in your future. It is mandatory to buy new parts immediately after servicing to avoid unnecessary problems and chaos. Delaying this step or action may cause permanent damage to your product resulting in large superfluous dissipation.


Use The RO Water Purifier Carefully

It is mandatory to use the product carefully as the product is costly and delicate. It is necessary for an individual to take care of the machine to avoid unnecessary expenditure. Rough use of this product may cause decrease in quality of water and also may decrease the longevity of the product.

Since RO water purifiers are an important product in our everyday life, one needs to take good care of the RO WATER PURIFIER. We can expect outstanding results regarding this product only if we act as responsible individuals and complete our day to day duties responsibly. We just cannot expect mind-blowing results if we don’t show proper efforts to take care of the RO water purifiers. Just as other living beings, the RO water purifier too needs a regular check-up since this product does a very important job. Water being the most essential compound should only be consumed the best quality to maintain our own health. RO water purifiers are a bit costly. Hence taking care of the product on a regular basis may help you use it for a longer time with zero expenditure. The experts or professionals are always ready to help their customers. They can be contacted via email, phone, chat, or their respective mobile app. Call them immediately when needed to decrease the chances of spoiling your own costly RO water purifier.

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