Tips For Saving Energy on Air Conditioners

Air conditioning is known for the villain of light pearls. But did you know it didn’t have to be? It all depends on how you use the device because you can cool off and keep your home at a pleasant temperature throughout the day, without having to take all the change out of your pocket at the end of the month.

Then connect to these 10 points to to reduce the power consumption of your device. They help you enjoy the benefits of your air conditioning equipment without fear when paying bills. Check out the following energy-saving tips:


10 Tips For Saving Energy on Air Conditioners To Save Electricity Bills 

1. Choose models with Procel energy-saving seal

Choose models with Procel energy-saving seal

The Procel Seal is an Inmetro certification and attests to the energy efficiency of each product. Ratings range from A (excellent) to E (bad) and point to the relationship between power consumption and the results provided by the device, i.e. the less you spend an air conditioner and less time it takes to acclimatize to an environment suitable for its power, the more efficient it will be. Understand more and see the updated Procel Stamp tables we have on the topic.


2. Consider the Reverse models and use the Timer function

As they modernize, air conditioners gain more autonomy to operate only when needed. No user wants to be standing on a device all day and programming it to suit this and that. Therefore, it is best to search for equipment with technologies aimed at this purpose, such as Inverter models or the Timer function.

Inverter technology functions as a unit of measurement that prevents the engine from pushing more than necessary, avoiding large energy fluctuation for the appliance to efficiently weather the environment. On the other hand, the timer is very common programming in various types of air conditioning and serves to program when the device should work harder, less force and when it should be turned off as well.

Here are some myths and truths about air conditioning energy consumption:


3. Install the outdoor unit (condenser) in a place with good air circulation

If you don’t know, part of the air conditioning process works by removing hot air from inside and throwing it away. If hot air gets trapped around the condenser, it can no longer expel hot air, forcing the engine to work harder. The result is that the device consumes much more energy, takes longer to acclimatize, and may not even reach set temperatures.


4. The window model also cannot be obstructed

The window model also cannot be obstructed

Avoid obstructing the sides and bottom of the window air conditioner for the same reasons why it is not good to suffocate the condenser. This makes it difficult to heat the gas with air, increasing the internal pressure of the system and thus reducing the efficiency of the appliance.


5. Protecting the outside from sunlight

The external parts of the appliance must be protected from the sun, but without blocking the vents. A roof is good to prevent equipment from overheating and malfunctioning. Protective boxes can also solve the problem.


6. Avoid excessive cold by adjusting the thermostat accordingly

Keeping the environment at temperatures close to 23oC, which seem appropriate for most people, is also good advice. In addition to being the temperature range indicated for the well-being by Anvisa, this prevents the device from for forces the engine to reach extreme temperatures and make more strength to stay there. In addition, extreme temperature settings cause the device to turn on and off more often, resulting in consumption spikes, which end up being the most expensive part of the electricity bill.


7. Keep doors and windows tightly closed

Be careful that the air-conditioned environment is with the air in and outs tightly closed, this serves to prevent the air-conditioned indoor air from escaping and entering the outdoor air without air conditioning. Here are some tips for spending even less with your device:


8. Avoiding the heat of the sun in the environment

Close the curtains and blinds, the more sunlight enters your air-conditioned environment, the more work for the poor air conditioner. The equipment motor suffers to compensate for the incidence of sunlight, especially if light enters directly through the glass. This extra effort charges your price and is deducted from your pocket.


9.Keeping filters clean

Dirty filters prevent free air circulation and force the appliance to work harder. Ideally, clean monthly during the summer and every two months in winter, even if the equipment is not in use.


10. Turn off the air conditioner if it’s going to come out for a long time

Turn off the air conditioner

Get used to turning off the cooling unit as long as you are out of the room for a long time. However, be careful, if you are going to leave for only a few minutes, or even half an hour, it is better to leave it on, because turning it on and off the appliance is also very harmful to power consumption.

Extra tip: If the goal is to use air conditioning for long periods of time, we suggest devices containing Inverter technology, as explained above, as this system offers greater efficiency, adjusting the compressor work as needed.

By making the right use of your air conditioner, you will not only save money but also increase your lifespan and ensure the comfort and well-being of the people who frequent the place.

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On the desk

We remind you that all the advice described above can be carried out in the working environment, always taking into account the collective thermal comfort and approval of colleagues. Talk to your team and suggest these tips to save. However, as a security measure, you need to verify what type of equipment is installed in your workplace.

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