10 Things You Can Do To Keep Cool During The Summer

In summer, wherever we are – at home or work – all the time suffer from the heat. And there is only one thought in my head: how good it would be to be at sea now. However, to improve well-being, it is unnecessary to go for three lands because there are many other ways to cool down in the heat. In this article, we will consider useful, practical tips so that you can be sure – at least something you need.


Things You Can Do To Keep Cool During The Summer

1.Drink More Water

Drink More Water

In the summer, we all experience increased sweating. And this problem needs to be solved. Just drink plenty of water to do this. You can buy cool juice or minerals – which is more to your liking. This is pleasant and necessary for the body, as it helps to compensate for the loss of moisture due to increased sweating.

By the way, to not buy juices or minerals all the time, you can install water filters at home. With them, you will get unlimited access to spotless and healthy water. It can also be used for cooking dishes, which will also become much tastier.


2.Give up exercise during the daytime

Playing football in the heat of the day is not a good idea. To work in the garden at noon – too. Any physical activity is better to transfer to the evening. The sun will start to go, and the temperature will drop at least a couple of degrees and become cooler. At the same time, you can practice sports, and beds in the garden to be crushed.

Alternatively, all these physical activities can be transferred to the early morning – up to 9-10 hours if there is such a possibility, of course.


3.Stay in the Shadows

Stay in the Shadows

This advice is more about people who work on the street—for example, waiters and bartenders in a summer cafe or sellers. Try to always be in the shade, as it cools in the heat; standing under the scorching sun; you obviously will not succeed. While there are no customers, you can sit in a cool place, taking out a smartphone, or just a little rest.

And at leisure, this advice should be respected by all. Resting in the country or on the beach, always try to be in the shade. If it is not – you can create a comfortable place yourself (for example, putting on a tent or beach umbrella).


4.Air the room

Air the room

To suffer less from the heat, it is necessary to ventilate the room daily. But it is best to open the windows in the early morning and late evening – when the sun is not so baked, and the street blows a cool breeze. Whether to ventilate the room in the daytime – see for yourself. It all depends on where your apartment or office is and whether the noise interferes with work or rest. You can also take advantage of airing, which is given by air and heat regenerators.

With them, you don’t even have to worry about timely airing. By the way, to protect against insects, it is enough to put a mosquito net. Usually, it always comes complete with a new plastic window. If you do not have one – it can always be bought from the same companies that install double-glazed windows.


5.Use a fan

Use a fan

The fan improves the circulation of the air and even cools it a little. Of course, he will not solve the problem completely, but it is much more pleasant to be in a room with him.

If you don’t have one, it’s time to buy a fan. There should be no problems with the choice, as the market offers a variety of models:

  • floor (classic);
  • Desktops
  • exhaust fans;
  • USB models (connected to a laptop or computer).

If you buy a classic fan, you can additionally hang a wet towel on its grill, creating an air conditioning effect. Just follow basic safety rules and ensure that it does not prevent the blades from spinning and well squeezed. And don’t forget that you can only leave the room when you turn off the fan or take off your towel.


6.Buy air conditioning

Do you know how to cool down at home in the heat is the easiest? Buy air conditioning. Yes, climate technology costs some money. But this is the plus of this advice. The air conditioning creates such a comfortable microclimate in the room that you will forget that the window is hot summer. Therefore, if you can’t bear the heat – it’s time to save up a little money and buy climate equipment.

And right away we’ll give you some good advice. First, the installation of air conditioning should be carried out by professionals. After all, it largely depends on how it will work – efficiently and steadily or with constant interruptions.

Secondly, if possible, installation should be handled by specialists of the same company, in which you will buy air conditioning – it is profitable at checkout, for sure! Therefore, it is necessary to apply only to firms engaged in both sales and installation of climate technology.


7.Take water treatments

In the morning, before going to work, you can take a cool shower. Even a small amount of water that will get on the skin will cool the whole body. The same can be repeated in the evening when you come home.

If you do not want to shower, you can wet it with a cold water towel and put it on the forehead. Or on other parts of the body: face, arms, legs, torso. And it is best to take a terry towel.

If you are at home – you can wet your hair every 30 minutes. This will also help to tolerate heat more easily.

Perhaps, the most popular advice – to swim in the river, in the lake or pond. Of course, this opportunity is usually given only on weekends, but it should not be neglected. Only choosing a place on the beach, try to settle somewhere in the shade and not under the scorching rays of the sun. Or at least bring a beach umbrella.


8.Install a state-of-the-art ventilation system

The natural circulation of air in apartments and offices leaves much to be desired. And after the installation of airtight metal-plastic windows, the situation does become sad. Fresh air from the street does not come and have to breathe, in fact, one dust.

Effective ventilation systems will help to fix this problem. After it is installed, the air will circulate normally, and you will remember again what it is like to breathe full breasts.

Alternatively, you can buy a breeze. It is a compact flowing ventilation system that has an acceptable price and is available to almost everyone. This device in the room will constantly receive fresh air as if you have an around-the-clock open window. Only without dust, car exhaust, and street noise, as is usually the case when ventilating.

Besides, the breeze can be used in the summer and at other times of the year. It never shuts down – even in winter, when the windows usually barely open.


9.Sleep on the floor

Warm air rises, and therefore sleeping on the bed is not always comfortable. Therefore, if you are hot at night – perhaps it is necessary to shift the mattress on the floor. Yes, it’s a little uncomfortable, but you’ll get used to it over time. But the floor is much cooler, and you can sleep peacefully without tossing in bed every half hour.


10.Other helpful recommendations

Finally, let’s note some more practical tips on how to cool down quickly in the heat:

  • Put your wrists and palms under cold water more often (this will help to cool the whole body);
  • Apply to the head a damp napkin every half hour (to reduce the heat and improve well-being enough to hold it for 5 minutes);
  • Spray the body with cold water (this will help to improve well-being for a while);
  • Eat ice cream (but don’t overdo it, so you don’t have a cold throat);
  • Lower your feet in cold water more often (with them cooled and the whole body);
  • instead of ice cream, you can eat yogurt – it contains more water, which is necessary for cooling.

Another simple but effective way to get rid of the heat is to buy an air humidifier. After all, this seemingly compact device perfectly copes with its main function. It is enough to leave it on for the night – and you will immediately feel how much nice it will be to wake up in the morning. It can also be left to work during the day while no one is in the apartment. And when you get home, you can enjoy a pleasant microclimate in each room.

Also do not have to suffer from the heat if you take several measures:

  1. While in the house, turn off all unnecessary devices: Smart TV, computer, laptop. Each of them gives off heat, and the room becomes an order of the heat.
  2. In the summer season, it is recommended to take off your metal accessories. They absorb heat, which then absorbs the body.
  3. Take food in small portions, as overeating increases body temperature.
  4. To finish lunch or dinner should be a piece of vegetable or fruit with a high water content – for example, a tomato or melon.
  5. Give up salty food (chips, nuts, sausages) and add less salt to your dishes.
  6. To get rid of excess fluid, take vitamin D, B6, B5, calcium.
  7. Instead of salt, you can add spices. The same hot pepper will increase sweating and thus help to cool the body.


A sultry summer is not a verdict!

As you can see, there are more than plenty of ways to cool down in the heat. Which of these tips to use – decide for yourself. If the budget allows – buy an air conditioner, a fan, or an air humidifier. If not, follow other recommendations that will help lower your body temperature and improve your well-being in the heat.

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