The Relationship and Importance of Sleep and Muscle Recovery

“Becoming muscular in your sleep”. At first glance, the latest trends around figure forming do not seem very solid. Because if you want to get your body in top shape, you usually rely solely on supplementation products. Is it really enough to sleep enough to promote muscle building? Questions about questions – here, you get the answers.


Building muscles through enough sleep – how can this work?

Muscle building by sleeping – how does it work?

If you are interested in muscle building and want to model your own body, you usually rely on hard, sporty training and regular intake of protein products. Are you doing the same?

What seems rather irritating in this respect, however, is that it seems to be possible to promote muscle building through long sleep. A statement that seems extremely promising on the one hand but also rather absurd on the other. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it worked so easily and so easily with muscle building? Muscle building (of course) is not as simple as it sounds at first. That would be too nice to be true. Therefore, training and the optimal protein dosage must continue if you want to develop muscle in a targeted manner. And not too short. However, the recovery phase plays after training or. a very central role between the individual training sessions in terms of muscle building. As we know today, in this phase of relaxation, the repair mode in the body begins. In plain language, this means that the body repairs all minimal injuries in the muscle tissue caused by the sporting strain. At the same time, it releases growth hormones. These chemical processes aim to increase in the respective trained areas gradually and are larger during follow-up training than before. So these are the essential aspects of muscle building.

Long sleep and muscle building are therefore essential, according to the latest scientific findings. And we’ll explain how exactly this works and how you can benefit from it.


Emphasize muscle building when sleeping

“If you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer!” This ancient wisdom has long since come to an end, especially when it comes to building muscle. Because for your muscle-building, you no longer have to expose yourself to “inhuman” strains, but you can – according to the latest findings – sit back and sleep comfortably! In fact. The more sleep you get, the better your muscle building will work. When you sleep, a lot happens in your body. Conversely, this means for you about muscle building: If you sleep too little, your regular training will bring very little. Therefore, the asleep deficit is indeed a thickener and by no means conducive to your muscle building.


Sleeping and training go hand in hand!

When you sleep, your metabolism repairs your muscles. Your immune system, as well as your cells, are also brought back to life. Some studies suggest that you can build up to three times more muscle mass with two hours more sleep per day. But what exactly happens while you’re asleep?


A little sleep is not enough, but…

Even if you only have 20 minutes to sleep, something impressive happens in your body when it comes to muscle building. Researchers divided whatt is happening into four different phases: In the first phase, your brain and facial muscles relax. And that’s just after you fall asleep. In the second phase, the rest of your body also relaxes. In the third and fourth phases, the transition to the deep sleep sequence takes place. During this so-called REMsleep (REM = Rapid Eye Movement or fast eye movement when sleeping), your muscles are absolutely relaxed. In contrast, bodily functions such as your breathing rate and blood circulation are running at full speed. Your stress hormone levels are radically lowered at the same time. This hormone, cortisol, is so-called anti-testosterone that has a muscle-depleting effect. We now know that this hormone has a rather negative effect on your “sporting training successes”. It can, therefore, adversely affect your muscle building. In contrast, hormone somatropin is also used when sleeping. This is a growth hormone that perfect for your muscles.


Muscle building – also a matter of hormones

If you regularly don’t have enough time to sleep, the hormone leptin release is reduced. On the other hand, the proportion of the so-called appetite hormone ghrelin increases sharply. How strong depends on the physical conception of the individual. Basically, it is extremely effective that so many different growth hormones are released during sleep and thus support your muscles’ building efficiently and sustainably about your muscle-building. If you have the opportunity to sleep a lot, you can still benefit from your hormonal activity during the workout and the subsequent regeneration phases. Conversely, a lack of sleep is stress for your body. The increased released cortisol fights testosterone in a way, whereupon muscles can be broken down. Why? Because of the proteins that become so free to energy metabolism.


Sleep 8 to 9 hours – a dream!

Don’t forget that your workout can be a significant burden on your body. Depending on how much you want or. Your body. However, this strain is necessary to achieve muscle building at all. At the same time, you must allow your body enough time to regenerate after training fully. Therefore, if you specifically support your muscle-building or. You should not only sleep a lot but also sleep deeply if possible.


Meet your preparations for healthy sleeping

Darken the room accordingly and make sure that you are not disturbed when you sleep. Any interruption can put additional strain on the body and mind. By the way, the darker your bedroom is, the more melatonin can form in your pineal gland. This valuable hormone is essential if you want to sleep really well and firmly.


Muscle building also possible through power napping.

If you can’t sleep for about eight to nine hours a day for whatever reason, you might try to train power napping. This trend comes from the USA and has established itself there, not only in the celebrity world but also the experts from the field of medicine are enthusiastic. For example, scientific studies have shown that you can recover wonderfully within just 20 minutes by targeting power napping, for example, during your lunch break or at a midday “fitness low”. However, because power napping cannot be done overnight, but a targeted workout is required to achieve the desired recovery effect, the following is important: Start to deal with this interesting sleep variant as quickly as possible. Because the fact is that power napping allows you to compensate for a possible deficit when sleeping and thereby do something good for your muscles. You strengthen your mental and physical fitness even when you only have 20 minutes to sleep. Naturally, in addition to your regular night sleep!


You can push your muscle building in a targeted way by sleeping.

For power napping or. When sleeping in the morning, you will not reach the REMphase, which is important for the body and regeneration. But at least your mind will recover. And it is precisely this mental fitness that is also a valuable aspect that can push you while exercising. Therefore, the training efficiency can also be supported by 20-minute sleep, and muscle building can be improved.


Small tricks for building muscle

If you want to sleep, you should always choose the same place. This space is ideally your very personal place of rest, which is solely geared towards sleeping. So if you use this space only for sleeping and not for eating, for your home office activity or for watching TV, your body will unconsciously quickly adjust to sleeping as soon as you go there. As a result, your body already reduces its activity by a certain amount, which can also have a beneficial effect on your sleep and ultimately on your muscle building. If the room temperature is about 16 to 18 degrees Celsius and is dark, sleeping works even better. Also, avoid setting up electrical appliances in your room if possible. Science has shown that electric waves from computers, smartphones and other devices have a detrimental effect on sleep.


Tip for a better sleep

Many people do not tolerate alcohol or coffee before sleeping. The effect of these stimulants sometimes even contributes to a sleep interruption. So before bed, treat yourself to a tasty herbal or fruit tea. If possible, do not deal with stressful tasks or other complex challenges. These cause internal tension, which, according to experience, can often significantly reduce the quality of sleep. So it’s good that you prepare to sleep on time. This is the easiest way to “start” your personal muscle building phase.

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Dr. Med. Raoul Hasert is a specialist in dermatology and venereology. He is a senior physician in Praxisklinik Dr. Hasert.

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