The Men’s Ring – An Ultimate Guide for Men

How can a man emphasize status? Pick up to the image of expensive accessories that will talk about his style and character. A print or ring will suit a confident, assertive man who knows what he wants from life. It is a luxurious gift and a profitable investment. How to choose and how to wear men’s jewellery? And why is printing often becoming a talisman for their owners?

For centuries, the ring-print has replaced personal signature. The authorities could have worn it on the finger or knew it. The print on the wax left an individual imprint (for example, the coat of arms of a noble kind), which confirmed the truth of the message or document.

For many centuries, individual products have been covered with legends, such as Solomon’s ring. According to the belief, mystical decoration endowed the king with wisdom during difficult situations. King Solomon’s ring was decorated with two inscriptions: the words “Everything will pass” were engraved on the front, and inside it will pass.

Solomon’s ring’s existence has not been proven. But jewellers have recreated a piece of similar jewellery, which nowadays enjoys popularity. And many owners say that the ring really helps them cope with violent emotions and maintains morale in difficult moments.




The main difference between the ring and the seal is the presence of a large semi-precious or gemstone. The cost of such an accessory often “bites”, so the decoration is not available to everyone. But also create rings for exceptional men.


A ring with a diamond

A ring of white gold with a diamond is not an ordinary decoration: precious stone, radiant prosperity and discreet, but elegant metal – the best of tandems.


Ring with sapphire

The blue gemstone in the men’s massive ring looks bright and extravagant. Therefore, the frame for it should be restrained, for example, white gold or platinum.


Ring with ruby

Juicy ruby is not boring in the company of yellow or red gold. It’s like they’re made for each other. These tandems are considered classic, but such a product can not be called every day. Rather, the ring will become a bright element of a thoughtful festive image.


Ring with onyx

Onyx is often used in men’s jewellery. The stone serves its owner as a mascot and helps achieve the goals and overcome difficult life situations.

The seal is decorated with plates of onyx. This accessory is combined with business style in clothing. This is one of the universal decoration options. It is often chosen as a gift to a man who has not worn a ring before.




To seal the letter or imprint on the documents, the nobles removed the seal from the left hand’s little finger. This is the best place for an accessory – so they believe it today. First, with this finger are not associated with religious traditions in any of the cultures, and secondly, the massive decorations here look harmonious.

Exceptions relate to generic prints: the head puts the decoration on the left hand’s ring finger, the rest of the family – on the ring finger or little finger of the right hand.

The ring can often be seen on the index finger—the same accessory arrangement on historical portraits. But there are no clear instructions on where to wear the decoration.



Printing is a man’s ring without insertion or with small stones. The accessory can be made of gold, silver, platinum. At the request of the client, the decoration is engraved.

Print form

The print’s front part is made in the form of a square, a circle, a rectangle, and other geometric shapes. Buying an accessory as a gift is better focusing on the products that a man wears. If there are none, choose the traditional form of the print – a square. What forms are the seals?



This form is considered a classic. Suitable for men of any age. Looks beautiful on a big and small hand, on long and short fingers. Therefore, if the ring-print is chosen as a gift, it is better to stop on this option.



Seals of this form are not often found because not everyone is suitable. Smooth lines are more inherent in women’s jewellery. They are chosen by men who like to stand out among the crowd.



The accessory is suitable for young men. In people of solid age, such a ring will look out of place.


Unusual prints

Original natures like it when the accessory is endowed with symbolism. Jewellers create jewellery with animalistic motifs, national or religious symbols.

Exclusive prints are loved by spiritually rich people who put meaning into everything they do. Often such decoration becomes a talisman. For example, across print is an alternative to a traditional cross around the neck.

The gold print with the coat of arms is an ornament that demonstrates the patriotic position and can protect him from negativity. The Golden Age Jewellery Factory creates men’s prints with a coat of arms differently: with ceramic inserts or entirely from gold.

Among unusual men’s jewellery, a ring with a scorpion takes special attention. This creature is a symbol of nobility. According to legend, once in a desperate situation, the scorpion stings itself, avoiding an agonizing death.


From what metal to choose a male print?

Like any jewellery, men’s prints are created from a variety of precious materials. Due to the variety of shapes and the ability to combine several types of metal, prints look respectable in any performance.


Men’s prints made of gold

There is something eternal in this world – and it is a fashion for men’s prints made of yellow gold. They are popular, as well as many centuries ago when this metal was only available to nobility. Today there is no such shortage of gold, but, as before, the ring of men’s gold symbolizes wealth and luxury.

Men’s prints of white gold are no less in demand. With its bright brilliance, this colour of precious metal has won the commitment of men. Also, this colour of the metal is versatile and combined with both classic and everyday clothing styles.

Red gold seals are also common accessories. This type of precious metal has a rich colour, suitable for discreet business style in clothes.


Silver prints

A more affordable metal is also used to produce men’s accessories. Their cost is more attractive to buyers. But silver in strength is inferior to gold. Therefore, the products can appear dents, which do not add the pluses of decoration.


Prints from other metals

Tungsten, steel, titanium are used to create prints. Their cost is low. You can find them in almost any online jewellery store. But such printing is hardly suitable for a solid, respectable man.

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