The Healthiest Way To Dry Your Hair

How do the hairs stay healthy when blow-drying? With the right hairdryer! Our hair is susceptible to high heat. Those who blow their hair wrong risk dry and dull hair and split slacks, and broken tips. With these tips, you can save your hair and give it shine and bounce.


Blow-dry hair or let it dry air – what is better?

In summer, we often do our hair something delicious by letting them dry in the air and forgoing the hairdryer. But is air drying really better than blow-drying? No. That’s according to a Korean study.

Of course, our hair is damaged by the styling with a hairdryer (just like with hair Straightener, curling rod, and co.). However, blow-drying is much healthier for hair than supposedly gentle air drying. However, we should keep a distance of 15 centimeters when hair blow-dry on medium heat. And why is this so? The inner dandruff layer or the outermost Guidry layer of the hair closes faster when blow-drying. This prevents the emergence of split ends and broken tips.


Hair to blow-dry – the 7 best tips

Hair to blow-dry - the 7 best tips

However, for hair blow-drying to be beneficial to your hair, you should pay attention to a few things. To keep your hair healthy, you should use special aids and follow up on tips:

Too fast at maximum temperature:

Blow the wet hair blow-dry with full heat? Better not. This is how you permanently damage your hair. Better: First, express hair in a towel (do not rub!) and blow-dry with cold air until they are almost dry. Only then, set the temperature upwards and blow hair to the end.


Heat protection:

To be on the safe side, you should use special heat protection products. After washing, add these to the towel-dried hair. It is best to get advice from your hairdresser or in the hairdresser’s shop according to your hair type.


Keep a distance:

As already mentioned, you should take care to keep at least 15 centimeters apart between the hairdryer and hair. Never place the nozzle directly on the strands of hair. This is usually far too hot and can even burn the hair.


The right direction:

If you blow your hair in shape with the round brush, you should pay attention to the direction in which he holds the hairdryer. The airflow should always be in the direction of brushing and growth, i.e., from top to bottom. This is the only way to give your hair a nice healthy shine. Otherwise, your hair gets tangled up in the round brush or becomes roughened and crimes.


From the base to the tips, blow-dry:

Strands for strands, the dandruff layer is smoothed – this additionally protects the hair from environmental influences.


Constant movement:

Keep your hairdryer moving at all. Otherwise, the heat affects one place for too long. Our tip: Divide the hair into individual parts with hair clips beforehand and work your way up from the neck to blow-dry the hair.


Allow to cool cold:

At the end of the blow-drying process, you should let your hair cool down with cold air or blow dry cold. So seal the hair, and you get a beautiful shine.


How do I recognize a good hairdryer?

To keep your hair healthy: Invest in a high-quality hairdryer. You can see one of these, for example, by the fact that it offers several heat and blower levels. And, more importantly, a cold air function. Also, note the performance of the device: the higher the wattage, the faster the hairdryer dries. Ideally, the power is between 1,600 and 2,000 watts. Also, make sure that the hairdryer is not too heavy and well

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