The Different Types Of Bulbs | Which One To Choose?

Do you know how to choose the correct bulbs for your needs? The type of bulb used in the composition of an environment reflects both the aesthetics and functionality of the house. Today we are going to talk about the kinds of bulbs and how to choose them.

Economy, efficiency, safety, and aesthetic appeal are among the most important factors to consider when choosing the ideal model for each room.

Because it is such a standard product in our lives, it may seem simple to choose the best bulb. But the fact is, if you want to save money and ensure the desired effect and efficiency, you need to consider a few factors before buying the ideal bulb.


How important is it to choose the correct bulb?

How important is it to choose the correct bulb

That enlightenment is part of our lives is a fact. After all, we need light to see a path or objects in the dark; reading and working, for example.

But it is also known that it is not just any lighting that will guarantee its functionality. After all, you need a brighter light so that you can read comfortably at night.

And, on the other hand, a more diffused and yellowish light can create a more welcoming atmosphere without forgetting that lighting also goes beyond its functional and practical parts. The fact is that it is a fundamental part of a decoration.

Because of all these variables, choosing the correct bulb is of great importance. And, it is not surprising that today several types of bulbs vary not only in terms of design but mainly in terms of the color and intensity of the light they produce.

Therefore, before choosing the best bulb, it is necessary to think about the lighting objective, the amount of light used in the environment, the ideal for each situation, and, of course, the economic factor.

Each room will require different lighting. And, generally speaking, what will determine the type of lamp will be your goal, whether it is to illuminate a room or a passage, read, create an intimate atmosphere, etc.

With that in mind, the most important thing is to consider the color and intensity of the light that the bulb will generate.

Main types of bulbs

Bulbs have different models that differ by the way they work and the energy they consume. Let’s see the most common types of the market and some information about each of them.

Incandescent bulbs – They are the oldest known bulbs and generally have a more yellowish light. In incandescent bulbs, there is a filament, a metallic thread through which the electric current passes. This metal heats up and becomes incandescent, producing light.

This was the first type of bulb invented and is currently the cheapest model. However, they last less than the others and are inefficient. This is because much of the electrical energy is lost in the form of heat.

This, in addition to wasting energy, causes incandescent bulbs to get very hot during use, reducing their durability.

Fluorescent bulbs – Fluorescent bulbs do not have a filament but a mixture of gases inside and a tube coated with magnesium or zinc. When we turn on the switch light, an electric current is generated, which, together with the gases and the coated tube, gives rise to the fluorescent lamp.

Fluorescent lamps are among the most economical lights, as they do not generate heat and have a longer life than incandescents.

Halogen – They are a type of incandescent bulb, but with some characteristics of their own. Halogens have better efficiency than ordinary incandescents, but they are still not as efficient as fluorescent ones. They also have a brighter color and a longer life than standard incandescents.

Dichroic bulbs – Dichroic bulbs are a variation of halogen equipped with a unique reflector. This reflector can diffuse the infrared and ultraviolet rays emitted by the bulb, helping to dissipate heat.

Therefore, they are used in places where there are elements sensitive to heat, such as sophisticated decorative objects.

LED – LED bulbs are the most modern on the market and are very energy efficient. LED stands for light-emitting diodes, which are semiconductor materials that emit light when powered by electricity.

They are the most durable on the market and, in addition, they are ecological: they do not contain any polluting gas and help save energy. This type usually has a higher cost, but the investment is worth it for its durability.


How to choose the correct bulb for each room of the house?

How to choose the correct bulb for each room of the house

To give you a general idea of this topic, we have compiled tips from various decorators on choosing the ideal bulb for each room in your home. Check it out below:

Lounge – As the lounge is one of the environments where residents gather to watch TV and chat, it is necessary to create a sense of warmth. For this, bulbs with a more yellowish hue, such as warm white, are the most indicated.

Room – For bedrooms, choosing a bulb with indirect lighting is ideal for creating a quiet atmosphere. But, of course, here you can also have white light points, for example, in reading lamps.

Cooking – In the kitchen, greater clarity is needed in handling utensils and food, so experts recommend that you choose bulbs that have the maximum fidelity in color reproduction, that is, that reproduce natural light.

Bathroom – Here, the lighting should be intense, especially for those who need to put on makeup or shave in front of the mirror. Just be careful with bulbs that get too hot. Also, avoid reflective lamps, which create shadows on the face.

In addition to all these criteria, we suggest that you consider different technologies increasingly conquering homes, such as smart bulbs, where there are options to choose the colors, and many come with remote control.

These intelligent bulbs connect directly to your Wi-Fi or wireless router to offer remote control within your home automation system.

Your home will not only be more intelligent but also greener. You can set on and off times for the bulb and create an atmosphere instantly.

In Electropolisyou will find a high range of products for the lighting of your home, we also have all the outdoor lighting for your garden area.

Surely now you know a little more about the types of bulbs and how to choose the best one for your space.

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