The Best 8K TV in India 2022

Models listed above, in accordance with today’s realities can safely be considered hits of the season. What to stop at? After all, everyone has their best TV. However, some arguments we are ready to share, and follow them or not – decide for yourself.

If you have personal preferences for the manufacturer, it is reasonable to follow the “call of the soul” at least for the reason that in the future you do not have to complain about the unusual menu, settings, “axis” of the device imposed by the seller.

If you specify a little, for example, Sony with their image processing technologies, give the best picture from a position of realism, but ideal settings and interaction with regular Android require certain skills and understanding of the process.

Samsung fans with foam at the mouth will prove the advantages of their electronic favorites, citing as an argument high values of peak brightness and faster, convenient and supportive “free” resources Smart on Tizen.

SUPPORTERs of LG mountain will stand behind the interface Of WebOS, a universal remote control, and color transmission perceive on the principle: and let there is a certain acidity, but brighter and richer than in life.

And everyone will be right in their own way. Well, those who, like Switzerland once managed to maintain neutrality. Accordingly, he can draw conclusions from scratch, based on his own vision and needs. Only a small tip: advertising slogans, all sorts of stickers with inscriptions about thousands of hertz – on the side.

Do not buy a “cat in a bag.” Even with a more interesting offer on remote Internet resources, it is advisable to pre-visit a retail store, play with the remote control, evaluate the properties of the picture. And then to make an order where it will be more profitable, not forgetting to check the carefully obtained copy. Suddenly he’ll be a problem.


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Best 8K display TVs in India 2022

Samsung QE65Q900RAU 8k TV

That’s when you realize that the future is here. Many manufacturers have announced the appearance of their 8K TVs on the Russian market, but the palm of the championship will remain for Samsung. He launched the series line-up of 900R at the end of 2022, but with an eye just for the 2022 season. Now on sale you can find versions of three diagonals – 65, 75 and 82ʺ.

What type of display will the Korean brand use in its best model? Of course, the backlit zled on quantum dots. The 10-bit VA matrix, resolution 7680 x 4320 pixels, frequency – 120 Hz, almost ideal viewing angles. The backlight system is full-straight 16 x (Full-Array Local Dimming). How can not be inspired by the opening possibilities of the technology quantum HDR, which is friendly with the formats HDR10, HDR10, HLG, HDR3000 (peak brightness – an impressive 3000 kd/m2).

The most interesting thing is that you don’t have to look for UHD 4320r content. The “smart” processor is not only capable of improving the quality of the incoming image, optimizing sound, but is able to effectively scale the resolution to the maximum, using artificial intelligence.

Key pros:

  • A chic frameless design, an invisible connection to the One Connect takeaway module;
  • Incredible clarity of the 8K standard;
  • Smart TV Tizen 4.0 with a convenient Smart Hub interface, voice control with remote control, smartThings app support, AirPlay 2;
  • Gallery mode with a customizable background;
  • Sound system 4.2 – 60 W.


  • Lack of support for Dolby Vision.

Models in the lineup:

  • Samsung – 75-inch screen diagonal
  • Samsung – 85-inch screen diagonal



Sony KD-85ZG9 8k TV

“First Swallow” from the Japanese brand in 8K format. It is a pity only while raw, besides the vast majority of users will only remain that continue to dream or admire the showcase copy, given how much for it is asked. What can be done, the model is frankly elitist first of all in material terms, and the size is clearly not for a standard apartment.

In our rating version 84.6ʺ on the stand with 4 legs, and there is an even larger “monster” 97.5ʺ with a floor bracket. The weight is not small. The design uses the VA LCD matrix with a resolution of 7680×4320. Frequency – 120 Hz. In order to bring the viewing angles on the huge screen to normal perception, the technology X-Wide Angle is used. The LED lighting system is a direct FALD with 720 local blackout zones.

If you abstract from the resolution and size of the TV, the rest of the functional set is almost similar to the flagship 4K models. Where without the X1 Ultimate processor, Triluminos Display, X-Motion Clarity and other branded “buttons”. Again Android pre-installed 8.0 Oreo (9.0 Pie). The sound system is only quite interesting – 8×10 W.

Key pros:

  • Support for HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision content;
  • 8K X-Reality Pro, 8K X-tended Dinamic Range Pro;
  • A digital tuner for all types of broadcasting;
  • 4xHDMI 2.1 (eARC; CEC), 1xUSB 3.0, 2xUSB 2.0, LAN, Wi-Fi;
  • Voice control, updated with PDU.


  • Loudness, a lot of weight;
  • High energy consumption, considerable heat.

Models in the lineup:

  • Sony KD-85-G9 – 85-inch screen diagonal
  • Sony KD-98-G9 – 98-inch screen diagonal
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