The Advantages of Air Purifier in Terms of Air Pollution

What is air pollution?

air pollution

Before we describe the main advantages of the air purifier, it is important to be aware of the severity of the pollution problem.

Air pollution is a problem that haunts our planet every day. And for good reason, breathing is the first physiological need that binds us to our environment, so that any pollutant, even in small quantities, can have very serious consequences for our health in the short and long term. Before describing the main advantages of the air purifier, it is first and foremost important to be aware of the severity of the pollution problem.

But how did this happen? The sources of pollution are manifold and are related to many aspects of our society and our lifestyle: road transport, industrial emissions, power plants and the many sources of pollution in our homes, such as dust mites, chemicals, adhesives and solvents in our furniture, paints, carpets, tobacco smoke, etc.

In this context, health risks occur at the lowest concentrations of pollutants, even in healthy adults. These effects are then increased tenfold for sensitive people, including children, the elderly, pregnant women, asthmatics, allergy sufferers, etc.

Especially in children, many cases of allergies and respiratory diseases are attributed to air pollution.


Why are we sensitive to air pollution?

As already mentioned, prolonged exposure to overpolluted air only increases the risk of disease, both in the short term, such as bronchiolitis, asthma attacks, colds, as well as long-term, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, heart attack, etc.

These effects have been demonstrated by experts in this field, including the World Health Organisation.

While we all suffer from air pollution, the effects also vary depending on the type of pollution we inhale. Some pollutants are more or less present, depending on our proximity to industrial areas, roads and our behaviour at home.

From a general point of view, however, we systematically find in the air that we inhale nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM2.5), carbon monoxide (CO), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde, sulphur oxides (SOx), bacteria, dust mites, pollen, moulds… The list is long.


How do air purifiers combat air pollution?

The benefits of the air purifier are achieved by simply installing your air purifier in your rooms at home or at work. Priority is given to the rooms you consider to be the most polluted in your house and where you spend most of your time.

In operation, the filter air purifier starts by sucking the contaminated air through a grid with which it is equipped.

This air then flows through one or more types of filters that capture the harmful elements in your home. After this cleaning process, a fan discreetly drives the purified air through the entire habitat so that you do not inhale any pollutants.


Are air purifiers really effective against pollution?

The question, then, is whether the benefits of the air purifier are really proven.

The answer is yes, and even if the efficiency varies between models, the operating principle of filter air purifiers has been proven effective by experts.

However, you need to choose your model carefully, as some models are not efficient enough and others emit even more pollutants than they absorb.

This is demonstrated by an ANSES study. Be careful, however, the ANSES does not question the principles of air purifiers but warns against the ineffectiveness of certain models.

In particular, HEPA filter air purifiers are the ones most recommended in their ability to remove more than 99% of the 0.3-micron particles.

This model is also used in hospitals and pharmaceutical laboratories, and its effectiveness has been comprehensively and consistently demonstrated by experts in this field.


The advantages of the air purifier

By protecting the components from air pollutants, the main advantages of the air purifier are long-term health, lower exposure to diseases, but also comfort and well-being.

Especially when particularly sensitive infants or people live in your house, buying an air purifier is no longer a luxury, but an essential element for the health and well-being of your family

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