Symbols on a Washing Machine | what do they mean?

Do you know how to put the washing machine? We hope so. And if not…

We help you!

To put the washing machine well, you must know what all the symbols of the washing machine can mean.


Because it is time for you to take care of your clothes and last much longer, your pocket and, of course, the planet will appreciate it.

Stay and learn to understand the symbols of the washing machine.

Could you do it for us?


The most frequent washing machine symbols

The most frequent washing machine symbols

You have bought a complete washing machine with 16 programs, A + + +, steam function, and with Wi-Fi connection.

How modern!

However, the moment of truth comes.

That moment in which we have no alternative but to start the washing machine.

Hand in hand.

Undoubtedly, here symbols play a vital role.

Deferred scheduling

It’s going to get you out of more than one hurry, and you know it. Imagine being able to schedule your wash within 24 hours.

Stop imagining it because it is possible and stay GOOD with this image.


Spin speed

Choosing the speed of the spin is very important because, depending on the tissue, you will need more or less cane.

You do have to keep in mind that there will be some programs of your washing machine that already choose this speed.

Clothes will spin like a Ferris wheel.


Fast ECO

This function helps to save energy but being fast as lightning.

Traditionally, eco programs have always been slower.

You can be echoed and fast.


Less iron

Indeed the first thing you’ve thought is, “What a relief.” And so much.

If you press this button, you will do magic because most wrinkles will disappear. In addition, the spin speed is reduced.


Raising water level

If you live in a city or a village with soft water, this feature interests you. The goal is to raise the water level and an additional rinse so that your clothes are in the best possible condition.



It is indicated for filthy garments, and that need an extra so that they can recover.


Symbols of the washing machine box

Now it’s time to find out where to put the detergent and softener. This first symbol, like an I, is where the detergent is introduced if we opt for a pre-wash. The second, II, is where we must raise the detergent for the usual programs.

And finally, the softener symbol. There is no confusion.

As you can see, knowing the symbols of the washing machine does not hurt at all.


More symbols of the washing machine that you can not ignore

More symbols of the washing machine that you can not ignore

What did you think we had already finished with the symbols of the washing machine?

There is still more. We ask you for an extra effort.

Washing machines are becoming more complete and include new characters.


It is indicated for those who have problems with the skin. It provides a higher temperature and a greater rinse.



The name itself indicates everything.

Well, we explain to you that its function could not be to wash shirts, preventing them from wrinkling.


Dark clothes

It’s straightforward too.

But, in this case, it serves for black garments or jeans. The advice is to use it for garments that may lose color.



Forget about going to the dry cleaner to wash your pillow or quilt.

Washing machines have much more capacity than before, and with this washing machine system, you can introduce anything of considerable size.



Specific for sportswear. Take care of the gym clothes properly.


Washing machine programs you should also know.

Our goal is that after reading this post, you know how to put a washing machine well.

And the truth, we believe that we are achieving it.

However, it is as important to know what the washing machine symbols mean as those of the clothes or what program can help us take care of our clothes.

Below, we explain in detail the leading washing machine programs.



It is the recommended program for exceptional fabrics such as silk that do not end up in poor condition. You should know that the washing temperature is reduced, and a lower spin speed is applied.

Our advice is that if you do not know how to wash a garment, use this program because you do not play it.

Expert’s word.


Fast for a hectic life

A few years ago, it was unthinkable that a wash would be executed in just 15 minutes. It is now possible at a dizzying speed.


According to the fabric: cotton, synthetic, and wool

Look at the garment’s label and see its composition, since depending on whether it is cotton, synthetic, or wool, each one will be washed in a very different way. For example, cotton is a much stronger fabric than wool that tends to shrink. Therefore, the centrifuge and temperature are self-regulating.


Dark clothing and sportswear

They are specific programs for this type of clothing. On the one hand, you get that dark clothes do not lose color because they are washed with a large amount of water and rinsed very well with a high temperature. On the other hand, sportswear will be at most 30 minutes washed so that it does not wear too much.



Did you think we had forgotten?



But we wanted to leave it for the end and keep you attentive throughout the post.

The best is always at the end, and the pre-wash will help you.



It is a specific washing program for people suffering from allergy pathologies or high skin sensitivity.

Usually, this function reaches very high washing temperatures.

The clothes will be burning!


Drum cleaning

Do the laundry, yes.

Know how to put a washing machine, yes.

I am trying to save energy, yes.

Clean the washing machine itself.

So that the garments are like new, we can not neglect the cleaning of the washing machine.

It’s just hitting a button!


How to use detergent well in the washing machine

Did it seem easy to put a washing machine? Unfortunately, it is not so much.

There are many factors that you must know so that everything goes more than well.

Once you have selected clothes by colors, fabric, level of dirt, and other elements you must consider, it is time to put the clothes in the drum and add the detergent.


What do I need to know to add the correct amount of detergent?

First of all, you will have to know if your area is hard or soft water.

Secondly, according to the dirt of the clothes. A garment you have just worn is not the same as another you have already worn more times.

Thirdly, the number of clothes you are going to put in the washing machine.

In short, to eliminate all germs and dirt, you must introduce a considerable amount of detergent.


Bet on self-dosing washing machines

Do you not clarify yourself with the amount of detergent that you have to introduce in a wash?

The advantage you have is that we are in the twenty-first century.

Washing machines with self-dosing do the job for you and according to the factors that we have explained before, if you do not remember going back up, choose just the amount that the clothes need.

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